Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Matt Reeves Interview on Sci Fi Pi

Matt Reeves was interviewed by Sci Fi Pi back in April, just after the Japanese premiere. He doesn't reveal anything new, but does seem to admit not having much involvement with the internet marketing:
Were you involved with Slusho and Tagruato stuff on the internet?
Well the Slusho stuff - there are a lot of really smart young people working at Bad Robot and those guys, we had conversations with them, and they were apprised of the situation and there were a couple of guys that put together some great stuff in particular that was parallel to what was going on. A lot of it was planned, but then they came up with this great crazy stuff.


  1. Hey, so I found something interesting. I was doing a google search on Tagruato (the Japanese parent company of Slusho! and ParafFUn (The company Teddy Hansen was employed by)) and discovered an alternate route to get to Tagruato's homepage. http://home.windstream.net/dacevedo/tagruato/
    I couldn't access this dacevedo's homepage so I googled it and apparently the name appears in the source code for the missingteddyhansen blog AND a few others. And apparently the creator of this blog is named Dennis Acevedo? WHAAAAT!? Very interesting. Any thoughts? Anyone know more about dacevedo?

  2. Yes, that's me :)

    The alternate site you found - tagruato.cloverfieldclues.com - is a complete mirror of the official site. I put this up when the official site was hacked, then later taken down, so you could still see what was on there.

    You'll probably find my name on a lot of Cloverfield related stuff, since I run a Cloverfield blog... ;)

  3. I think its safe to say that you run THE cloverfield blog since i found none as good as yours