Thursday, March 31, 2016

Is The "God Particle" The Next Cloververse Movie?

There has been a lot of speculation about the next JJ Abrams movie, God Particle, and whether or not it will be connected to the "Cloververse".

Here is a synopsis of God Particle, which was written by Oren Uziel, and will be directed by Julius Onah:
The story, set in the near future, centers on a team of astronauts on a space station making a terrifying discovery that challenges all they know about the fabric of reality, as they desperately fight for their survival. 
This scenario certainly sounds very similar to the audio recording that Howard left at the dead drop, assuming what they find is aliens. 

Howsoever anything is certainly possible, I don't think this will have anything to do with the Cloververse.

But Space!?! And Aliens!?!

First of all, JJ Abrams has a lot of 'irons in the fire'. Since 10 Cloverfield Lane, he already has his name attached to God Particle, Star Trek Beyond, Roadies, Half-Life, 11.22.63, Moon Shot, and who knows how many other secret or unannounced projects.

I assume Star Trek BeyondHalf-Life, and Moon Shot will also involve space, but are probably not connected either.

Also, this movie takes place in the future, albeit near future, where both of the Cloverfield movies have taken place in the present, even tying the ARG into real current events.

Secondly when asked about another Cloverfield movie, JJ Abrams has said:
 I would be lying if I didn’t say there was something else that, if we’re lucky enough to do it, could be really cool that connects some stories.... There’s a larger conceit that we’re playing with. ... There is something else that we’d like to do, and hopefully we’ll get a shot.
I emphasized "hopefully we’ll get a shot" because not only has God Particle been in the works since 2012, it has a scheduled release date - so it is definitely being made, and not just something that might get made.

Thirdly, the next movie in the Cloverfield anthology would have to have Cloverfield in the title, wouldn't it? I supposed the release is a year away, so there's still time to change it, but it's not likely.

Look what happened with the original Cloverfield movie. When the trailer was first released, the movie didn't even have an official title - Cloverfield was just the working title. While they tossed around an number of ideas, they stuck with Cloverfield because that is what everyone was calling it anyways.

On the other hand, the script for 10 Cloverfield Lane started as "The Cellar", but the title for the movie was announced as 10 Cloverfield Lane and never changed.

Lastly, both Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane were 'surprise' movies, and they were both announced in a unique way, starting with a trailer. And both movies has short windows between the first trailer and the release of the movies, six months and two months respectively.

But the God Particle is following a more traditional release, announcing cast and crew details almost a year in advance.

The good news is, even though I don't think God Particle will be the next Cloverfield sequel, I'm pretty confident that we will get another Cloverfield movie, based on how well 10 Cloverfield Lane has done at the box office.

What do you think? Do you think God Particle will be the next Cloverfield movie?


  1. Really? We're calling it the Cloververse? What's next, Cloverfilm? Cloverfan? Wait, we're already called that?

  2. How neat would it be to walk into the theatre expecting a non-connected Clover movie and it turns out to be a total JJ curveball and is a prequel to Cloverfield?! Sure it's unlikely, but I do hope he throws in plenty of Easter eggs like maybe Bold Futura while in space and some Slusho! in the background.
    On a separate note - Admin, You should have a post for speculations and reviews now that it has been quite some time after the release!

  3. I wanna know more about 10s connection to the first film like is it before the original or after, I don't believe it's in it's own timeline, any theories

  4. I've lost all hope in the Cloverfield films. We will never get an official sequel. I'm over it.

  5. The Cloverfield franchise was killed by 10 Cloverfield Lane. There's no hope now. Remember guys, it's JJ Abrams. I will be 75 years old telling my grandkids how JJ was repsonsible for so many cool creations but was NEVER able to pull through all the way. Alias, Lost, Fringe, Cloverfield, Star Trek, Star Wars, 10CL, etc. All considered flops if you compare the content we have received to what the majority of all fans wanted/expected. JJ makes money, but as an artist? He'll never be a legend at this poor rate.

    1. Chill out, he said just after the first trailer came out that "10CL" wasn't a direct sequel. I guess the third movie will be also a different story and I'm ok with it, but I also think thay are going to give us the real sequel to Cloverfield someday. I hope they do the "Cloverfield Trilogy" as a franchise, with 3 different stories and then... booom! Direct sequel to each movie. That'd be cool, wouldn't it?

    2. Your perspective of the world is not nearly the same as mine.

    3. Your perspective of the world is not nearly the same as mine.

  6. I am a MAJOR "Cloverfield" fan. I also completely enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane. But I went into it expecting a little more of a "connection" to the first film. Ok, there was the envelope addressed to Howard from Bold Futura and a couple other tie-ins like that, but that's not what we want. We want another Giant Monster movie and we all know it. I think a combination of a hand-held/cinematic film is justified. My original idea I think would be fun. If the monster in "Cloverfield" was a "not-fully-grown baby" as J.J. has indicated outside of the film, then that means it must have a mother or father that is MUCH bigger. The mother comes looking for it's child....discovers it's body due to the Hammer Down order, and goes on a rampage of destruction. J.J. created the "Cloverfield" monster because of his trip to Japan promoting Mission Impossible III, and wanted to create the USA's own version of Godzilla. So he creates it, and only ONE movie about it will ever be made, and one where we hardly see the creature at all??? Doesn't make sense. Maybe some other production company should pick up the ball that has obviously been tossed aside, and run with it!

  7. I know it's not related, but this was the newest post so I expected the most replies here. Anyways, there's one mystery I want cleared up (though maybe irrelevant and unimportant). What's the passphrase to respond to the chat that can be found on The hint is "What was your secret gift on your 13th birthday?" or something like that. Thanks!

    1. I doubt there even is one - due to the Reddit thread and blogs like this, any answers to the 13th birthday question would spread like wildfire, probably resulting in a lot of spam. Therefore, the creators probably didn't set an answer for it.