Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tagruato Update - RRC Article website was updated today. A new "Investor News" item was added:
To Investors: Concerning the RRC Article
Tagruato is aware that many of you are shocked and angered over the recent article by the Ravaille Research Center. The Slusho! Board of Directors would like to assure you that the article's claims are completely false and that there is no Seabed's Nectar available outside their contained factories. The author of the article, Dr. Abe, is known for his suspicious research methods. In 1994 he was brought before his university's academic board in regards to his genetic manipulation of Australian Aphynos. We have dealt with similar predators before. The article has been stripped from all subsequent issues and our legal department is currently looking into further retaliation methods. Please contact a Tagruato representative for more information on this matter.
A search of "Aphynos" is fruitless, but a search for "Ravaille Research Center" leads to a post on the original Science Forums by 5Pancakes:

Ravaille Research Center?

Hi! I’m new to the boards. You all seem very well read so I hope someone nows what I’m talking about.

I'm attaching a article I found about the Slusho! drinks and the weird affect it's having on people. I'm worried because my 2 boys drink it everyday.

Does anyone have info on the Ravaille Research Center? Are they legitimate? Does anyone have any other research on Slusho! drinks?

Attached to the post, was the "nectar" document above. The document addresses health concerns about Slusho's secret ingredient:

1265.08.41 482
Vol. 131. 476-491

Nectar (cont’d)
steady stream of print and media advertising, nutritional information [concerning]
Slusho! drink remains limited, leaving some suspicious consumers with a sour [taste]
in their mouths.

Last month, [inadvertently] coinciding with public pressure from the FDA [regarding]
plans to finally import Slusho! to the United States, my department at the [Ravaille]
Research Center realised its own preliminary study on Slusho!'s mystery [ingredient].
Despite slight food coloring changes to affect color and, in the case of [Chocolate]
Rage, texture, our tests uncovered some surprisingly recognizable culprits.

Unfortunately, due to Slusho!'s peculiar response ro traditional testing [methods]
none of these ingredients could be definitively verified. We postulate the [possible]
presence of the following: Carbonated water, glucose, sodium citrate, vitamin [C,]
D-pantothenol, citric acid, oleoresin, gelatine, sucrose, acetate isobutyrate, [phos-]
phoric acid, carob bean gum, and potassium benzoate. True to their reputation, [rep-
resentatives from Tagruato ignored our attempts at correspondence regarding [our]
findings, despite repeat phone calls, emails, and an ill-fated office visit.

None of these ingredients, on their own, send up any health-related warning [flags.]
Most are prevelant in any number of other [publicly] available beverages. [Except, of]
course, for the glaring blue whale in the room: Seabed‘s Nectar ("kaitei no mitsu"),
Slusho!'s self-proclaimed "special ingredient" and centerpiece of their prolific [adver-]
tising campaign has somehow evaded classification in any kind of [international di-]
etary database. Unfortunately for the inquiring consumer, there’s no law that [requires]
corporations to give all of the secrets of their recipes. Formulas for some of Slusho!'s
competitors have remained hidden for over a century.

Tagruato hides behind these legalities when faced with questions regarding [their]
acquisition methods and the chemical makeup of Seabed's Nectar, claiming the [threat]
of rival companies has forced their silence. Tagruato’s successful evasion of both [gov-]
ernment and private research, however, may be costing a higher price for [consumers]
that they realize. Assuming, despite public disagreement on the subject, that [Seabed’s]
Nectar does have the restorative powers that Tagruato claims in their campaigns. [Or-]
ganized research into the ingredient could lead to growth in preventative and [homeo-]
pathic medicine. Their choice to hide what could be a great benefit to the [collective]
knowledge of mankind seems both unethical and disgustingly profit-oriented.

