Tuesday, March 29, 2016

International 10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer - Spoilers!

The international 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer takes a much different approach to marketing the film, specifically highlighting what takes place outside of the bunker, and revealing the monsters that live outside the bunker.

Here are some of the very spoilery screenshots:

The pigs

Leslie, the neighbor


  1. I'm from Russia. Yep, the Russian trailer was a huge spoiler too. I had a bad luck to watch it. Though I loved the movie a lot. In Russia the release date is Mar. 31, but I've already enjoyed the English version. Going to see the Russian one too.

  2. I honestly would've preferred this one as the trailer. It still highlights all of the good parts of the movie (in the bunker) but clarifies what caused the attack and takes away the trickery of "is it a Cloverfield monster or is it not" that some viewers, myself included, felt.

  3. Personally, I like this trailer better as it shows that it has some sci-fi madness in it. But if that was the US trailer I don't think it would have done all that well in the box office. I think many people(mainly those who didn't watch the first) seemed to Not enjoy ending. So at least this way they wouldn't have been shocked or disappointed.