Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cloverfield Trailer 2 Screenshots

I have selected 88 screenshots out of the 3300+ frames of the new Cloverfield Trailer. You can view them all in my Picasa album.

Screenshots from the original teaser trailer can be found here.

Here are some of the most interesting photos:

Hawk's Slusho! T-shirt makes another appearance. You can also see "$11 dollar guy", and the "Rob's Awesome" girl.

The Statue of Liberty's head has changed quite a bit from the Teaser

Fighter jets dropping bombs on the city. In the screenshot before this one, you can see the those fighter planes.

This soldier has his face blurred in the video. However, the name on his uniform - Pryce - has not. Who edited the video?

It looks like someone is about to explode. Willy Wonka told you not to eat the Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum

It's alive, It's huge! We finally get a tiny glimpse of the HUGE monster. Is that a turtle shell? FYI: Tagruato is an anagram for A TORTUGA, Spanish for turtle.

Marlena is wearing a Seahorse necklace. Is there any significance? FYI: It's a donkey on the Slusho! website

An empty horse-drawn carriage strolls by. Where has everyone else gone?

Here is the front view of the decapitated Statue of Liberty. Unlike the poster, it is still night in this photo.


  1. I like how the flames & smoke in #71 make a unicorn shape :D

    Also I am so damn hyped it is not funny.

  2. Nice work on the pics. Thanks for all the updates . . . I'm really hyped about this as well. I thought the scene of the tank & ground troops firing looks awesome with the format they're using. It really makes you feel like it's happening.

  3. Dear people
    At 00:00:16 a blond girl is at the background but not at the picture on the phone


  5. Abrams said it was going to be an American monster, danjuro, or at least not a Japanese monster [ie Godzilla] attacking America.

    We srsly need a FAQ in the side bar for people who don't have several hours to scroll back through the Archives *weeps for her sad life*

  6. People are transforming into little turtle monsters... the girl is not exploding, its a turtle shell growing on her.

  7. Sorry but the true story of the movie is:

    The video tape is finded by a archeologist when digging in a zone called New York. In the future

    The movie is played in a cientific comunity for view and know what up´s with this people. And all movie is that.
    The monster is a species of lobster with a virus or eggs. This eggs when the normal people breath, infected and change in a some kind of human-mutant.

    All guys in the homemade video tape die. Sorry my english not is too god but in my blog i explain all guion in spanish.

  8. David Rosas -

    How do you know all of this? Or just your guess?

    Kevin II

  9. Yes Mr. Rosas, that is a really good plot line, but where the heck did it some from? So far the guy that doesn't speak english makes most sense to me. That's awesome. Look what cloverfield has done for the world...

  10. Ok friends this is the complete guion (or some people could say: the cloverfield fan made guion), but the time say if i in the wron way.
    I write the guion in spanish for make more quick, if some people can translate this, thanks, because (again) my english is not too good.

    La primera escena de la película llega un soldado con una caja de pino con un nro que dice: Caso Cloverfield zona 447 cinta única.

    La cinta es entregada a un hombre con barba quien abre la caja y saca la cinta. Al fondo se escuchan sonidos grutales y leves movimientos del suelo que hacen caer hilos de tierra en todos lados.

    Los hombres se encuentran en una especie de sótano donde rápidamente uno le comunica al otro que tienen que buscar la manera rápidamente de ver que hay en la cinta.
    Llega un joven con na especie de laptop donde introducen la cinta.

    Pixeles, pixeles.. sonidos de reunión, una voz dice: estamos esperando a nuestro amigo que cree que nos olvidamos de su cumpleaños pero ya debe estar por llegar.

    Mientras esperan al cumpleañeros, los amigos empieza a hacer las bromas de rigor frente a la cámara.

    Abre la puerta Rob, gritos.

    Luego de recibirlo, muchos de ellos comienzan a volver a sus conversaciones mientras él se dirige a la cámara.

    Secuencia 2

    Un burbujeo intenso se comienza a intensificar en el fondo del océano atlantico saliendo una burbuja del centro de la tierra como una implosión.

    Los jóvenes sigen su juerga mientras la gente camina por las calles de New York.

    Las Burbujas se intensifican hasta que algo rompe el lecho marino, la grita se extiende por toda la placa tectonica hasta llehar a la isla de Manhattan provocando un gran movimiento telúrico.

    Se abren calles, tubos dejan escapar vapor, vagones del metro quedan atrapados, semáforos caen sobre carros.

    Los presentes en la fiesta de Rob se asutan por el apagón y el movimiento de tierra. Todos gritan y uno de ellos dice que hay que ver las noticias.

  11. Clearly anyone with half-a-brain could piece that "synopsis" together after seeing trailer #2. Yes, she mutates and yes, the monster looks like a turtle/lobster thing (what the freak else would it coming from the ocean?), but unless you have seen the thing feel free to not "state" exactly what the hell is "exactly" going on.

  12. Does anyone know the rating on this movie yet.

  13. well, whether it's gamera or not,
    it looks like gamera. and if it looks
    like gamera, then jj lied
    and it is not original.

  14. tom said... well, whether it's gamera or not, it looks like gamera. and if it looks like gamera, then jj lied and it is not original.

