Monday, October 29, 2007

Cloverfield Nominated for "Most Anticipated Movie"

Cloverfield was nominated for "Most Anticipated Movie" at the Spike TV's Scream 2007 Awards - the awards show that celebrates "The Best in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Comics voted by you!"

Also nominated: The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy 2, Iron Man, Wolverine, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

And the winner is...?

* Thanks to Joe from the comments for finding this!


  1. I think 2008 will be one of those years that has the good summer movies. On paper, it looks to be a solid year but I guess we will have to see what happens

  2. I am looking forward to The Dark Knight Batman; however, there is no doubt in my mind that J.J. Abrams viral techniques has made Cloverfield the most anticipated movie of '08 for me.

  3. Well, I have never looked forward to a movie this much before. I anticipated the Star Wars movies and Superman and Spiderman, but this is the first time I have been exposed to this viral stuff. You gotta take big risks to get big gains, but JJ is taking a big risk in this movie being a huge blockbuster or big letdown. Either way, the first weekend should be a "monstrous" turnout. I can't see anything on whysoserious except a jack--lantern.

  4. Dennis, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a most cheerful message:D
    ATB, E

  5. One that you left off was The Dark Knight. I just watched the awards show last night (DVR'd it, my nephews wanted to see it, too) and surprisingly it's the one that won. I don't say surprisingly because it's not something that I'm anticipating because I am. I say it because most of the other films (sans Harry Potter, Hellboy, and maybe even Wolverine) are new as far as characters or cast and crews, or in Indy's case (My pick by the way) something we haven't seen on the big screen for nearly twenty years (Shia LeBouef was three when The Last Crusade was in theaters). Just something I thought was kind of interesting.

  6. If you watch the video, they don't list Dark Knight as a nominee, just as the winner.