Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jessica Lucas (Lily Ford) News

The Canadian news site has a story about 22 year old Canadian actress Jessica Lucas, who plays Lily Ford.

Tonight on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Lucas will continue her four-episode arc as Ronnie Lake, a sought-after young hot-shot investigator.

Just prior to taping her CSI arc, however, Lucas spent several months working on the Abrams movie which has been dubbed Cloverfield in common parlance, but whose name has not officially been revealed. Abrams is the creator of TV series Lost, Alias and Felicity, and was the director of Mission Impossible III.

First publicized prior to theatre screenings of Transformers, Cloverfield is scheduled to be released on Jan. 18, 2008. Plot rumours have centred on monsters attacking New York City, but Lucas wouldn't shed any light on the specifics. You know, sworn to secrecy and all that.

"It really is kind of crazy, isn't it?" Lucas said of the Cloverfield buzz. "The hype has been unbelievable. And it doesn't even have a name yet. The trailer created such a stir.

"When they first explained to us what they were going to do in terms of marketing, it sounded pretty weird. But obviously it has worked. And there are going to be more trailers coming out very soon, so that will give people even more reason to get excited."

Lucas plans to spend the next couple of months helping to promote the movie.

"The CSI thing just wrapped up so I'm going to have a little bit of down time right now, although it won't be for long," said Lucas, who splits her time between Los Angeles and Vancouver. "We already are planning all the promotion we're going to be doing for Cloverfield, or whatever you want to call it. So that's going to be my focus."

* Thanks to EW for emailing me about this!


  1. Yeah but soon?
    I dunno about you but when I hear the word soon, I think that could be anything from 1 week, to two months... I'm not losing interest in all of this, but I am getting pretty dissappointed, I mean seriously couldn't they just release a new photo... or tell us what this "contest" will be, or do something about all this distribution opportunities stuff... Or update the Tagruato website, or something??
    The only real new thing is The distribution opportunities. Which seems only for people with real businesses... I dunno bout the average Joe out there, but I don't own a business.
    Oh and we learned Jamie likes to go out and party with her girlfriends.. Woohoo!

  2. I'm don't know about you guys, but I'd definitely hit that.

  3. The marketing was exciting, now its just frustrating and boring - though having said that, I will definately be in the cinema on 1.18.08

  4. (first time posting)

    I agree (Steve). The worst thing they can do is let it go too long without anything new.

    I can now miss the shows I love on TV, download HDTV Rips, and watch them whenever I want.

    I do occasionally watch new episodes as they premier, but incase I dont have the opportunity, the alternative is there (DL them)

    My point is, Dont allow us to come and go as we choose. I dont have to pay attention to the posts or blogs for about a week, maybe two. If I come back and something new happened, great, but most likely nothing will...

    They risk boring/loosing a lot of people by making things take so long...

  5. nah guys, I am pretty sure that this is exactly what JJ wants...he wants people to be frustrated and bored so that when he and his marketing team finally release something, the internet community will go nuts, like we already prove that we do...Do not get me wrong, I am getting frustrated and anxious too, especially because the Dark Knight is doing a similar thing and it is kinda a slow stretch for that movie too...I am excited for both movies and cannot wait to get more info, but til then, JJ is loving our frustration and desparateness becuase it means that we will definitely be there for the movie...

    btw, anyone interested in The Dark Knight, there is a burning jack-o-lantern presumably counting down to Halloween...

  6. i thought The Joker wasnt going to come back until December? i didnt follow it, but i read the ARGN articles on it, and they said something about it not coming back till December after that fan was the fake "Joker"

    Anyway back on topic, yeah im sure they released the trailer to get it out there and get some coverage. Then let everything go stale, but after what happened last time with no warning and no community already waiting to receive the trailer they had a HUGE response, so this time, after such a long time, it hopefully would be massive

  7. Ok. It’s a Cthulhu movie. Read Cthulhus story. The location where Cthlhu is buried is near where tagruato industries is drilling. One of the “clues” on the happy talk link is is BLOOP which is the name some researchers gave to the peculiar sound they recorded (’lyeh) read the “location” portion. Mistery solved.

  8. BTW, before i forget. If you look at the octopus in the Slusho-jp website, you'll notice it's always swimming up. That might be a clue right there. Cthulhu has an octopus head.---

  9. Even if the Cloverfield monster is the Bloop monster, we don't know what the Bloop monster is or looks like, so no not mystery over.

