Friday, May 16, 2008

Cloverfield Kishin Manga, Part 4

The fourth and final story of the Cloverfield Kishin manga / comic has been released.

I have upload all of the screenshots into a Picassa photo album.

Translations are HERE!

* Thanks to Anthony T. and Merzmensch for emailing me about this!


  1. Hmm. I really hope the translation is different to what I think.

    This Manga seems to be working as its own story - the monster comes and then dies in an all Japanese story. Destroys the 'America Godzilla' statement.

    Are we sure this isn't New York the monster is attacking, just in Japanese? That would make so much more sense.

  2. So wait, Kishin killed Clover? Huh? I got confuzzled at the end, time to wait for a translation.

  3. Hey, we finally get to see it use those tube-mouths!

    Did anyone else notice that Kishin could control the Parasites as well? Seems there's a deeper connection with them than we realize.

    Wait, what's happening in the last panels? Wait... is it... oh my...

    Guys... that was the PARENT!

  4. Wow, I really need translations. And it looks like Clover had tentacles all along, lol. But what the heck was in the boy's body that the tentacle took out?

  5. Not sure if that was the parent. It looked like it deteriorated or turned inside out. Need translations.

  6. I'm guessing that that was a giant underwater egg...?

  7. Just a question, so, the monster "dissolves" or something like that inside the sea? O.O?!

  8. CONFUSED! but really cool anyways. need translations and fast. but i stil feel bad for the monster...

  9. When the monster sinks to the bottom of the ocean... what are those pod-like things? They remind me of caterpillar cocoons. Like, babies.

    Yay for many baby Clovies!!
    One of which attacks New York...?

    Just a theory. Still need translations.

  10. So, in the movie the monster survives Stealth bombers dropping bombs all over it without showing a scratch (when it jumps up and gets their helicopter), but in the manga one bazooka can take out its eyeball?

  11. One other thang; I think Cloverfield fails in making a new Godzilla for three reasons:

    1) You see Godzilla all throughout the Godzilla movies. There is no confusion about what he looks like.

    2) Godzilla is a simple shape and easy to draw. This thing is so complicated and strangely shaped it doesn't lend itself to becoming a cultural icon.

    3) The whole origin of this idea was that J.J. Abrams went into a toystore and saw tons of different Godzilla toys on sale. Cloverfield only has one toy on sale and it costs $100. If kids can't afford the toy it's not going to become a cultural phenomenon.

  12. Is it just me, or does the monster in this comic look… different than the monster that attacked New York?
    Look at the picture here:
    There’s this mass of muscle and skin from the neck to the ‘elbow’, and the arms seem very thick.

    Compare this to our monster:

    I don’t know – the arms just seem …scrawnier… less defined… to me. Kinda goes with the idea that maybe the monster in the manga was the parent of our Clovie. Since the monster apparently dies in the manga, I think it’s safe to assume that this monster and our monster are not the same.

    Then again, maybe it didn’t die. We’ll just have to wait for the translations.

  13. Im guessing that Clover we saw in the manga was the parent.
    The giant jellyfish thingy was the egg for the Clover in Cloverfield

  14. OK ... let me pick my jaw .

    First of all the monster has a lot of eggs ... that means more monsters in the future ...
    second thing, like Wolfgang said : "Kishin could control the Parasites" .. "Seems there's a deeper connection with them than we realize."

    Now i have a theory about that ; I think that the parasites are working like ants/bees and they are taking care of the creature's eggs ... maybe the parasites were walking on one of the eggs at the picture from the chuai station attack .

    The creature's death was weird too ... he ate the remote control cell that is found inside kishin ... and then he had to face all of kishin's demons, i guess that was too much for him ... - i was kind of sad in that part, i'll miss that crazy turtle monkey :(

    *Im tired of the allusions of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" they just keep throwing at us .. that scene when kishin is saving sasahara and he is falling on her and accidentally touches her boob ... there was an almost identical scene like this in NGE it happened between shinji and rei (whoever saw the anime will recognize it...)*

    Well tell what you think folks =D

  15. So it seems to me that the monster parent, facing all of Kishin's demons when she retrieves the remote control ball peripheral from inside his body, falls back into the ocean and dissolves but not before revealing a network of soon-to-be hatched eggs that may hold the same type of monster -- one of which that could have attacked New York City and the Chuai Station.