Concerned about the wealth of information lost by Tagruato‘s negligent [attitude,]
my department managed to obtain a small sample of Seabed’s Nectar. Our [conclu-]
sions are spotty at best, based on diluted specimens and poor investigative [condi-]
tions. Our findings are too consistent, however, to be discounted completely. [The]
short term exposure to the substance, some initial tests revealed accelerated [cell]
growth, increased strength, increased soft muscle tissue growth, sharper [eyesight],
better digestion. smoother skin, and a full-body, pleasant sensation that one [of our]
researchers actually described as "a wave of pure happiness". The rest of this [report]
will attempt to summarize our findings based on preliminary tests with [Seabed’s]
Nectar and, hopefully, lay die foundation for more extensive research. We [aligned]
Our testing regimen with a current case study: the notorious documentary footage
depicting an 84-year-old woman drinking twelve large Slusho! Beverages and [lifted]

* Thanks to Jawbone at Unfiction for finding this, and to Eddy at for emailing me about this!
** Unfortunately, the Science Forums people have already altered the post :(


  1. wow wonder if and when the video will show up

  2. i have always been against the idea this movie is about cthulhu. but i googled "dr. abe" slusho and noticed a link to a discussion on 01-18-08 came up with a link to the bloop watch site which of course the bloop sound has been linked to slusho... and i found it odd that a link to the picture on bloopwatch had this address...

    whatdya think?

  3. Dennis, you should probably credit jawbone for the discovery at uF.

  4. isnt the only connection the bloop has to slusho the fact it was made by some underwater thing and was on happy talk?

  5. Don't know if this means anything, but if you put all the words in [] together, you get this:

    Concerning taste regarding Ravaille ingedient Chocolate methods possible C, phos- rep- our flags. Except of, adver- international di- requires their threat gov- consumers Seabed's Or- homeoo- collective attitude. Eyesight ??? ??? of our report Seabed's all??? ???

  6. Slusho causes accelerated growth
    the girl in the trailer is exploding. she grew to fast i guess

    basically i think slusho makes super humans.

    o yea lol, what will happen to the old lady in the documentary.

  7. Look this link:

    note: "13 Kimura,S., Niwa,H., Moriyama,M., Araki,K., Abe,K., Miike,T. and Yamamura,K. (1994) Dev. Growth Differentiat., 36, 521-527."

  8. Guess said... Don't know if this means anything, but if you put all the words in [] together, you get this:

    The words that are in [brackets] are missing or incomplete (or misspelled), and I "filled in the blanks".

  9. Weird. I just downloaded a Japanese anime called "Koutetsushin Jeeg," in which there's a monster that attacks a city. It's a giant grey turtle with numerous craters on its back that shoot fireballs in the same sort of arc pattern as seen in the teaser trailer. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but it seemed odd that it was so close to some of the guesses people have been making based on the latest trailer.


    Phynos somehow in this article refers to phytoplankton aggregation and sedimentation...if you search Google for phynos, it is the last hit, however the link leads to an article that you must be a subscriber to reach and there is no cached version. Interesting, but being sea-based and sedimentation-based (deep-sea) it sparked my imagination....whatever the case, the links between the clues are becoming clearer! I'm betting Jamies box is full of Deep Sea nectar AND she is sick and is going to explode eventually....sorry Teddy!

  11. Got one of the missing words. Last paragraph, second sentence: "Our conclu-
    sions are spotty at best..."
    Still working on the next one, I think I see and "r".

  12. Aha! Got it. Conditions. "poor investigative condi-

  13. Sorry, triple post=bad form, but "British Guy" at uF found "cell" "aligned" and "lifted" as the remaining missing words.

  14. Thanks Eli!

    I have added your changes.

  15. “Men of the South, remember your roots. There was once a pact made, a union between the kingdoms of Etrypheon and Kaphazius. Since then, the Emperors of Khynth have dedicated their lives to the wise rule of their people, and as a result we have enjoyed centuries of prosperity, happiness and peace. Hear me, all, I will gladly sacrifice my life in my duties as Emperor and Aphynos, just as those before me. It is by you, and all of your ancestors, that this empire was forged, defended and made prosperous. Therefore, I ask you all to heed the clarion call, prepare for the fray, and see that the will of Teseiphos is carried out against the treacherous Northmen!”

