Friday, May 23, 2008

When Cloverfield Hit Contest Winner

The grand prize winner for the When Cloverfield Hit contest has been selected. Congratulations to JonPhillips for his entry Cameras A-E.

* Thanks to MidgardDragon from CloverfieldMovieForums!


  1. what a disappointment.
    its a great concept but MAN its boring.

  2. I agree :|

    It may be the best out of the top three, but I certainly don't think it was the best. The whole voting system was flawed. They should have given us the ten best videos first, THEN let us vote. But even then, since you can vote everyday, only the friends of the people who made the videos are actually going to vote, so it's not really based on which video is the best, only who has the most dedicated fans.

    Oh well, it was a nice idea anyways...

  3. This was the best and most original out of what was submitted period, so glad it won! I was more bored by "Standard Teenager and Friends #1212345 Hear Roar, Shake Camera, and Run Around" than watching this extremely original take on the concept. Congrats Jon!

  4. I admit, this video was more original than the other two finalists - I just wish the maker had done something... more with it. It was very boring after a few minutes, though I did enjoy the concept of it.

  5. I just want to say (out of the 'topic') .. that I think It's a huge scandal that you (dennis) haven't report a thing about the possible hack against "missingteddyhanssen" blog.

    I think It's wrong, and a I believe It's major news break even if It's just a "blow in the sky".

    As the major cloverfield site you should defintely have reported some breaking news about that hack. Major miss by Dennis.

    Thanks for a nice site in general.

  6. HB,

    I purposely didn't report it because it is NOT news - it is OOG.

    FYI, I KNEW it was a hack from the very beginning, because the person who did it was emailing me. I even know the name of the person who did it!

    But, I WILL NOT post anything on my site about it, because I don't want to glorify some jackass. It has absolutely NO meaning as far as the "game" goes, and the hack was up and then gone in less than a day - so what is the point anyway?

  7. Okey. If the person who hacked the site emailed you I can see why you didn't wrote about it. Make sense.

    Thanks for the quick reply. Keep up the good work.

  8. This was definitely the most original out of all of the entries I've seen. It would have been a good teaser for a Cloverfield sequel because you don't know what's going on in the video and it would raise questions as to what is going on throughout the course of the video and why people are running around trying to escape from something. But other than that, I agree that there could have been more to it. For example, some sound, in general, and something interesting to have popped in at the end of the video for people to easily recognize that it'd have something to do with Cloverfield.

  9. I kinda agree with what everyone else is saying. A great concept...but extremely boring due to "lack of sounds" and no dialogue...

    I also agree with Dennis in the "THE VOTING SYSTEM IS FLAWED" thing...I should know...I made a vid for the contest too...people who saw it loved it but it was not a lot of people...

    Wanna see my vid? The website is still open i think...Check it out if you got bored with this!

  10. In response to Dennis: Even as the creator of Cameras A-E, I deffo agree. The contest was poorly set up, and I got into the top three because I had the most people voting for me- which even though it sounds good on paper, is a terrible way to run a contest in practice. My video, though an original idea, wasn't the best one there, and I really would have liked to at least see videos like Jerseyfield or the prison one get more attention. Hopefully, if another contest is ever run, it will be done in that way, with the staff choosing the top ten and then people voting on those. At least then, some of the good ones which were overlooked in this contest could have been seen.

  11. someone fill me in about the hacking of "missingteddyhanssen" blog.

    i feel like i missed something.

  12. Riley,

    You didn't miss anything. Some jerk hacked the MTH site and post a bunch of "gangsta" crap on there. Then they thought they would try to gamejack, and posted some fake Tagruato letters. LAME!

    Jon Phillips,

    I probably should have said:

    It may be the best out of the top three, but I don't know that it was the best.

    I don't want to sound like you don't deserve it - CONGRATULATIONS!

    I just think Paramount could have handled it differently. I wasn't even about to watch 200+ five-minutes videos - that's like 16 hours. They really needed to narrow it down first.

  13. I disagree completely, I thought this was absolutely fantastic.
    The lack of sound and dialogue added to the suspense immensely and was totally in keeping with the Cloverfield style I thought.
    Without trying to jump up anyone's arse, I was blown away.
    -End of praise.