Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Contacting Tagruato

The contact page for Tagruato shows an address, phone number, and email address:

18 Palace Plaza
36-40-10 Marunouchi
Marunouchi, Tokyo 118-8336

TEL +81-3-5403-6318

The address does not work in Google maps (unless I'm doing something wrong).

The email address appears to be working, but there is no automatic reply like on the Slusho site.

The phone number works, and has a recorded message in English and Japanese:
Thank you for calling Tagruato. Due to high call volumes, your call has been transferred to an automated answering service. There are no updates at this time. After the tone, please leave a message, and one of our associates will find you as soon as possible.
I recorded the call so you can hear the message for yourself:

Tagruato Message - English (64Kbps MP3, 125k)
Tagruato Message - Japanese (64Kbps MP3, 165k)

Dizzy has confirmed in the comments that the Japanese and English messages are the same.

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UPDATE: It looks like Marunouchi is some kind of business center. There is a map of all the buildings, but no Tagruato.


  1. -39 -12 brings you to a place where the americans blew up something "US Nuke: Argus I"

  2. funny thing the cups on slusho are 13 empty 4 filled

    3912 and split it and you get 39 12 divide it by 3 and you get 13 4.


  3. The Japanese is very similar to the English. There don't seem to be any hidden clues in Japanese.

  4. Sorry for double-posting. Did anyone notice that in Marunouchi, the number is '118-8336'? A few months ago, we were starved to find 1, 18, and 8 (or 08) with anything related to cloverfield.

  5. My call was translated by a friend who is a call monitor for PANASONIC. has a little game on it that's a little strange -- It can't be translated by google, but the game is easy enough to understand. More than likely VERY unrelated, but fun/strange never-the-less.

  6. I've even spoken with my girl friend (she is Japanese), so she says, the Japanese speech is not so formal. Usually, the official company messages have another style.

    The speaking in this message is more informal, and a little be werird. But this is without accent, so the speaker is 100% Japanese.

  7. Did she say the message was the same or meaning reletively the same thing?

  8. Check this:

    Maybe a clue from the first poster?

  9. Tsk Tsk...

    Nobody knows their history here? Look at the Tagruato History page. It says the origin of Tagruato started in 1945 on the southernmost island of Kyushu.

    Anything happen on Kyushu in 1945? Oh yeah... the Atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki! Interesting that this is the date and place named! A little nod to Godzilla, perhaps?

    Also interesting that the quite says he wanted to "holding Earth's energy in my fist."

  10. Also on the interactive deep sea drilling map, the Chuai station, the one closest to New York, is on the Mid-Atlantic ridge. It says that it is opening on September 2007, and still "in development." If they started mining in September, that would give them a few months to drill, unleash a hideous monster, and let it come to NYC by Jan 18, 2008.

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  12. I know this is nothing big but...

    "and one of our associates will find you as soon as possible."

    why would they say "find you"'s seems like the whole "massive calls" is saying something happened some where and that's why everyone is calling....did that seem weird?

  13. You know.. They're telling us to leave a message.

  14. Hey why wont you go check it out XD.

  15. Did anyone notice that it said Kagashima D in the email address, Kagashima is a city in Japan, it's at Latitude / Longitude: 35.40,136.72 it may be nothing but i think it's worth looking into

  16. Doing a whereis search on the Marunouchi website reveals that it's data registry began on 1-18-98, exactly 10 years before all goes terribly wrong. The data registry expires on 1-17-08, one day before all hell breaks loose... A lead, I think!

    Can anyone develop on this theory?

  17. "data registry began on 1-18-98, exactly 10 years before all goes terribly wrong. The data registry expires on 1-17-08"

    Nice find, but the Marunouchi site is so much more elaborate than Tagruato, Slusho! or 1-18-08. However, the graphics on the Marunouchi Game page are Slusho-like (and the game itself if very much like all those other viral sites out there)

  18. god it kills me, but it's just easier to wait until it comes out

  19. Not to feed the "It's a lion, it's huge" quote....but did anyone notice the news story on TAGRUATO about the Slusho! Lions destroying the other team?

