Thursday, October 4, 2007

JamieAndTeddy Video #2 - The Gift

There is a short new video on The password is still: jllovesth

Jamie got a gift from Teddy, but she's not allowed to open it until December 9th.

You can download the video directly here (QT - 7.7MB), or check it out on YouTube here (now working!).

Is this an allusion to when we might get the next trailer and/or the title of the movie? I hope not... December 9th is "forever away!"

Here is the transcript:
[plays harmonica]

Alright, I finally figured out how to work the camera, and I have about 15 horny girls waiting to go to girls night down stairs, so I have to make this really quick.

I'm here talking to you right now because of two reasons:

1. Because I miss you, I miss you so much, and...

2. Because you really f-ed me up with this gift, you can not - thank you by the way - but you can not send a girl a gift and tell her to open it on December 9th... which is forever away. You just can't do that! But, I gave you my word and it's gonna sit here right at the edge of my bed until, until you say that I can open it, because I gave you my word.

And I also got your text message, sorry...

[whispering] I got you text message earlier, I have to be quiet...

And I got, I just figured out the answer to your question - six, six times. And the answer that you got wrong is

[whispering] Corn Bread

you got it wrong

[off camera] lets go, let do this!

All right, all right. I have to go, i love you , I miss you so much, and I'll talk to you soon...

[off camera] come one
* Thanks to Alex for emailing me about this!


  1. It's nice to see the clues pouring in now though after a month long dry spell

  2. Maybe the 'Powers That Be' have been working on things for a while, and now they're finally letting loose. In any event, it's nice that we finally have some material to work with.

  3. Glad you got my e mail. I was the pola..sorry for the way long e mail address I was at school when I checked the and found the video. And had to use my school account..

  4. I realize that this is goofy, but if you google 36 cornbread (6, 6 times, and cornbread) one of the top choices is a Detroit LIONS website. Nice haha.

  5. Also, in regards to 'cornbread', the only direct question I can find online with the answer being cornbread is this:

    What did the silly comedian bake on his day off?

    Answer - Cornbread

  6. Anyone know what movies are coming out Decemeber 9th or week of? Makes sense if that's what this is a code for :\

    Oooor it could just be more crap from JJ.

  7. "And I got, I just figured out the answer to your question - six, six times. And the answer that you got wrong is "

    Theres goes that number 6 reference again!

  8. There is nothing coming out on the 9th of December. However Friday the 7th is The Golden Compass and a couple of others I dont know if it would be attached to. If the "gift" is a new trailer perhaps it will be attached on the 7th but the 9th would be when it is on Quick Time movie trailers or something... just an idea.

  9. So after about an hour and a half of glancing through Google search results and the MySpace pages of the characters from the movie, I have come up with a few suggestions.
    Six, six times. A clock would sound six times at the sixth hour. Something to do with six o’clock?
    Six o’clock, pendulum strikes six times… Maybe six seconds between each sound of the pendulum? 666… That’s stretching a bit, though, isn’t it? Although… On Jamie’s MySpace page, the one statement she has in her “About Me” section states “I destroyed the dinosaurs.” Are we talking about another Apocalypse? If so… Saint John’s Apocalypse mentions “a beast from the sea” and “a beast from the earth” that supposedly make up the Antichrist. The words “beast” and “sea” catch my attention right away.
    Cornbread. Through my searches, I was reminded of an old saying, about “being fed cornbread”. It’s a slang term referring to slave times, when slave masters limited their slaves’ diets to cornbread, as it was both cheap and filling. I think such a slang term could be used politically, couldn’t it? As in “the government is simply feeding us cornbread,”… A government conspiracy perhaps?
    Antichrist, beasts, 666, Apocalypse, politics, conspiracy, mythology, fiery explosions and destruction in the trailer… Could any of these clues/ideas be helpful? Let me know what you think… is my e-mail address. I would appreciate some feedback, two heads are better than one, three better than two…


  10. Maybe the box is filled with cornbread.

  11. The thought crossed my mind, but then I realized just as quickly that it wouldn't make sense if the box were filled with cornbread. It was the answer to Jamie's question that Rob got wrong, and Rob sent the package. I'm wondering if there isn't another site out there with reply videos from Rob.

  12. The site is registered to Teddy Hanssen who lives at:
    Teddy Hanssen
    186 E 1st Street
    New York, New York 10036
    United States

  13. It appears that Teddy is calling and text messaging her. If he was making videos, he'd probably put them on the same site, since it's, and the site is registered in his name.

    Personally, I'd rather see more videos of Jamie, instead of some dude.