    I think this monster was more vulnerable to damage because of something to do having Kishin inside of his body. And because the eye isn't really one of the strongest parts of the human body, being closed or not.

    It was sad though to see the monster fall into the ocean and basically dissolve, nearing itself closer to death. But in the end, it looks like there are definetly more than one Cloverfield monster. Hopefully we will get this translated soon. Brings me back to the message saying, "It's still alive". Yeah, but are you sure it's not a different monster? There's more than one, obviously.

  16. So...this is still completely impossibly non-canon, right? I'm still saying it's too unreal to be real, just meant to promote the movie to Japanese viewers.

    "I think Cloverfield fails in making a new Godzilla for three reasons:"

    Not applicable, Godzilla had many movies and many incarnations and probably many different toys at many different prices. It'll take more than one movie to make a cultural icon, that's why a sequel is (luckily) inevitable.

  17. My real beef with the parent idea is that why would no one have noticed it? The whole point of the NY attack is everyone is so unaware. Wouldn't they realise the 'same' thing attacked Japan?

    I'll repeat what I said above - do we know it wasn't New York we're seeing in the Manga?

  18. @master fetty
    Well, I'm sure it wasn't New York in the manga for many obvious reasons:

    1. The architecture is quite different.
    2. None of the actions that took place in the manga are remotely similar to the ones in the movie.
    3. Kishin and his friends is to the manga as Rob Hawkins and the group were to the movie. Their actions are both secluded, in which it seemed that they both were highly involved with the monster during the attack. But it was different to both.
    4. The ending for both monsters are quite different. In fact, the monster never got carpet-bombed or nuked in the manga. So how can you possibly say it was the exact same events that took place in the New York City attack. Exactly, it wasn't because the actions that took place in the manga are a prequel to what took place in the movie.
    5. And I know people will try and debunk what I said in #4 because the logic behind the attack should have been forwarned when you consider there'd be news about the attack in New York City. But look at my previous post and you'll understand that the monster that attacked NYC was obviously just one of many monsters that stemmed from the network of eggs shown in the end of the manga.

    And that's about all I've got to say.

  19. So this is how Clovie dies? I don't think so. Just one bazooka in the eye kills him when all the stealth jets did a whole bunch of bombs.

    I think the reason for that is because the head is the weak point.

    But what about the picture on showed monster 'pieces' on the shore so shouldn't that have been where he died? Maybe in that picture, those guys in the boat are Tagruato people collecting the monster pieces...Maybe the want to bring him back to life...

    Translations plz! WE NEED ASIANS QUICK! ;D

  20. This is the last one? Thank god for that!!

    Really hated the idea of this manga from the beginning, i mean, if its just to sell Cloverfield to the japanese, then its fine, because they are all crazy people who like this kind of stuff, monsters being controlled by teenagers and cults and everything. After reading each one, i dont think im gonna be able to watch the film in the same way again

    just my opinion by the way :)

    Thanks Japan! ¬_¬

  21. The reason I'd say it's not the New York attack (which I originally though as well) is because our Monster doesn't, to the best of our knowledge, fall into the ocean and deteriorate. Granted that "the bombs ULTIMATELY kill him" alludes that there were other factors in the monster's death, I still think the New York monster never made it back to the water.

  22. The monsters are obviously different.

  23. If there are more than one monster, perhaps the attacks happened simultaniously? That might explain why neither city saw this thing coming. It's a stretch, but it might be so. Oh, and one more thing, comparing the monster in the movie to the monster in the manga probably isn't very helpful. Manga artists often over exagerate things, or at least, create their own interpretation. Just because it looks slightly different doesn't mean it actually is a different monster.

