Friday, November 30, 2007

Slusho! Store Sending Secret Clues?

Several members at Unfiction are reporting new clues added to their Slusho! orders. In addition to the usual Japanese newspaper clippings, recent orders have been shipping with a torn Tagruato memo.

I have pieced together a few of the photos that were submitted. If you receive anything in your order, please scan it in and sent it to me!

The front has the Tagruato logo at the top with Japanese writing. The large writing across the front says "TOP SECRET". Here is the complete translation:

You obtain, the batten

{TO:} Level 1 Temporary Provision Staff Member
{FROM:} Judgement Council
{SUBJECT: Trusting Those Out of Our Sight}

Effective Immediately!

Over the next few days, because of the incident that took place, starting now all letters to the outside will first
pass through our communication center, or they will not go out. Level 1 Personnel? They will remain where they are,
making certain to read the message from start to finish. (How will they know it is authentic, this message that is
dispatched everywhere? When it is inscribed by the ?.)

In addition, working hard/employment rusted overtime? As for the employees, they will be made to wait in their
appointed lodging facility until told otherwise.

If one witnesses an act of misconduct, and neglects to report it to the Council, Chuai's department bureau will enforce
principles and regard it as a violation. There will be no exceptions.

As exciting as this is... there is more! On the back is a hand written note, which reads:
American, The Chuai station hides a dark secret. Good people are going missing. Expect further communication in the near future. - the Whistle Blower
The Chuai station is shown on Tagruato's deep sea drilling map. It is located in the Atlantic ocean, about 1000 miles off the coast of NY. The station was supposed to open in September, but it seems like there may have been some problems.

So, who is the Whistle Blower, and does this have anything to do with Teddy or "the cause"? I'll keep you posted!

UPDATE: Here is the Tagruato memo I personally received in my Slusho shipment!

* Thanks to KOZMO, MrTOASTY, JULIA, BACON ARMY, KOSMOPOL, and McPhearson for all their hard work translating this!


  1. BAM! I knew there was no way that the game would allow the opening of that station to go without any news.

    I was on the fence about getting anything from the store, but now I am tonight, who needs to make a care payment. (Good way to get people to buy from the store too).

  2. found this wikipedia article with information on "whistleblower"

    with that given information, its does apply and make sense to the memo

  3. Seriously I go away for like 4 hours


  5. What do they mean by "working hard/employment rusted overtime?" Does "rusted" have other translations in Kanji?

  6. who's order of slusho merch. did this come from or did this just appear(sent by ppl from the movie). is it in every order sent out?

  7. OMG, this is it, kids. The game picks up now. From here on out they're going to start throwing a lot of fish at us.

    Start your engines.

  8. Maybe something new or different will come out when you order a sweatshirt? That's why they just put it up? Cause this came out with a shirt order, right? Hehe...too many questions >.<

  9. Just ordered the hoodie. I'll scan in anything we haven't seen that comes along with it when it arrives.

  10. What we need is a personnel list and we know who the whistleblower is check the mail adres

    Level 1 Temporary Provision Staff Member

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  12. i agree with you micah, with a month and a half left, they should be giving more clues...

  13. Has anyone who has a hard copy of the "memo" compared the writing on the back to the writing on the back of the party photo off of the original six picture website? It looks similar, but I couldn't exactly tell.

  14. has anyone campared the handwritting on all of the memos to see if they match? it would suck if it was just the people getting the merch writting this..

  15. Hey i'm rkr7, the one who has the left half in the picture. Anyway, I compared the writting on the back to thise of the ones on the pictures, but they don't seem similar. Either way, it wouldn't ,ake sence to address it as "American", because the pictures were taken in the US.

  16. yeah being address american, i would say that it was sent by an asian person to teddy prehaps who we know is working for the cause who we speculate is sorta like a greenpeace cell against Tagruato.

  17. So we have a protagonist! Id keep my eye open for videos or something, either on youtube or on a new site. Rebels and videos tend to go together if u think about it.

  18. so that makes Tagruato officially in game. not that i didn't already believe it was but now there is hard evidence. that hoodie looks awesome.still just waiting for that whistle blower

  19. Whistle blowing-
    The disclosure by a person, usually an employee, in a government agency or private enterprise; to the public or to those in authority, of mismanagement, corruption, illegality, or some other wrongdoing.

  20. I was reading the articles again on, and it got me thinking.

    In the "Testaments of happiness and gratitude from Tagruato's finest" article, Ganu says, "I have personally seen to it that no such claims will ever be made again."

    Maybe the Chuai Station is like an Auschwitz for employees that are "bad", and it's a testing facility where they experiment on humans with the new Slusho! flavors. And they finally break loose, or people that are fighting for "the cause" let them free?

    I dunno.. just a thought.

  21. so basiclly when jamie opens her gift its most likely going to have the sam thing in it........ right?

  22. i dont think so dust...i think they took a chance and hired an american (teddy) at the chaui station and this whistle blower is giving a letter to teddy...i think "the cause" might have originated in japan first and teddy joined... summing it up i dont think teddy is in japan right now i think he is on the chaui station

  23. well, i need a new hoodie anyway, and a hat.
    $10 off baby, yeeeeah!

  24. just on another note, all 3 written notes on the back of the letter arnt all the same hand writting. It means nothing though, prob just a marketing/production thing wher ethey have more than one person writing the nots on the back of all these bits of paper.