Monday, November 19, 2007

Cloverfield Trailer 2 Audio Analysis

I have separated the surround sound audio channels from the new HD Cloverfield trailer, and saved them as individual files:

Left Surround
Right Surround
Low Frequnecy Effects (Bass)

All the tracks are 2.1MB MP3 files.

You can also download the complete set here:

Here is the current transcript, which I will updated as the files are analyzed:

Multiple Sightings Of Case Designate "Cloverfield"
Camera Retrieved at Incident Site U.S.447
Area Formerly Known As "Central Park"

[Party scene]

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh My God!

[Rob looking into the camera]
Rob: My name is Robert Hawkins. Approximately seven hours ago, um, some thing attacked the city, um, if you found this, if you're watching this, then you know more about it than I do.

[rob on phone]
Rob: Hello? Beth? Beth, where are you?

Marlena: OK, we can not go into the middle of the city. We've got to get out of here!

Soldier: There’s nothing you can do for her now

Marlena: Do you know what that thing is?
Soldier: What ever it is, it's winning.

Unknown: Do you have any idea what's out there?
Rob: I don't care what's out there. listen to me, she's dying.

Unknown: Turn that camera [off]

[monster roar]
Hawk?: Rob, Rob, Rob, I saw it!
Hawk?: Rob, Rob, It's alive!

Rob: Come on! Run, go go go!
[Cameraman lying on the ground]
Rob: Hud! Hud!

[Buzzing sound]
Marlena: What was that?

Rob: Run Run Run away!

Rob?: Still filming?
Hud?: Yeah, people are gonna want to know, you know, how it all went down

Paramount Pictures Presents
Bad Robot production
Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel, Odette Yustman,
Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, T.J. Miller
Executive Producers
Guy Riedel, Sherryl Clark
Produced By
J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk
Written By
Drew Goddard
Directed By
Matt Reeves


  1. hey dennis, what program do you use for your sound analysis? it looks like an awesome program...i'm stuck with audacity, need something new to play around with....

  2. hmmm... looking at the diologue, i'm gonna make an educated guess about why there are going into the city. basically, rob wants to find beth. it's simple. you guys probably already know that by now...

  3. [Buzzing sound]
    Marlena: What was that?

    flapping of wings? did anyone else notice this???

  4. sounds more like a clicking noise, like one of those salsa dancers use or whatever, dog trainers i guess would be a better example, flapping wings, since having to take a long point-point, is usually not as fast, that is if the things are human sized, but flapping wings do have a distinct sound other then what you hear

  5. Dennis man i must say you have 1 of the best fan blog sites out there GOOD JOB

    1 or more Update a day

  6. Any ideas what they are doing to the woman behind the screen in the hospital scene? It halfway sounds like they gutted her.

  7. ****Possible spoiler here**** Do you guys remember the alternate ending they shot in central park and was secretely taped and posted by "/film"? Well I dont want to spoil It to anyone but I looked at the video from back then again and that scene is in the trailer. The walls match and all. See for yourself. If the movie ends like that Im going to be P***ed

  8. I think that woman behind the plastic... uh... expands. There is a rather hideous "bleghr" sound accompanying it as her midsection becomes extremely distended. Incidentally, she looks naked.

  9. If you pause at around 1:29 in the can almost, maybe, if you squint...see what looks like part of "it" behind a building.....Or I need new glasses.

  10. Also, the movie got it's official website (possibly some of you already noticed this)

  11. all it does is take u to the apple website, wish there was more info, or real clues fot the ARG

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  13. I'm almost 100% sure that you can see the monster when the military is blasting away at the skyscrapers. I hope that since we get to see that much in the trailer, we get the whole thing.
    Great Blog!!

  14. you have the transcript saying this:

    Hawk?: Rob, come inside
    Rob: I need to go to my car
    Hawk?: Rob, Rob, It's a loss

    but I think it says something else... this is what I heard.