    There was a zealous roar from the audience.

  16. ooh, it would be really cool to see the documentary footage of the old woman drinking all that slusho! maybe it might surface in the movie somewhere? the seabed's nectar sounds like pretty nasty stuff.

  17. The post is full-out deleted by the mods. The link is dead.
    Nice planning, JJ.

  18. Answer to CLOVER FIELD (a new age) who said...

    "basically i think slusho makes super humans"

    For my part, I think Slusho makes super turtles !!! ;-)

  19. Could it be that Slusho is actually ambrosia, and there really is a god like presence involved in this film? ambrosia is poisones to man afterall..

  20. keich nectar comes from the Greek word "drink of the gods" so your idea is possible.


    the monster will NOT DIE and this can be seen in the poster.

    its in the morning after the attack(night of hell) the monster did swin under and up New York am i right?

    but in the post it seems like something large left the city and went back to the sea.

  22. So dont think of ways that this monster could be killed

    think of ways this monster could be tricked into going back to the sea.

  23. Actually the aphynos or aphyonus is an australian fish with some weird jelly like body.

  24. Incredible find Alior! That fish is found at deep deep depths in the ocean! Awesome work! Aphyonus fish it is!

  25. I wonder if THIS has been ever noticed

    It's from Tagruato

    They talk 'bout old persons who were offered 7 Slusho each and became like feeling younger ... (ouch!)

    Here it is :

    Tagruato cares!
    Tagruato's crew of Slusho! Smilers! arrived at the Ibaraki Nursing Home in Mito yesterday with a special surprise for the feeble elders on Floor 3 - Slusho! brand happy drink! The lovely ladies handed out seven drinks to each senior in any flavor they could imagine.

    "This Mikan-Strawberry Tasty makes me feel young again!” exclaimed 98-year-old Hiro Chinen.

    Another aged lady asked to have a Nashi-Banana Anime hooked into her IV.

    As the patients sucked their drinks down, the Slusho! Smilers! sang and danced to the Slusho! Song! Those who were able clapped along.

    "I felt like a pretty angel," said longtime Smiler! Kimi. "Dancing in front of those old folks showed them that just because they cannot leave their beds, the rest of us can, and the world is still a bright shiny place."

    The nursing home donation is the latest wonderful act by the Tagruato Cares charitable foundation. Other recent events include Blankets for the Homeless and Tiny Orphan's Circus Fieldtrip.

  26. i think ive made a freaky link with the order of emporers and the drilling station. if its not tied in its definately where theyve researched it from.

    Firstly this seems to be a real drilling company.
    ive found a prospected site for a drill in the ojin seamount (ojin was the son and successor to emperor chuai and naturally the next site).

    if you look at the homepage of this company it strangely resembles the Tagruato web site. heres the homepage link:

    let me know if im goin anywere with this coz im tired an i cant think!

  27. lol! I love this!!! looks like slusho turns you into the Hulk!

  28. lol! I love this!!! looks like slusho turns you into the Hulk!

  29. lol! I love this!!! looks like slusho turns you into the Hulk!

  30. lol! I love this!!! looks like slusho turns you into the Hulk!

  31. now it all makes sense as to why we have those pictures of the cast of Heros DRINKING Slusho!

  32. hello, im new here but i read this and i think that what ever this ingredient is they got from deep with in the sea around the area of bikini atoll which a H bomb was dropped.This in theory, i think made this (ingredient) radioactive.i bealive thisaphyonus ,but it was his mom.when she gave birth to the baby he was a new breed of super animal.His appitite was so huge for the stuff the area ran dry and now thehuge monster goes to a large Slusho factory which happens to be on or around new york city.

    hey i gave it a swing and your guess is just as good as mine

  33. Hi guys. I’ve made a CLOVERFIELD wallpaper which I think came out nice… You’re more than welcome to use it if you want to(just don’t go claiming it as yours please… It isn’t too elaborate but nevertheless, I made it) waiting for your feedback on it.
    Get it here:

  34. Dennis...has anyone seen this yet?

  35. Check out again. Now it's the picture of him when he's looking out the widow with devil horns and some sea animals. There's also a wave. The header for the site now says "Tagruato destroys our oceans."

