Friday, October 5, 2007 - More New Happy Talk

The Happy Talk page at was updated again.

Here are the new quotes:
  • BLOOP!
  • I Slushoed myself!
  • I heard if you drink slusho you become as big as whale, is that true, also what new flavors are you guys adding? Also about the slusho, can you tell anymore information about where that special slusho came from or what's It all about?
  • on red crab 6 times
  • I'm trying to find a copy of the hit theme song, but my phone's music service doesn't offer it. Can you tell me where I can buy a copy so I can have the ringtone?
  • I like inviting Slusho to the party in my mouth.
  • I am HAPPY! Thanks Slusho for making me ZOOOOM!
  • I luv slusho... bring it 2 england... please????????????????
  • Most Honorable Satoshi, I really like the Slusho Zoom flavors of Mikan and Nashi mixed together. Please tell me about your secret ingredient. I promise I won't speak of it to anyone, honest. A devoted consumer in America, thank you -- Billy
  • Slusho! heals.
  • Is there any combination that don't taste good?
  • How should I mix the Slusho flavors to get the best results?
  • Slusho! makes the world a better place
You can see the old Happy Talk quotes here:
New Slusho Happy Talk
Slusho Happy Talk

The first two are duplicates, but the rest appear to be fan submitted. In fact, Red Walrus from Unfiction is claiming "on red crab 6 times" as his own submission.

And for the person who wanted the Slusho ringtone for their phone (like I have), I have all the Slusho Music here.

* "I said Cornbred" not an actual quote :)


  1. On a 1-18-08 message board, they found

    dont know if its connected with the film, but we shall see. just giving you a heads up if you don't know already.

  2. Hammer on red crab 6 times, careful as oven mitts are to be worn.

    This is so cheesy.

    "... this is the way my mother always used to make it - served with a side of hot, buttered, jalepeno corn bread."

    When shopping for tools, one must first look for a hammer.

  3. so would the crab be the nail in the coffin?

  4. appears to be some tax consultation firm. I highly doubt it's related.

  5. buddy said...
    so would the crab be the nail in the coffin?

    I never said I was J.J.
    I didn't even try to lead anyone on.
    I even denied that I was him.

    It didn't work.

    Hey, Dennis!
    Tell them I'm NOT J.J.
    (Remember my 'mosquito' theory)?

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  7. So the BLOOP one would that refer to that bloop on

  8. Its gotta be a whale! Bloop= a sound found by scientists that no-one knew what it was and was then apparently a whale. 'You become as big as a whale,'-Something I read ages ago said slusho turned people into whales! (Sounds stupid i know.)Red Crab? The Sea? Slusho Heals-Might make thi monster hard to injure.

    Has anyone tried mixing Mikan and Nashi like it says?

  9. Poem for the Lost

    Swept across, awaiting the time
    People become lost in its rhyme
    But hour after hour
    And day before day
    Life is what was considered
    In a much horrible way

  10. interesting connection between and jamie's latest video (i.e. the "6 times" and "cornbread" lines).

  11. "interesting connection between and jamie's latest video (i.e. the "6 times" and "cornbread" lines)."

    Where so do you see a connection with the cornbread?


  12. * "I said Cornbred" not an actual quote :)

  13. Is it just me or is the recipe card missing from the site? I checked, rechecked, and refreshed it and still don't seet it. Also, is the background a different color? I could have swore it was darker, almost black, but now it looks gray.

  14. B.B. Andrews, you are correct sir. Not only is the background no longer solid black, I no longer see the recipe card on there, in a different color background.

    It is present, it's just on the same photo paper as the other photos, instead of the different color card it had.



  15. It still looks the same ... And the background has never been totally black.

  16. Wow, I am just really glad I now understand what I have gotten myself into. Immediately after seeing the first showing of Transformers I was really hooked on the trailer because it didn't give me anything except what looked like a awesome monster movie. After leaving the theater (and seeing Transformers immediately again at the next showing) I searched the internet at 3 am for any information using the only thing I knew about the movie, the release date. I quickly found little bits on the only two confirmed sites and have been hooked on this stupid game ever since.

