Friday, May 23, 2008

Cloverfield Kishin 4 Translations, Part 2

Here is the next set of Cloverfield Kishin Manga 4 pages. To make things easier for us Gaijin, I have flipped the pages, so the story will read left to right. Please to enjoy!



  1. uhm, miss Sasahara is hot...

  2. i think its a little weird that kishin can also control the parasites, cause they are supposed to be just parasites o_O y'know, not related to clover or something, just some things on him.. so why would kishin have the power to control them too? doesn't make that much sense to me...

  3. When Kishin mentions the parasites as his "kids" it sounds to me like the monster is actually possessing the human, not the other way around. And for the record, isn't a typical manga supposed to run from right to left, not left to right? Because I found myself reading this like a regular Western comic, not in the Japanese formatting. Is it just because of the translation or did Bad Robot do this on purpose?

  4. Come on Dennis~ Post the rest~ I'm eager to read more. I know I'm an annoying ass whining like this, but I really just want to read the rest of it, like everybody else. I know it's hard work, putting all of the lines in there and you're doing a great job, just hurry up! Lol.

    Wow, that was weird... as if I talked to myself (My name's Dennis also)

    Besides that, I'm amazed how Kishin talks about the parasites as his "children" how are they his children? If he is in contact with Clover... then are they related to Clover in some other way that we think? Is there more than meets the eye?

  5. Blacksite09 said... isn't a typical manga supposed to run from right to left, not left to right?

    I mentioned this in the previous post, but I flipped all the pages so they could be read left to right. The actual Japanese pages are right to left.

  6. Wow, Kishin is really going to the revengish, Anakin Skywalker-like dark side...MUAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!