  36. WTF???

    You´re right! A hacking attack of Greenpeace?

  37. omg i went to which is when u push the tabs. it says page not found. what happened to

  38. Very interesting...

    The image on is now a smaller version than the one that was up a few minutes ago

  39. wicked site Dennis :D Your right about that photo being resized. It was just updated and I'm positive that "greenpeace" or someone is updating it in real time atm.

  40. Wow, thats a wicked Myspace page we know anything about his other companies? It shows it down at the bottom.

    And it ain't it weird his backround is Blue Whales?

  41. i dont think the myspace is real, his only friend is Slusho thats too obvious. it looks too fake and what kind of company owner would first use myspace and then use to "pimp" his page

  42. on the there are letters on the jelyfish. i cant make out the word. does ne1 else see that?

  43. jellyfish letters "RUKAND" that are easily visible

    Octopus has "dumbo" spelled backwards

    the monster is "a drunk elephant"?

    Paris Hilton was right!!!!

  44. crab says somethin too but cant make it out, it ends in ANNER

  45. right blkrose,you can see some word . . . in the crab, something like ANNER (maybe Manner ?) . .In the yellow fish maybe OGRE . . in the polyp DUMBO and in the jelyfish something like RUKANDJ . . .What's it ? ?

  46. Jelly Fish = VRUKANDJN

    Crab = MANNER or XANNER 99% sure its an M but it could be an X.

    Squid = DUMBO or OUMBO couldn't really make it out.

    Didn't see anything in the yellow fish..

    Still looking but that's what I found so far

  47. Im sure the jellyfish says "irukandji" like the killer jellyfish... man, i watch way too much discovery channel

  48. Hi,

    Jelly fish is IRUKANDJI, which is correct if you check with Google.

    The octopus is DUMBO, which is the nickname for that type of octopus.

  49. I dont see where the animals have any writing at all.
    what am i missing?

  50. nvm i see it now. the crabs the hardest to read, it looks like they made those pics in ms paint.
    or mario paint.

  51. yellow: ogre, moore, i have no idea...
    where is dennis on this one?

  52. The other two:

    TANNER, type of crab.

    TOUREI, type of catfish.. I'm not sure it looks like a catfish though.

  53. IMDB sites says its..
    Tanner crab..
    I'm guessing our monster has the face of an Ogrefish, the stinging tenticles of dumbo/irukandji and the shell/claws of a crab? The ogrefish is, plenty scary alone!

  54. I played with the levels and found this:

    Very strange///

  55. doesnt it look like something is hunched over behind ganu or whoever that is.
    seems to me that something is, or something at least sticks out funny.

  56. this looks like our fishy

  57. WOOH that looks EXACTLY like that stupid fish, whats it called dude?

  58. Looks like theres some weird superhero picture in the black areas, a guy with wings, maybe a robot at the bottom, I might be seeing things..

    Anyone know if this ever got debunked?

    That thing has a mouth a bit like the ogrefish.

  59. well if "that" sh*tty picture is the best thing he could find on his "recovered" digital camera, then this movie is going to suck.

    and who wakes up with a syringue in their face and doesnt get extremely pissed. all he did was "ask" his girlfriend (probably imaginary) to remove it.

  60. Humpback Blackdevil

  61. Could they mean "Aphyonus"? I think that's the word for Blindfish...

  62. Maybe whoever did that to the tagruato site is fighting back for the "cause" mentioned in the last Jaime and Teddy videos.

  63. illuminated netdevil

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Is there a humans face in the crab on the bottom right of the picture from the "hacked" site? I think there might be...

  66. So, will pictures be released over time? If you save the image the natural file name is tagru_009.jpg. Where are pictures 1 - 8?

    The web address and both bring you back to the home page.

