Monday, March 7, 2016

This Mystery 10 Cloverfield Lane Guest Star Will Surprise You!

A bunch of new Cloverfield articles making the news today reveal a surprise A-List celebrity guest star in 10 Cloverfield Lane. With the release of the movie only 4 days away, it may be hard to avoid this news, unless you go completely off the grid.

I won't spoil it for you here, but if you really want to know who the star is, here a spoiler-free article from Cinema Blend:

Cinema Blend: How 10 Cloverfield Lane Landed An A-Lister For A Mystery Cameo


  1. God, I certainly hope no one comments the name of the actor down here. It's ------- ------ by the way.

    1. Wrong, it's actually ---- -------.

    2. Here's a hint, his initials are -.-.

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