Saturday, October 13, 2007

Slusho Now Hiring!

The whole Slusho gang is back (even the hammer, cheese, and oven mitt make an appearance), and they are hiring for new recruits to distribute Slusho in America. Now if we only knew someone looking for a marketing job...

Here is the message:

Join the Slusho! Team soon!!! Distribution Opportunities available by contacting us through our parent, TAGRUATO! Extensive research reveals that our incredibly tasty flavor mixtures would be loved throughout the West! Become a pioneer, spread Noriko's dream and purchase a Slusho! machine for your store today! We will send representatives and scientists who will train you on how to operate our machine, and preserve the flavor of our special ingredient, Seabed's Nectar!! And what is more, we will have the special flavor tasties delivered bi-weekly, right to your storefront!!! We are highly optimistic that the FDA and other such organizations will quickly approve our ingredient for consumption in the West. They need only look to the East to see its remarkable health benefits - it is nutritious and thrifty!

TEL +81-3-5403-6318

The parent company Tagruato is mentioned, and the logo is in the background, so there is no doubt the two are officially connected. The email and phone number match the Tagruato site, so it looks like this may turn out to be a little more interactive. I recorded the voice mail message on October 3rd, and it appears it hasn't changed since.

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* Thanks to Ed from for the heads-up!


  1. I'm thinking that final bubble:
    "We are coming. We'll find you soon!!" is going to be Job Opportunities.

    I'm wainting for a translation to come back.

  2. How funny would it be if that this just turned out to be some small Japanese company, who have suddenly got a whole load more hits due to people thinking its got something to do with Cloverfield, and thus are expanding into the west?

    Lol I know its most likely connected to the film I just thought it would be hell funny if that had happened.

  3. In the text, something is said about the "Slusho-Machine". Well, wasn´t there a machine for drinks on the last photo on the left? Red and white, the colors of Slusho?

    Eh, that might be a clue ... ^^

  4. Seabed's Nectar!!

    Slusho makes us ZOOM!

    Didn't that restaurant review mention Seabed Nectar?


  5. Is it possible that Rob is leaving to go to Japan to work for Slusho?

  6. Also, what is the Monkey holding in his hand?


  7. Yeah i think Rob will get the marketing job with slusho. In fact im 100% sure of it.

  8. -ras said... I'm thinking that final bubble: "We are coming. We'll find you soon!!" is going to be Job Opportunities. I'm wainting for a translation to come back.

    The final bubble - 競争 - translates to "Competition", but the underlying link says "Contest".

    Kevin said... Seabed's Nectar!! Didn't that restaurant review mention Seabed Nectar?

    Yes. You can read the restaurant review here. It says:

    It contained the finest ingredients money can buy, from fresh bay leaves imported by a company called Fotopoulos Herb Gardens in Crete, to something the Japanese call “kaitei no mitsu”, or “Seabed’s Nectar”, shipped in dry ice by a company out of Honshu called Tagruato.

    Kevin said... Also, what is the Monkey holding in his hand?

    • The monkey is holding the cheese
    • The Blueberry Zoom robot has swallowed the hammer
    • The Mikan robot is holding the oven mitt

  9. So I called the # for Tagruato, and the 1st part is in Japanese of course, then in English, and it basically asks for you to leave a message because no one can get to the phone. Kinda lame. Anyone have any ideas yet as to what the freaking monster is? I'm still just convinced it's some giant mutated whale.

  10. if you rearrange the letters in Seabed's Nectar you get Badness Create and Beast Reascened


  11. ZOOM means to zoom into the page with the Zoom Function on your macomedia right click menu.

    there are hidden characters that i have not been able to decipher at the bottom of the screen that are PINK and you cannot miss them.

    Zoom Slusho at bottom of screen