Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tagruato - Drilling Is Their Business, And Business Is Good

The main focus of Tagruato Corporation is deep sea drilling, specifically for petroleum:

Slusho! History
Ganu also liked to experiment ... he became a lead ocean scientist. His accomplishments are many, he is very big.

Tagrauto: About Us: Company History
In 1989, a brilliant young engineer named Ganu Yoshida was in search of an avenue to support his off-shore drilling revelations. Recognizing the potential still of the crumbling 力の手 (Hand Of Power) company, Yoshida and his investors purchased all shares from those who had led the dream astray.
First order of business was to build the Jimmu Drilling Station in the Inland Sea, named after the founder of Japan and the descendent of the sun goddess Amaterasu. The company’s new focus had been discovered -- deep sea Petroleum excavation. Over the next 15 years, twelve more drilling stations were built all over the globe, each more efficient and productive than the last.
Today, as drilling prepares on our fourteenth deep-sea station, Tagruato stands on the brink of joining the elite corporations of the planet earth.

Tagrauto: Investor News: Tagruato announces plans for "undersea construction sites"
Next time you drive by a large construction site demolishing a building or putting up new infrastructure, imagine it underwater.

... Tagruato has long been developing vehicles and machinery that will operate at the same capacity as the bulldozers and cranes you pass on the freeway each day, but also function at the ocean's greatest depths. COO Danno Jo, right hand man and cousin of CEO Ganu Yoshida, has been overseeing the revolutionary project.

"There are great reservoirs under the ocean floor that no one can get to due to obstruction by physical elements," explained Jo at the December 18th press conference. "With these new technologies in place, Tagruato will destroy any barrier."

Another benefit of these new technologies is the ability to actually construct drilling stations from the ground up. In the past, the process has been to build the various parts of the station in Tagruato's mainland factories, ship them across the oceans on aircraft carriers, and then reassemble them underwater. The process can be costly and time consuming.

"We can now skip that step," said Danno. "In a perfect world, we'll never have to work from the surface again."

Tagrauto: Deep Sea Drilling
Tagruato explores the final frontier on planet earth -- the deepest recesses of our oceans. Our scientists and engineers have created drilling technology that can withstand degrees of extreme pressure, cold, and heat never before thought possible. This groundbreaking feat of industrial triumph allows for research and retrieval in areas previously unexplored by man.

Tagruato covers the planet. We have fourteen drilling stations strategically positioned around the globe, each a billion dollar marvel of modern engineering. ... Capable of excavation at distances exceeding 7,000 meters of water and 9,200 meters of seabed, the greatest depths of the oceans have been opened for business.

The implications are vast and bountiful. Tagruato boasts sole ownership of the functionality designs implemented in our drilling stations. This gives us unparalleled access to the natural resources that lie below the ocean floor. Namely Petroleum, the most sought-after resource in the world.

Here are all the stations listed on the interactive map:

StationLocationDate OpenedWorkforce EU.R.R.
Jimmu StationInland SeaFri, Jun 14, 19911765.4 billion
Suizei StationSea of OkhotskFri, Sep 4, 19921142.1 billion
Annei Station Ionian BasinFri, Sep 11, 19921242.2 billion
Itoku StationJava TrenchFri, Sep 18, 1992911.5 billion
Kosho StationChukchi SeaSat, Feb 25, 1995760.690 billion
Koan StationEast Siberian SeaSat, Feb 25, 19951073.3 billion
Korei StationGreenland SeaSat, Feb 25, 1995881.7 billion
Kogen StationWeddell SeaSat, Feb 25, 19951978 billion
Kaika StationPuerto Rico TrenchSat, Feb 25, 1995620.3 billion
Sujin StationDiamantina TrenchSat, Nov 7, 199831417 billion
Suinin StationMariana TrenchTue, Jan 30, 200127313 billion
Keiko StationSouth Sandwich Trench Sat, May 17, 20032079 billion
Seimu StationEurasia BasinTue, Mar 15, 200528115 billion
Chuai StationMid-Atlantic RidgeOpening September 2007 355in development


  1. His accomplishments are many, he is very big.

    That's what she said!

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  3. New video on mentions how Teddy told her she was allowed open a present her had given her till december 9th...little odd to me.

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  5. ohh! a little som' som' DEc. 9th! maybe a trailer?
    hehe... anyway... apparently the answer for something is 6(im sick of the numbe by now...) and Cornbread!
    BTW... could Jaime's last name come from the Trio Lescano? a musical trio that during WW2 they where accused of sending information encoded in their songs to the allies?

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  7. Chuai Station, off of the east coast, opening fall 2007...

  8. Are we to assume that on the 17th of january the drilling at the Chuai station will disturb something deep in the waters, which will then make its way to the closest shore line in the early hours of the 18th

    Just a thought


  9. That's what it is starting to sound like, but it could be a red herring...

  10. Hmmm.... I can't help but notice that the new station has the biggest workforce by far - making it the biggest/most productive station?

  11. The locations remind of me "ley line" nodes I read in Rifts about 10 years ago.

    Any correlation with ley lines? The ones by North America seem very ley liney to me.

    Is that a word?

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  15. Alexander might be onto something. Tagruato seems to be drilling on interesting parts of the planet: - world ley line map -world ley line map - world ‘triangle’ map

  16. Thanks for the maps. I quickly used GIMP to superimpose the red onto the ley line map, I don't know if it works out to be meaningful or not.

    Sorry about the cheesy animated gif, didn't know how to convey info.

    I'll try with another map, maybe the triangle one.

    Let me know what you think.
    Animated overlay hastily resized, created in GIMP

  17. Here's a bigger version that is animated forever ( you can stop it of course ) at first I thought they didn't line up at all, but now it seems like several are pretty darn close.

    Especially the main red circle.

    Maybe the *don't* have to line up exactly though ...

  18. Nice work!
    Here's another map, of tectonic plates:

    All things considered, even if they were just drilling on the undersea plate lines, it seems kinda funny that they're drilling extremely close to where a lot of the ley lines cross...if that makes sense? I've read that ley lines are supposed to follow the plate lines. So maybe this all makes sense, in some kind of way?

  19. um I know that anagrams are kind a stretch but slusho's "You can't drink just six" is an anagram for "A toxic industry's junk." kind of interesting.