  20. what's weird is in the message it says "and we'll find you" then on the Slusho! website it says "we are coming we'll find you!!"
    a connection maybe? might get updates on the same day or somthing hmmmm

  21. has any one tried translating the back of the photo with the Asian cook on the site?
    some of the photos have comments written on the back of them. (as this is a flash site use the mouse to click and hold and then snap from one side to the other as if you were virtually flipping the photo)
    this may contain quite a bit of information but as it is a flash site you can not use bablefish to translate it and is the only photo with out a time stamp on the front.
    and now there seems to be another site:
    but this site is password protected. I've tried several different words but to no avail.
    the password is ten spaces or less as that is all you can type in the box. Jamie also has a MySpace site. i tried looking for clues there but came up short.

    if anyone finds anything please posted back...

  22. Milky said... has any one tried translating the back of the photo with the Asian cook on the site? ... and now there seems to be another site: if anyone finds anything please posted back... ~Milky

    All this information is already on my site.

    The translation for the photo is here: - Photo #6

    This is how the Tagruato website was found.

    The information about is here:

  23. I think you guys are over-looking something VERY SUBTLE!!!

    JJ has a hit-show called "LOST"

    On said-show, he loves to use anagrams as hints.

    "T A G R U A T O" can be made into
    "A T O R T U G A" - or "A Tortuga" ... which tortuga translates from spanish to english as Turtle!

    The hint here is the name of the company! The monster is a giant sea turtle...

    This follows a very popular them from the show LOST, where everyone is trying to guess "what the monster is" ...

    It is a very clever marketing campaign and my guess is the monster will be revealed before the movie opens and the movie will still be great once you find out the monster is a giant sea turtle...

    Plus, you will all be so enthralled with this "mystery" that you'll have no choice but to go see it, mystery or not.


  24. Interesting development, I too saw that Tagruato spelled out "A Tortuga" as well as the fact that this movie is based on revelations.

    In the Tagruato site they mention that the "n 1989, a brilliant young engineer named Ganu Yoshida was in search of an avenue to support his off-shore drilling revelations."

    Also in the second paragraph they mention "Over the next 15 years, twelve more drilling stations were built "

    Well Revelations, they talk about the a woman arrayed with the sun (Amaterasu).

    Also in another chapter this line was found

    "And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns, and seven heads, and on his horns ten diadems, and upon his heads names of blasphemy. 2And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion:"

    In Revelation chapter "14" the number 14 was listed a few times in the Tagruato. It talks about the reaping of people on earth.

    Also note that in Revelation chapter "6" talking about "you can't drink just 6"

    It explains the opening of the 6 seals resulting in different wraths and the 6th being an earthquake..

    Maybe i'm reading too much in to this but that's what i read out of the Tagruato site all by itself.

  25. also noted that on Slusho!'s site in the history it says "SLUSHO! came to life!!!!"

    "Everyone who drinks a SLUSHO! tastes Noriko's dream, and BECOMES a small whale like Noriko"

    So it does sound like this ingredient found in the ocean is like some kind of forbidden fruit that which if you have consumed it you have been marked for a culling of sort.

  26. I'm loving the movie and the mystery surrounding it before an after. Anyways, here's something cool. Hope I'm the first to find this, then it would be major Awesome!

    I was scanning all the associated web-sites and this BLOG, and I happened to leave the up on a separate tab. After awhile, I was scared $hitless by a freaking ROAR from my computer! From what I remembered it was the EXACT same roar from the Monster in the movie.

    So I reloaded the page and set my stopwatch... at exactly 6 minutes... the ROAR came again!!

    Give me some BLOG-Love!

  27. I got that rawrrr to! man i think all this internet research was more fun than the actual film! keep post to keep me busy!