    I didn't even know what viral websites were or that this sort of thing even existed. But now I'm stuck here hopelessly addicted to finding out about this movie. I was sure for a long while this was a Godzilla vs. the Seamonster remake. Two characters in the history were names of characters from the movie or actors who played in it. The seamonster was awakened from the sea and mutated by some kind of ingredient from a plant in Japan. Mothera made an appearence too and I heard tell of some kind of flying monster too at some point... But this was all shot down when I heard JJ Abrams actually did try to get lisence to the Godzilla movie, but was denied. So now I have no real idea, but I'm glad to see other people who share my hysteria. Mostly I'm just sure JJ is making a movie to show the Godzilla people, "Hey f you guys. You should have given me the chance because look at the hype I've got on my monster movie."

    I could go on all day, but I really won't. Anyway, great little thing you have going here to keep me up-to-date with things I need and keep all my information in line.

  17. Oh I just realised I didn't even say what I wanted to about the Happy Talk. I think it's obvious at least some of them are user submitted, though probably not all of them. How to sift through which is which is a near impossible feat. The ones they select to put up on the Happy Talk however must have some kind of significance because I assure they get more than just those comments from people. They methodically choose and I think the repetition of BLOOP! is important, though I can't find much significance in the other, aside from its a bit humorous.

  18. this may be the wrong post to say this in but not sure if anyone actually reads the older ones.

    is the poster of the SOL with its head ripped off the real poster or just a teaser? if its the teaser should we really be analyzing it for details about things like the monsters size, speed and strength?

    just a thought.

  19. "is the poster of the SOL with its head ripped off the real poster or just a teaser? if its the teaser should we really be analyzing it for details about things like the monsters size, speed and strength?"

    Those were fake posters made by some kids who wanted to mess with people, not real ones. However the trailer showed the Statue of Liberty's head knocked inland so it is obvious the monster is huge and strong, nothing that was debated. If that helps any.

  20. " ... the Statue of Liberty's head knocked inland so it is obvious the monster is huge and strong, ..."

    Well, now some folks are speculating on whether it was the monster who knocked her head off, or if it was militaristic bombardment.

  21. im thinkin about some of the earlier posts that were speculating how it was crazy fast and such to chuck the head and make it to the city to cause the explosion before the head hit.

  22. Ah-the military is a good idea and would cancel a good deal of the issues I had with the whole firey explosion idea. However if they had time for military involvement, it's odd the city wasn't warned sooner.

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  25. You will also notice if you type "potato cloverfield" into a search engine, you get something too. If you haven't noticed, the hype is everywhere so I wouldn't read so much into that one.

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  27. anyone think the transformers dvd may have another trailer for it? as an extra or maybe an easter egg?

  28. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty convinced that "I am HAPPY! Thanks Slusho for making me ZOOOOM!" was what I sent in to them. It's only the same words on their site regurgitated, but I wanted to test the addy with SOMEthing.

    Not that that helps; the ones that are interesting are almost definitely their additions; I guess they just threw in the user ones to make us happy! (It sure did!)

    They succeeded; this update has got me all fired up again! Want... Cloverfield... NOW!

  29. Here's RasGold on Amazon:

    ...not J.J.

  30. i can't believe no one mentioned the connection between "BLOOP" and Cthulhu

  31. Hello,
    go to wikipedia, type cryptobiosis, and you'll find some interesting animal.
    First of all, the tardigrade or water-bear, and the Artemia salina, or sea-mokey.
    Does it ring a bell? if not, check the animals on the slusho site. Why would a monkey and a bear appear on a sea product site?
    These animals are quite interesting: they can remain "asleep" for decades, and be awaken in specific conditions. they are resistant to extreme heat, radiation at high levels, and dessication.
    You'll also find the nematode, a worm that can be found in parasitic forms, and cause human diseases when ingested.