  10. The Bloop sound (and the Cthulhu) was found West of South America... there's no drilling point nearby...

    Closest is Keiko, or Kogen, but they are to the East of South America...

    It IS odd to have "Bloop" though in the Happy Talk... but if some people have managed to put up their own comments, perhaps someone posted BLOOP b/c they think it is the Cthulhu and that recorded sound is "related"...

  11. You can't rely on the Slusho Happy Talk, i'm sure I heard in a few places that it was just stuff people had been sending, and as the Cthulu idea was one of the major rumours (along with Godzilla and Rampage) then its pretty certain that someone would send something alluding to it...?

  12. I begin to wonder how much of those quotes are legitimate...

    some are really long, but most are short.

    anyone else try to submit quotes?

  13. Phoenix. We DO know what the "bloop" monster looks like. It's Cthulhu... Bloop was the name given to the sounds recorded.

  14. Nicholas said... Phoenix. We DO know what the "bloop" monster looks like. It's Cthulhu... Bloop was the name given to the sounds recorded.

    According to Wikipedia "The source of the [bloop] sound remains unknown.". Since we don't know what made the sound, it could be anything...

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. @Dennis

    true... but the location of the Cthulhu according to the story, and location where the Bloop sound was recorded is awfully close... relatively, of course

    I'm not trying to jump onto another Cthulhu rumor, but its hard to completely debunk that theory

  17. i still think that JJ will make something completely original...but it certainly is hard to debunk the Cthulhu rumor

  18. there is cthulhu movie allready out. so if jj said its a monster we never seen before why would he be making a movie thats allready being made?

  19. the cthulu movie doesnt contain the monster cthulu,aside from a few obscure independent films no movie contains the psyichal monster cthulu and cthulu is "our" (america's) monster. Though more than likely the monster is gonna be original--- just to clarify things

  20. This might be slightly off topic, but did anyone see the Scream Awards?

    Cloverfield was nominated for Most Anticipated Film, but lost out to The Dark Knight.

  21. I still think that this will be a movie with Cthulhu as the main monster. The clues given in the happy talk link on Slusho are obviously CLUES. Doesn't matter if they're fan submitted or not. The "crabs" thing could be the Cthulhi or the little "parasites" that travelled with Cthulhu to earth, the creatures that constructed R'lyeh. The BLOOP hint could be pointing to the afore mentioned sounds recorded near thew fictional location of the sunken city, and the octopus swimming towards the surface could be yet another hint. I'm 99% possitive we're looking at a Cthulhu mythos movie... Who wouldn't want to see THE monster on screen? I just hope they do justice to Lovecraft...

  22. I think a Cthulhu film would be too complicated for the 'pop' masses.

  23. I'm pretty sure this is going to be something unique, no one would want to step on the toes of Guillermo Del Torro's At the Mountains Of Madness

  24. Well i sure hope some new trailer or something comes out soon. but its pretty much confirmed it's an entirely new monster, so no Cthulhu even though there seems to be similarities its an original monster.

  25. is online and looks pretty real. But there is no link from to That might be the "spoof of the week" ... ^^

  26. is back up again. Much better look to it now and NO stupid noisy robot. It looks more legit. Kinda like they read feedback about the site and then redid it. They have a spot where you can send a message. I went ahead and did that. Weird though its set-p for contacting them is different than the other 2 sites. Oh, and it does have an address in Japan along with a telephone number. I would check it out but I have to go to work.
    Take care.

  27. almost seems legit... I agree that it doesnt have a lot of the same style features as the others

    seems like theres a lot of missing content. like, some links arent active, missing pictures, etc...

    It looks almost "templated", and some of the images look like stock images, or stuff they googled.

    it does mention YMR and Tagruato, but still no link on to

    how is JJ gonna get his hands on it if it isnt his... that should be interesting...

  28. "Ray of Cork said...
    I think a Cthulhu film would be too complicated for the 'pop' masses."

    Ah, but are we not a part of the 'pop' culture? We are at least a subset of this culture, enough to generate a profit. Since we are considering the possibility, I would say there is a chance. Please note that this is a cop out responce, since we will most likely have no idea until 01-18-08.