  24. Well why couldn't this have happened in japan. Their government would have hushed it up and then our attack happened in only one day so maybe the Japaneses government didnt have enough time to tell the US that the same kind of monster attacked them before we "killed" it.

  25. It could be that she isn't just "dissolving." If the monster's eye is... well... blown up, that could mean "her" hard shell to survive at the bottom of the ocean is cracked, "she" won't be able to handle the pressure of the water but is still determind to get back to "her" children while "she" is on "her" way "she" feels how "she" is starting to implode but "she" keeps on going because "she" wants to get to "her" children. When "she" reaches "her" kids "she" eventually dies when the pressure is to much which would cause "her" to implode.

    *sniff* The love of a mother for her children is so powerfull... it's so touching!

  26. Unless everyone in New York speaks Japanese... it's probably not in the Big Apple.

  27. Maybe....this Manga has NOTHING to do with the movie at all....and is just a comic using the basic premise of the movie?


  28. By this manga, I mean the whole series...not just #4

  29. Ludynosa is a genius. I thought the manga was pointless until a friend went on and on and ON about it. The first two rocked, but when the attacked became part of became a bit too much.

    The reason I suggested it could be New York was that it was the only reason to explain this real anomoly. Why are they speaking Japanese? Because it's a Japanese comic. Why does Kishin always be with the monster, but never Rob? Necause it would be boring. Rob sees the monster about four times. Plenty of time to slip in and out when Kishin isn't there.

    But if this is (most likely) Japan, why have they contradicted the ARG so much? After the film, everyone was adament the satellite crashed and woke the monster, it destroyed Chaiu and attacked New York. Not only does this change it, but it doesn't make sense.

  30. I like the theory that the monster in the comic is the mother of all those things are eggs at the bottom of the sea. And the whole thing with this monster attacked New York and this monster attack Japan is driving me crazy! I just wish that we knew which city that It attacked in the manga.

    Will said: “If there are more than one monster, perhaps the attacks happened simultaneously? That might explain why neither city saw this thing coming.”

    Now, that is a stretch but think about it. JJ said that the monster in New York was just a frighten
    “little” baby and the falling Tagruato satellite woke it up. That could explain that all the other eggs (assuming that’s what they are) hadn’t hatched. The satellite just bonked Clover. Idk, its just to complicated! Why can’t they just say ‘this is the monster that attacked NY and this is the mother that attacked Japan and these are all the eggs and oh yeah, Tagruato did created them’! Oi, just hurry up with the translation someone!


  31. Ok, I just thought if this. If those are eggs at the bottom of the sea, that means that there’s more then one “Clover” right? Then maybe the Australian videos really have something to do with the ARG. I mean yeah, they are advertisements but they have some tie-ins. So that means that there was 3 attacks

    1) Chuai Station/ New York (if that was one monster)
    2) Japan or unknown city in the Kishin manga.
    3) Sydney Aus (if that had anything to do with the ARG at all)

    The government could have covered them up like in NY, if they destroyed the whole city, the government could just say that it was a terrorist attack. The government always covers up things like that in movies. Like in “Transformers“, the destroyed all evidence of the Decepticons so no one would know. Also they never let their own president know about the UFO they had in area 51 in “Independence Day”. The government covers up anything that has to do with big E.T. monsters that are threats. I just thought of that so what do you think ppl?

  32. If you guys wanna know more about it,just look up wikipedia,that tells more about the manga.

  33. okay... i don't believe that the monster in kishin is the "mother." you all do not have enough evidence to support that claim.

    but we do see that there is an explanation to the whole "baby" idea. and as you saw in "it's alive, it's huge" on the dvd, there was a pose if the monster in a fetal position, meaning that's probably what the monster looks like when it's in the "egg." but I personally believe that this monster was just one of the many eggs laying around and just wanted to go back "home" after it's attack and hurt eye and disturbed thoughts after taking back the "remote" from kishin's brain or whatever.

    I do think it is brilliant of them to show us this patch of eggs to keep the story line open for a couple of movies. I just hope we get to see what it looks like in a live movie... imagine the possibility of what that will look like on cinemascreens. hell yeah...

