Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cloverfield Set Videos and Photos

Cloverfan over at Unfiction has posted video and pictures of the Cloverfield set in New York city.

Cheese, Chocolate, (Sledge)Hammers, and Slusho! all make an appearance, but I didn't see any oven mitts.

Apparently, filming continues tonight - so look for more to come! And if you're in the area...head on over and get me some exclusives!

You can see the videos over at Veltliner1978's YouTube page. There are currently SIX videos!

UPDATE: A ton more photos here from dave71129 at IMDB.

UPDATE: You can't watch just six! Dave also has some video on YouTube.


  1. kinda off topic: 1:24/25 of the trailer, there an old man in a suit and bowtie. dead ringer for the hawkings "gramps": http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=201291045&albumID=0&imageID=4429015
    on jason hawking's myspace

  2. If you do get a chance to see this monster...please dont post it...dont spoil it!!!

  3. i'm with steve.


    i'm going into the city soon. what part of new york are they CURRENTLY filming???

    zozo's is on orchard street. 172 orchard st, to be exact. hmmm....

  4. OK, Chocolate. Maybe the crew teams are named for the flavors of Slusho! So, it's not the name of the movie, but what team the guy is part of.

  5. Steve said... If you do get a chance to see this monster...please dont post it...dont spoil it!!!

    Don't worry - I am VERY anti-spoiler. I personally don't want to know what it is either, but if it gets "out", I'll probably have to post about it...but I guarantee I will give sufficient spoiler warning.

    I'm sure that whatever the monster is, what it looks like, etc, will be kept extremely secret. Since it will probably be all special FX, it should be easy to keep a secret until the movie is ready to go.

  6. chucklez3, sadly they aren't filming in NYC. They are actually filiming in LA.

  7. Not according to the people on Unfiction:

    Today is the first day of the shoot here in NYC. They will finish tonight. The post about them wrapping in NYC and starting soon in LA is completely reverse. They just completed filming in LA and just started here today. The cast is definitely out there. The guy with the SLUSHO shirt is the guy from the preview, they live at The Orchard (refer to cloverfan's videos/pictures) and they run down Orchard street.

    "caps lock is cruise control 4 COOL"

  9. Huh. The things you miss when you sleep in until 5 PM and forget to check for updates. :P

  10. I'm wondering if they are even going to show the monster in the movie? Perhaps it will be just background noise and destruction with the monster being whatever your mind conjures up...

    Just a thought.

  11. I think he HAS to show the monster. It's not like Lost, where it can just remain a mystery for three seasons. You can't have an iconic monster movie without actually seeing the monster - it wouldn't be a monster movie. It would just be a thriller or action movie.

    JJ Abrams' inspiration was all the Godzilla toys they sell in Japan. You wouldn't be able to sell any Cloverfield dolls if you don't know what the monster looks like.

    On the other hand, you can't see a movie if you don't know the title...

  12. just found this at IGN.. i very much doubt it is the name of the movie but maybe it could have something to do with an ARG but who knows... Overnight sounds like a crappy name to me. although better than monstrous

    Possible Name Article

  13. i hope we get a better title than "overnight" for this epic monster movie...
    not having a name for the movie or the monster is pretty clever though. i mean, we can mention a plethora of random names ranging from "chocolate" and "Cheese", to "parasite", "cloverfield" and "slusho" and still all refer to the same thing.. it a pretty clever marketing ploy if you ask me.

    we prob wont have a name for a good time though... characters can go nameless, but not movies.

  14. yeah i know it would be crappy but i thought it interesting that they had bought the trademark and it might be something for people like us later on not for the masses of people that are going to see it... like another company, a slogan or whatever it might be they've bought the trademark so it might havbe something to do with it and maybe a website?

  15. Happened upon the Cloverfield (whatever) set yesterday to see a bunch of extras w/ soot and dirt all over them. Lots of fake cops and emt workers, it was a pretty cool set. "Rob," his friend w/ the slusho shirt and the crying girl from 1-18-08.com were in Rosario's eating pizza. I talked to them briefly and they were cordial, but didnt seem to want to be bothered which is understandable I guess. Didnt leak anything, thats for sure.

  16. maybe I'm seeing things (or want to see things), but in the setphoto's there is one picture with the red lamp-post and the yellow "to set"-sign. Is it me, or is there a "slusho" on top? And to make things worse. The torch of the statue of liberty also reminds me of a slusho..hehe.

  17. Is anyone free to just wander the set recording and taking pictures?

  18. Wassabi,
    Maybe that's why the monster comes to NYC: if it really is some mutated critter from the deep, full of revenge for the makers of Slusho! (for whatever reason: maybe habitat destruction, chemical spill, etc.); it then finds in NY Harbor the Lady of Slusho!, only known to us as the Lady of Liberty.

    It takes its revenge upon the land of Slusho! (also why it rips of the SOL's head).

  19. Not sure if someone mentioned this, but the Statue of Liberty is facing backwards in the poster. Also, wouldnt it be cool if they didn't tell you the name of the movie until the opening credits?

  20. I have discovered 2 new websites listed on no other clues page

  21. Well... what are they? :)

    You can e-mail me if you don't want to post it here.

  22. wellmissyourob.com
    ...follow the slusho (what lies beyond death)link to savagedogfilms.com

    ...under the "films" link is a film called "hybrid." I suggest you check it out. The description seems right on the mark for the jj film...

  23. wellmissyourob.com is a GameJack.

    Some SPAMMER is just trying to make money off of Cloverfield by pretended to be related. ALL of the links on that page are SPAM, and UNRELATED.

  24. Maybe its meant to look like a jack. Those that i've seen seem quite different; also the "hybrid" film seems too on point.

    The savagedogfilms faux forum seems to be overkill for a spammer. The production value of the fake films/covers there seems quite high for a lowly spammer too.

    So I'm not convinced the latter site is not a legit jj plant. He hinted that they are out there.

  25. No, you don't get what I'm saying.

    I'm sure savagedogfilms is a real company and a real website, but it is NOT a plant and it is COMPLETELY unrelated to Cloverfield. The only reason you found it was through a PAID link on a GAMEJACK website. The fact you think it is "on point" means that they got their money's worth when they paid someone for that link.

    This is typical SPAMMER behavior. Leech off of something popular and try to make money. Look at smallestwhale.com, it is basically the same FAKE website, with a bunch of paid links. This is basically the same thing as Typosquatting.

  26. Actually, you don't get what I'm saying.

    Savagedogfilms just seems real, but in fact is no more real than Slusho -- its a fictitious company replete with fake actors, directors and forums; thats's the trick. Maybe you reached your conclusion w/o drilling down n2 the details?

    "Hybrid" is no more real than Slusho. Savagedogfilms and the films they promote are no more real than slusho either. I think the clues COULD be real.

    This begs the question... why the spam with no real product service or company?

    This fixation on the Slusho "front" alone could blind us to many real clues.

  27. Listen ... I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I just hate to see anyone waste their time on something unrelated.

    I'm telling you Savagedogfilms is a real company. They are listed on IMBD, and the domain Savagedogfilms.com was registered in 2002.

    FYI, Here is a list of other GAMEJACKS, FANSITES, and UNRELATED WEBSITES.