Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Outgoing Message On Howard Stambler's Phone

Howard Stambler has a new outgoing message on his cell phone. It sounds like he is getting ready to head to the bunker!
This phone belongs to my daughter.
I don’t know how you got it,
but it doesn't matter much anyways.
It’s happening…
and, I wish everyone just listened to me.
I could have helped you all if you just listened.
Howard also texted Megan's phone, asking her to delete all the messages in her voicemail box so he could leave her a new message:

I don't care who you are, but if you are with my daughter, clear your voicemail so I can give you a message to her.
No word yet from the owner of Megan's phone if Howard ever left a voicemail...


  1. The voicemail password of 4813 doesn't work anymore. Is that a new development or was it changed a while ago?

    1. The password of 4813 was for Megan's phone, so the owner of the phone could access the voicemail left by Howard. This is the outgoing message that is on Howard's phone, which we were never supposed to have access to.

  2. It's happening!! It's happening in 20 minutes here!!

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