Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cloverfield Kishin 4 Translated

The Cloverfield Kishin 4 manga has finally been completely translated. Almost all of the pages were translated by Christian E! and S.H. Taka. Thank you so much!

Here are all of the completed pages for this final chapter. Since most people are not familiar with manga, I have flipped the pages to make them easier to read - left to right.

* If you are "manga otaku", you can download the originals here.


  1. TO all previous posters to Kishin Manga :Read somenthing about okham razor , because you're seeing a lot more than there really is. That the JJ said that the monster is a baby it doesn't mean that there is a mother and other stuff. That's just comparision . The monster is first time on the surface and it feels like a new born baby , just curious about world around. Is it really hard to get it ? yhh - There is no Sydney monster - all those movies was only a commercial with dvd info of them . Also please don't expect Japanesse manga to look like US movie . You say that monster look different . you know what ? people look different too...even in real world japanesse people look different than most of you ? It's different culture either and the story line must be a little different too. If it was made by French people monster would eat cheese and drink champagne instead of destroying city (joke - love you French people:D)...OTher thing - satellite woke up monster ...just look where is struck ...i'm gonna pay you for a ticket to NYC if you can proof me that the depth on the Coney Island is really enought to hide godzilla/like monster .

    On the other hand i think that monster change it's to shape at the end to regenerate not to die...

  2. Dennis, seriously man...BRAVO! I've been around this site from Day 1 and you've been a huge help for everyone keeping up on the ARG. Thanks for all you've done to make this experience extra memorable!!

  3. Thank you so much Dennis. It's great to be able to read it all and I'm impressed you had the staying power to do it all - you are truly 'Mr. Cloverfield'.

  4. Big ups for posting the comics but they were just confusing for me. There's too much conflicting info about cloverfield and I think the brand is getting too diluted. Maybe they will manage to connect all the strings in some later movies but it will probably end up feeling very engineered. I realise that all the info over the net is great to keep fans busy but it isn't really quality if you ask me.

  5. thanks a lot dennis for all this hard work!

    anyway, i think it wasn't a that great of a manga at all but still kinda good. so i guess i'm gonna buy the book if there comes a translation which i bet there will be.

  6. ...What?
    Thanks Dennis for translating, but what the HELL happened at the end?
    The monster got shot in the eye, went into the ocean, and then disintegrated?
    Can someone please help me understand what I just read?!?
    Oh, and yes, that definitely was the mother.
    If it wasn't, wouldn't the 'Cloverfield' monster have one eye?
    Also, didn't it completely die? Can someone please Interview Abrams, or something? I'm completely and utterly Lost. (excuse the pun)

  7. Why you keep saying this ridiculous things about "monsters mother" . If you have ONE proof that it's mother then show me . Why i cannot be brother or sister ? you all keep having "Abrams Baby thing" ...

  8. so what did we learn from the manga???? nothing, thats what.

  9. This is probably my 4th time on this site but i gotta say BRAVO! WELL DONE!
    i now the whole Cloverfield story :D
    thank u very much!!!

  10. pages 1-16 won't open on the internet. it tells me to open them with paint, and then on paint the pic's the same size as the thumbnail.
    please help me.

  11. disregard that! i found dennis's picasa page

  12. I Love Kacper's logic. Yeah why should the monster look the same? Why should the comic follow the actual story in any way instead of just being a way to further exploit money from people? & the excuse of different culture for the change is laughable. I'm just surprised the monster didn't grow tentacles & rape a woman in a schoolgirl outfit, or pour shit on a woman in a wedding dress.

  13. I just love this series! I wish it would've gotten an anime adaptation. That would be just as cool as a sequel, right?