  34. one more thing... is anybody else sad we didn't see anyone else blow up after the parasite's bite in the comic? i am...

  35. I'm officially thinking that this manga isn't actually related to the same world as the movie. A lot like how shows (sorry for using this as the example) like Red Dwarf have novel-forms with similar ideas, but the novels aren't continuations of the story you see on the screen...the novel is its OWN story, using elements of the show. I think it's the same with this. They use the same basic monster character, but this is its own story, not really related to the movie.

    That, or I've completely lost interest in the continuing story of the franchise, thanks to the manga... But fortunately, JJ has stated (clearly, unlike that "baby" argument from a little bit ago) that they're exploring different ideas and haven't landed on a story for the sequal yet. Hopefully, it won't be this manga...not that I have a "better" idea...I just don't like THIS.

  36. Am I the only one who noticed that the attack in the manga took place in the daytime, and the NY attack took place primarily at night?

    It can't be the same attack, the manga was not NY

  37. jesus - Someone's done the Wikipedia entry without a translation. I or you could have written that.

  38. Has anyone brought up the point that the sword that the cult leader has in Kishin is the same sword from the sword9 logos on all the arg websites?

  39. I don't know of anyone mentioned this but, if this clovie laid eggs, it would need to be a she right. Now unless it reproduced asexually, there has to be a he.

    That could be The Clovie that attacks NY


    The fact that the eggs are laid, adds to the idea that J.J. had of the monster being a "baby".

    Any Ideas?

  40. i dont think this is the clovies mom or whatever, i think its just a completely non canon story. like this is a "what if" story rather than having any kind of connection to the real movie or even the ARG. completely different time lines. i am with those that say this comic is pretty much just to help sell the movie to the japanese.

  41. i bet this is the clover that attacked chuai station. during the night vision pictures on the website they probably caught that monster. thats why it was chained up in the beginning of the manga.

  42. I really don't think those were eggs at the end. I think cloverfield cocoons himself to get healed. He just went to get his vestige and consume it so he can regain control of himself and went back to the bottom of the ocean to sleep.

    I also think that this attack is prior to the Chuai station attack and subsequent attack on New York.

    I'm surprised to find out that the parasites are controlable.

  43. "So that means that there was 3 attacks

    1) Chuai Station/ New York (if that was one monster)
    2) Japan or unknown city in the Kishin manga.
    3) Sydney Aus (if that had anything to do with the ARG at all)

    What if there were more than three? OH GAWD, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

    Would that make a good movie, every major coastal city dealing with its own monster?

  44. I agree with zinjak. This manga is what's called a fan-fic. It's just a made up story done by someone, inspired by the Cloverfield movie. This is just a Japanese take on the story to help sell the movie in Asian countries like Japan and China or whatever. The manga is a fan-fic.

  45. jester17 - But remember, JJ is the Exec Producer of this...

  46. JJ is just famous because he exploits really well one of the basic human emotion. The desire of resolution in a story.

    He just keep adding mysteries and never ending it so we can go after it. He has done it with all his shows. Never ending stories....

  47. Ok, i read some translated version of 1-3, and can inference what # 4 leads to.
    (summary of 1-3) Kishin's mother was a member in an organization that believes the monster is a God. His father worked for Tagruato and they either found it a while ago, or they created it, since they say something about 'the experiment has gone wrong'. Tagruato found a P.O.D. that transmits waves to the monster in some way. Kishin's mother broke in and stole the POD for the religion (which wears bracelets made of swords and waves, hmm...), and she implanted it in Kishin when he was little. It grew and became entagled with his organic muscles and organs, so neither Tagruato or the religion could obtain it without killing the boy. His father killed his mother accidently, not knowing it was her, but seeing her as a spy for the religion. He eventually found Kishin in the clutches of the religion leader, facing death, so he rescued kishin and the monster kills the religion leader. Kishin's dad explains everything to him and says he needs to kill him so the POD will be destroyed and the monster will go away, since the monster is drawn to the POD. His father suicides and the monster saves Kishin. (Here's my inference of this manga) Being driven to madness, he now can control the monster and it's parasites by unconciously tapping into the POD's frequencys. He is later saved by the girl (LOL! forgot her name) and the frequency is restored, leaving the monster one goal: Obtain the POD. The parasites revert to their natural instinct: Protect the monster. Kishin tries to become a martyr, but all the monster did was extract the POD. Now at peace the monster returns to the sea, battle scarred from it's monstroucities it created above. The POD settles in and the monster ???????????? ????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