  14. I'm with ya however it would be nice to see reply's, if indeed there are any.

  15. OMG, You want to see something weird?

    If you put that address in Google Maps, then click "Street View", you will see the side of a restaurant called "Nice Guy Eddies". If you turn the camera around 180 degrees, you will see a guy standing behind you. Could this be Teddy??!??!!


  16. Wow that's a trip. He looks a little like Hud too

  17. I know we use corn meal to clean out the clams we get at the restaurant where I work, one of the key ingredients in corn bread. Some benign reference to sea life?

    Likely no, but good on us for thinking about these things early.


    What kind of sick game are they playing with us?


  18. Dennis,
    Congrats on making it to USA Today's Pop Candy.

  19. anyone notice she is drinking cranberry juice?

  20. Was I the only one wishing for a huge monster foot to come crashing down on her? I hope that juice she was drinking came from Jonestown.

  21. The box is blue... any thoughts there?

  22. She didn't say 6 times 6
    she said 6 6 times could she mean 6 to the sixth power? If so that equals 46656

  23. Searching 6, 6 times leads me to Yuvraj Singh, a cricketer who just hit six sixes in a match in September. The longest hit was 119 metres, which is the height of a building on 15 Park Row, NY, which I think is near the Woolworth Building & between the SOL and the Cloverfield site.

  24. If there are any video replies from Teddy, I don't think that they would appear on the same site. The cover page of is specifically addressed to Teddy, from Jamie, meaning the page was set up by her, for him to watch her video messages meant for his eyes... alone... The password to access the site is personal between the two characters, being that it is comprised of her initials, "loves", and his initials. It's a way for them to communicate with each other, and still allow us to watch (my, we're Peeping Toms!). I mean, any average person would send personal video blogs via e-mail, but that wouldn't work for this situation, would it? ;)
    If there are video replies from Teddy, then there is another site.

  25. true... however on WhoIs (although Dennis proved you can't always trust that) the site is registered to Teddy Hanssen. So it was set up by HIM for her to use, so naturally if Teddy did have reply videos wouldn't that make it easier for her to find them and send them from one location, if they have myspace profiles and normal lives I would hope they'd do things easier like normal people.

    Oh and refering to the 46656 comment. That's the ZIP code for Notre Dame, IN.

  26. The registry name could simply be a minor mix-up on the part of the actual website designer. We're losing touch with the fact that these aren't real people, merely characters. Realistically, they would be sending these videos to each other via e-mail, not using websites (especially with Jamie's penalty of death for leaking the video on the internet). Obviously, we couldn't go around checking e-mail accounts that aren't ours to make use of, right? This video site is a way for US to be able to watch these videos, not just "Jamie" and "Teddy".
    Everything the creators are using is meant to be public; MySpace, this video site, Slusho, etc. Not private pages such as e-mail accounts, like the average person would use. Everything that is done on their MySpace pages, we can see. They don't send messages back and forth to each other like we would do; they post comments that everyone can read. There haven't been any video replies from Teddy posted up on the site. I think that's a bit odd. If there are or will be any video replies from him, I think they will be on another site, addressed to Jamie, from him.

  27. Teddy is replying via text message. Jamie keeps saying "I got your text..." or something along those lines

  28. It's also possible that she is texting him, as well. Again, we can't receive text messages from them, so posting video messages and using MySpace pages provides us with insight into their lives.

    I can almost guarantee that with the way Abrams' mind works, there will be events in the movie that only make sense to those of us who followed along with his viral campaign. =)

  29. I know this is a looooong shot, but:

    I googled "Page 36" and got a research paper by a gene/plasma physicist J. D. Huba.

    I then googled his name in IMAGES and got this:

    What's so odd is the date at the bottom of the picture.

    BTW - thx Dennis for the pic of teddy?

  30. Hey yes, congrats Dennis!

    BTW, I HATE it when people get on their bed with their shoes on. Especially shoes on the pillow...very skanky. :-(

  31. I don't believe the guy she is talking to is named Teddy. In the first video she is holding a teddy bear so I think the name is a reference to her and the teddy bear... just a thought

  32. Oh and btw heres a little fun fact, I don't know if this has been said already but if you go to the website and wait for I believe roughly 5 minutes or so, a loud roar will be heard similar to the one heard in the trailer. It freaked me out the first time I heard it cuz I had my speakers up all the way and was not expecting it at all lol

  33. What if her answer was "six, six times". As if she were pausing and then reafirming her answer to a question like... "How many times did you have a slusho?" Of course her answer would be.. "Six, six times." Just a thought.

  34. That's a possiblity. What would be most helpful at this point in time is to know the corresponding dialogue from Teddy's end.

  35. I agree w/ ck_linus; first thing i though was "six, six times" would be an answer to the question "how many times did we make love that last night we were together"

    makes sense to me.