    Hawk?: Rob, Rob, I saw it
    Rob: [being spoken over, can't hear]
    Hawk?: Rob, Rob, It's alive

  15. Thats what we all thought but looking back im pretty sure Dennis is right.

  16. Thats what we all thought but looking back im pretty sure Dennis is right.

  17. i just have one question...

    for those people who claim it is a mutated sea monster, i thought it was a confirmed thing that the monster was an alien? or has this been proved wrong? I remember it was in a newspaper or something...

    btw, does anyone realize that when you pause the trailer where the monster is running behind a building, the words "the text" are written on a wall? doesnt look like graffiti...a clue?

  18. When you watch the girl exploding right after 1:10, it looks like the HAZMAD on the right Jabs her and pops her or something. Thats REALLY nasty, but look for yourself! You can see his arm going back behind him (what others said looked like a parasite, but I’m pretty sure its his arm) and then it jabs forward, followed Perfectly by the nasty gooshing sound effect.

    Also, if what people are really saying in the clips is “Its alive”, which seems to be said much too often, reminds me of Godzilla, because they thought that they killed him off. Im not saying AT ALL that this is godzilla just an observation!

  19. Watching the area of the clip with the girl behind the curtain, it looks as if she is bloating up, her midsection getting larger, or was that just me?

  20. Run away! Run awaaay!

    Sorry, had to make the Monty Python reference.

  21. Giant isopod anyone?

    Wikipedia Article:

    Notice there are many types of Isopods, including deep sea and parasitic...tell me what you think.

  22. There are scenes in the second trailer that puzzle me. My first comment is on the monster itself. When viewed walking between the buildings it looks similar to a dinosaur. It has a large neck and you can see pectoral muscles. After the scene with the helicopter taking off with Lily in the window looks like the Brooklyn bridge, it is moving and a mess. The object to the right disturbing the bridge looks like it has teeth, long pointed teeth, like a carnivorous dinosaur. My second observation is the very bright light that seems to come on suddenly in two places. One place is the scene with all the people on the Brooklyn bridge, the light comes from the north east at about 11 o'clock and grows huge quickly. The same thing happens in an earlier street scene with the characters facing someone who is in front of them with arms outstretched and again there is a very bright blinding light that comes from behind him at street level. I would assume that some of the fleeing the characters do in the movie is from the military. I am also seeing no evidence of smaller monsters, just illness. It is in my thinking today that this could be a remake of "The beast from 2000 fathoms". Does this excerpt sound familiar?
    "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms was the very first of these atomic monster movies – and the equations it makes are striking – monsters, it says, like A-Bombs are big, they both unerringly target in on large cities and mess around with people and property in a major way and, where The Bomb leaves radiation in its wake, the Beast leaves deadly germs. With its edgy Bomb symbolism, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms seemed to touch a raw nerve in the public anxiety and soon The Bomb became the most readily available deux ex machina to hang a monster movie on and an entire new genre of monster movies were spawned."-
    This almost makes sense if you think about this question. Why would JJ make a monster movie his kid or any kid in America couldn't watch or fall in love with? Why not pay tribute to Ray Harryhausen as well. I don't know who owns the rights to that but so far it seems to fit the plot.

    Screen shots? Anyone? Bueller?

  23. Nice screen shots and differences between the teaser and the new trailer..also a screen of the monster:

  24. there also looks to be hidden messages on some of the pics on the site i just listed.

  25. i dont see those hidden messages, in which pix

  26. On this bit:

    [monster roar]
    Hawk?: Rob, Rob, Rob, I saw it!
    Hawk?: Rob, Rob, It's alive!

    I don't hear "alive", I don't think he actually finished the word.

    "It's a l..."

  27. Blkrose..

    The pictures that look like they have some type of scrambled lines on them. Even the author who put the pics up says it also. Maybe I'm just imagining things or trying to hard, but they do look like they have some type of letters in them...but I just cant tell.

  28. Denis, i was wondering what program you used to seperate the channels. it's serious awesome, and ive been requested to do the same for a harry potter trailer. do you think you could help me out?

  29. Zeeky, I use Adobe Soundbooth. You can open the HD Videos files directly in it, and it separates the channels for you.