Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cloverfield Kishin 4 Translations, Part 1

The Cloverfield Kishin 4 manga has finally been completely translated. Almost all of the pages were translated by Christian E! and S.H. Taka. Thanks you so much!

Here are the first set of pages. To make things easier for us Gaijin, I have flipped the pages, so the story will read left to right. Please to enjoy!



  1. At least it makes sense this time.

    Unfortunitely, nothing seems to be going against what was thought before.

  2. is it me or or does it seem according the comics that the monster is actually good. I heard that the main character Kishin(or at least I think) is using brainwaves to communicate with the monster?

  3. Thank you guys!
    Lookin' forward for next pages :D

  4. Why aren't you posting all of the pages at once?

  5. I haven't finished transcribing all the text into the pages. I'll get them done asap!

  6. See...that's kind of my problem, j.c. (This, btw, isn't totally directed at you, I'm just spinning off of your comment.)

    It's a freaking MONSTER. It's not supposed to be "good" or "justified" in what it does. This sort of shade-of-grey thing that's happening in horror mythos these days really bugs me. That's why the Lovecraft stories were so good...his monsters were just evil. They may have thought of themselves as gods--or may have even BEEN gods...but they just did unspeakably evil, disturbing, selfish things. A monster who has a soul is not frightening...making the monster the good-guy really bugs me. We're humans...we should be kind of pulling for the humans, yknow?

    "Good" monsters just shouldn't exist, IMO. I mean, sure, having Godzilla being awoken because of the mistakes of humanity (nuclear weaponry) is one thing...but having a monster tear up New York because it misses its mommy or whatever just kind of makes the monster pathetic, in my eyes.

    Anyway...just my $0.02. I'm sure I'm in the minority on that one.

  7. What do you mean they make sense this time? I was confused at first with the first translation on here (it didn't make sense to me either). I didn't read the rest on here. I found a better translation here:

    That's only the first 3 parts. It clears things up. It's not such a literal translation like the previous ones on here. But they did a good job on here too. I took Japanese in college and understand how it doesn't always translate what it's supposed to be conveying in English.

  8. @derek - I agree he shouldn't be good, but he's much better (and scarier) as an animal gone wild rather than some evil god. This whole "controlling the monster" crap is why I think we can discount the manga as completely non-canon.