Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cloverfield TV Commercial #6 - Who Would You Go Back For?

Here is Cloverfield commercial #6 - Who Would You Go Back For?

Watch it in hi-res on YouTube:

Rob: 7 hours ago, some thing attacked the city.
Lily: What IS that?!
Unknown: I saw it, it's alive, it's huge!
Unknown: OH MY GOD!
Announcer: On January 18th...
Rob: Hello? Beth, where are you?
Rob: She's hurt. She's trapped in her building.
Rob: We're going to go after her.
Hawk We'll go with you. Let's go.
Announcer: Who would you go back for?
Hud: Rob? He saw it, what was that?
Hawk: We don't know what we saw, the point is, it's still here!
Unknown: Run you guys! OH MY GOD!
Rob, to Beth: We're going to get you out, alright?
Marlena: Did you guys hear that?
Rob: RUN!!!!
Announcer: Cloverfield... rated PG13

* Thanks to Teap for the transcript!


  1. Gee, these commercials are just popping up left and right these days, aren't they?

    First post! Huzzah!

  2. Hey i e-mailed about this just when i found it on Dennis's site! Oh and by the way....1ST POST WOOT WOOT!!

  3. Sorry for double posting but....nvm not 1st post :(

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  5. With six commercials confirmed, could this mean something in relation to the number six and Cloverfield? Slusho! you can't drink just six! 6 photos on and a roar after 6 minutes. 5 friends plus Rob being mentioned in the plot synopsis=6.

    Not that it would mean a whole lot in the movie but it's just a number I keep noticing.

  6. Yeah, I really think these are the only spot's we'll get. 6 photos on, 6 JamieAndTeddy videos, and now 6 spots, etc.

    Anyway, thought it'd be convenient to put all spot's into one video:

  7. And don't forget 6 numbers:

    4 8 15 16 23 42

  8. the number 6 hmmm, maybe it could be hinting toward 666 and the monster that is supposedly going to kill us us. (according to some people). Its supposed to have a head of a triceratops 13 horns a lion body, three heads... wow that sounds really gay, thanks book of revalations

  9. Did you say LION body?

    Remember that whole "I SAW IT IT'S A____ IT'S HUGE!"
    And instead of "ALIVE" people thought it was "A LION"?

  10. This proves it, it is a freaking lion.
    JK by the way

  11. Sorry to ruin your six theory, but I saw a seventh commercial last night. Don't remember many details but this exchange stood out: "Let's wait for a lul. A lul?! The air was on fire!" Maybe we have a fire breather on our hands. I'm sure the commercial will be on here soon. How dare Dennis sleep at a time like this! lol

  12. Whenever they show the bridge raise up in the air...i thought I saw a tentacle looking appendage on the right side of the screen. Has anyone noticed this yet?