  48. Wow, so many theories...

    I kinda agree with the 'monsters are in all the coastal cities' theory. I mean, we have attacks at NY, (Maybe) Sydney, and (if it is not NY) the unknown Kishin city.

    Here are some of the itching questions we've been talking about and some new theories...

    Is there more than one monster? Great possibility...

    Is this monster the same one in NY? Only if it was in a different city...

    Could this place be in NY? Probably, I mean Rob doesn't have ALOT of encounters with the monster. Kishin has a billion and even has to go inside it or something.

    Parasites Controllable? Hella awesome. But if they are controllable, then maybe anyone can control and that might be what Tagruato has been trying to do...

    Is this monster Clovie's mom? Doubt it...I mean the creature is a 'baby' after all and most babies (at least the ones that i know) have a sibling or 2...or 3...or 8...

    Sword in the manga is the sword on the sword logo? Maybe...not a lot of evidence to back it up though...

    This being actually related to the ARG? This one is tough. There are tons of possibilities of it being fan-fiction. But not as much as it being legit. I mean, at the back of all the mangas, it shows the Bad Robot logo so it can't be made by fans, it was made by JJ Abrams!

    What the hell is up with the crappish Sydney vids? If this is a different city in Kishin, then there is definitely a possibility of more monsters going all across the globe, including Sydney.

    Those sword logos are sure, creepy...what is up with them? I think that since it was on the 'Project CLOVERFIELD' sticker, It means it indicates that this is part of 'Project CLOVERFIELD'. Slusho! has it and so does Tagruato and all the other ARG sites meaning that they are being investigated by the government for 'Project CLOVERFIELD'.

    Was this post long? Hell yeah! Bye!

  49. I'd say fan fiction is a decent word for it...but maybe add "authorized" to it. It's kind of AUTHORIZED fan fiction. Sort of like if a bunch of fans wrote a Star Trek movie and the Trek people said, "yeah...we'll distribute that."

  50. @ Derek Brink
    But remember, with J.J. Abrams, anything could happen. He probably gave them the storyline, and they added a few changes, then created it. J.J. Abrams = who knows what...

  51. Exactly derek brink. I mean, obviously J.J. knows about the manga and he thinks it's a good idea just to get a new spin on the story for the Asian viewers. But, that's all it is, a new spin. The manga is an authorized fan fiction.

  52. Concerning the timing of the attacks, its very conceivable that they took place only a few days (or less) apart from each other. The U.S. government could have easily blocked out information concerning the Japanese attacks and probably would have done so in order to prevent panic until they had enough concrete intelligence to make an official statement.

    Its never mentioned where in Japan Kishin takes place (though it looks to be a fairly large metropolitan area) or how many people saw and had contact with the monster. Besides, following an attack of this origin it would probably not be uncommon for the government to quarantine those who did have contact with the creature.

  53. The Manga monster is definitely the mother of the Clover we all know and love.
    First of all, if the eggs aren't enough, this has constantly been confirmed a "prequel" to the movies, which means that it Does take place in the same world as the movie... IMO, the japanese government, working under the influence of Tagruato, covered the incident up, therefore the US would have no idea about the upcoming attack on NY.
    One more thing I'd like to add, again regarding the Mother debate: 4 Months Ago, Abrams confirmed that the NYC Clover is a baby and that his mother could be in a sequel, if there is one.
    I guess it ended up being worked into this manga.
    PS- Translated Part 4 coming soon?