    If you play around with the colours / contrast etc. There is a something concealed in his coat, I've the picture on;

  67. omg thats so weird!! wonder who did it and the "cause" idea you said josh sounds plausible. and its funny cause on Mr. Yoshida's page some of his favorite TV shows involve JJ Abrams(Lost, Alias, and the Star Trek movie even though it says series)

  68. Ok you guys need to know one thing the new tagruato is fake.
    in the sense that its staged
    some one working with the movie did this to the site

    to make it seem as if it was hacked by a rebel.

  69. This proves Ganu will do what ever it takes to for fell his mothers dream.

  70. This hacking of tagruato was clearly faked so dont say it was hijacked

    not many hackers would do this good of job re doing it and then leave clues.

  71. NEW UPDATE ON "hacked" Tagruato

    The animals have Roman Numerals on them

    Roman Numeral I(1) is on the crab

    Roman Numeral II(2) is on the Jellyfish

    Roman Numeral III(3) is on the (Dumbo)???

    Roman Numeral IV(4) is on the OgreFish

    i saw this while on the Internet Channel on the Nintendo Wii

    I am sure what i saw, look for Roman Numerals on the animals, They are there.

  72. The writting on the crab says Tanner

    Not xanner or manner

    google a Tanner crab and see.

  73. c lover f ield, i doubt ganu did this on purpose, or the site was hacked by players, or wtvr ur implying. I doubt JJ or whoever is running these games would make the situation that complicated.
    We JUST found out that teddy is in some kind of "cause" overseas. and We just heard that Tagruato is underattack and in trouble, so this new clue is supposed to be taken simply i think. And i highly doubt that this is a player hack, merely because of the sheer magnitude of such a hack. That drawing is NOt simple, by anymeans.
    lets not over complicate this and instead lets focus on the information given...which isnt much but eh, what can u do.
    I still say theres a figure behind ganu's coat.

  74. The sting from the Irukandji Jellyfish is said to be barely noticable but very painful

    and can cause you to have Irukandji syndrome which includes coughing up blood paleskin and the swelling of the lungs. Sounds fimilar?

  75. Wikipedia states that the Dumbo Octopus(named for its ear like fins like Walt Disneys character Dumbo the elephant)
    is a benthic creature which means it lifes at the sea floor

  76. so guesstimate jones, what you are saying is that the owners of didnt know anything about their website being hacked?

    And if you do think they were hacked by a outside group lets say Greenpeace then why even care about whats behind Ganus back.

    But i still think this was all staged, Come on tagruato just got in trouble about the "secret ingredeant" and 2 or so days later they get hacked? I DONT THINK SOOOO!!!!

  77. Wait a second, some of you take this seriously?

    All of this of course is staged, it's all marketing. I thought everyone was aware of that. All the sites have been set up by BAd Robot or the rest of their affiliates and all of the stages are played out at different times for us to get more info on the movie. I really hope some of you didn't take this stuff serious... incredible...

  78. steve-o we know its not real they were just figurin out weather it was a player of the game who did it or if it is a part of the game not weather it its real life or not we know its from BAD POBOT and JJ ABRAMS

  79. steve-o we know its not real they were just figurin out weather it was a player of the game who did it or if it is a part of the game not weather it its real life or not we know its from BAD POBOT and JJ ABRAMS

  80. well theres nothing behind ganu's back, so nvm that.
    But why would a company hack themselves, it wouldnt serve to help them at all, unless u can explain how...?
    good findings on the jellyfish too.

  81. I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet, but an anagram for aphynos is "as phony".

  82. So has anyone bothered to check out the "People I would like to meet" section of Ganu's myspace page??? I did a quick babelfish translation and this is what I get:

    Forming duty emperor and filial piety spirit emperor, relations 哀 the emperor, filial piety former emperor, public peace emperor, 崇 God emperor, 懿virtue emperor, perpendicular benevolence emperor and God military affairs emperor, 綏 Emperor Kiyoshi, Emperor filial piety Showa, filial piety it is cheap the emperor

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