    Check your facts before you call someone a liar. JJ Abrams NEVER said that the monster would be "original" - his Comic-con speech about the movie is right here: http://cloverfieldclues.blogspot.com/2007/07/jj-abrams-speech-at-comic-con-video.html

  15. I used an online translator to translate davidrosas post:

    This is the best it could do

    The first scene of the film arrives a soldier with a box from pine with nro that says: Cloverfield case zone 447 unique tape.
    The tape is given to a man with beard that opens the box and removes the tape. The bottom grutales sounds are listened to and slight movements of the ground that make fall ground wires in all sides.
    The men are in a species of cellar where quickly one communicates to him to the other that they must look for the way quickly to see that there is in the tape.
    Species arrives a young person with na from laptop where they introduce the tape.
    Pixels, pixels. meeting sounds, a voice says: we are waiting for our friend who thinks that we forgot its birthday but already he must be about to to arrive.
    While they wait for the cumpleañeros, the friends begin to in front of make the jokes of rigor the camera.
    It opens the Rob door, shouts.
    After receiving it, many of them they begin to return to its conversations while it goes to the camera.
    Sequence 2
    an intense bubbling is begun to at heart intensify of the Atlantic Ocean leaving a bubble the Earth center like an implosion.
    The young people sigen his juerga while people walk by the streets of New York.
    The Bubbles intensify until something breaks the marine bed, the outcry extends by all the tectonic plate until llehar to the island of Manhattan causing a great telluric movement.
    Streets are opened, tubes let save steam, wagons of the meter are catched, traffic lights fall on cars.
    The presents in the celebration of Rob asutan by the blackout and the earthwork. All shout and one of them says that there is to see the news.
    November 20, 2007 10:51 A.M.

  16. Hey, did anybody else notice that in the helicopter attack scene, its light out? about 2 hours after dawn? which is pretty weird cause the scene RIGHT before it is pitch dark outside..

  17. How about 'The day of the Triffids'? If it is not a japanese giant monster, and neither an original creature, it could be an old american B-Movie monster.

    What do you think?

  18. Secuencia 3

    Cuando llega la luz, todos con caras de asustados van directo al televisor donde en Breaking News hablan del terrible terremoto que acaba de sacudir Manhattan. La locutora señala que los institutos de sismología se encuentran ubicando el epicentro, aunque no descartan que se vuelvan a sentir réplicas.

    Una de las invitadas de la fiesta señala que no quiere morir tapiada como vio que sucedio en San Francisco y le dice a todos que es mejor subir al techo. Unos la contradicen pero al final todos van al mismo lugar.

    Secuencia 4

    La burbuja se abre dejando escapar miles de pequeñas burbujas... pero estas no suben a la superficie sino que más bien se empiezan a agrupar entorno a la más grande que solo es una gran sombra que se mueve de manera ordenada.

    En el comando del US Army entra un teniente intespestivamente al despacho del general:

    - Hay problemas, y no sabemos que fue, pero ya le pegó a New York.

    El general se levanta rápidamente dando unas ordenes y tomando un telefóno dice : comunicame con el presidente.

    en www. microletras . com

  19. WOW Dennis nice updates but FYI its a donkey on the slusho website wow my bad donkey and horse same thing to me

    but nice updates once again.

  20. I have a new cloverfield story line idea

    The movie starts out when a rescue crew gos in search of survivors after the army nukes new york to kill the infected ones(not survivors of the monster attack persay) and they find a video camera, and they watch it.
    After watching it they understand what went wrong and why all of this happened. They send the remander of the deep sea nectar back to the depths of the ocean.

    and if you stay after the credits you will see the mnonster under water and you will hear a loud roar and with that the movie ends completely.

    ps: i think on the 2nd cloverfield a new monster will come and the army will find some slusho and use it too call clover back and they will duke it out like a monster grand battle.

  21. I don't think all of NYC is destroyed, since they only focus on "Central Park" in the trailer's opener.

    And while all of these story hypotheses are clever, I just have strong feelings that whatever concoction we think of, the movie will completely be different than what we think it is.

    kevin II

  22. The soldier whose face was blurred:
    Matt Parkman of Heroes (just a SWAG; I know he's in the movie: Why
    blur the face of a no-name?).

  23. I hope the movie treats this as realistically as possible, considering it is a monster movie. What would really go down.

    In that sense, if a monster was destroying the city and somehow contaminating people and it was spreading, I could see the government nuking the island.

  24. You're right luna I noticed the same. So this mean at least Rob and Beth survive the night? How many nights?.

    This makes me think.

    Is the alternate ending that was shot on central park, from night 1 or from a following day? The alternate ending scene looks as if It was shot at night.

  25. Dennis!!! How did you do all the polaroids from the trailer screenshots??? They look awesome.


  26. Great Photos! A couple things I have noticed. In the last photo,of the Statue of Liberty, it appears that the head has been bitten off. Notice the apperance of whatlook like teeth marks, around the neck line, rather then scratch marks. If you look at the picture of the Statues head it does look a great deal different then the tease. It seemsto be a lot more reflective as if wet, or that the oxidation has been taken off, and you see the reflection from the copper of the Statue. Maybe the head of the Statue was "spit out" down the street after being bitten off?

    Regaurdless the poster show a great deal of more damage to the Statue then the movie still.

  27. I was looking at the third photo that Dennis focuses on (fighter planes) and I believe that right in the middle of the shot, the monster's round "shell" is visible walking behind the series of buildings. Anyone else notice this?

  28. i dont know if anyone has pointed this out, but im pretty sure that the picture with Jessica Lucas (Lily) and Mike Vogel (Jason)from the blackbook interview is taken in the same convenience store seen the trailer that is being attacked..you can tell from the jerky on the counter and the rack behind them...i think jason works there and that maybe theres a slusho machine there and that maybe the reason for why he has a slusho t-shirt. dont know where to go on from there, but its just a thought..

  29. I'm pretty sure that's not a shell, I made the pic of the back of the monster brighter and it sure as hell looks like back of head tentacles to me.

  30. it either means that its a separate day, and the monster's still there. Or they flew around central park for 4 or 5 hours till they got attacked by the monster

  31. the picture of the "shell" could be anything. It could be the calf muscle of the leg. If you stare at it longer enough it could be a giant slusho cup!!!!!

    Attack of the 90 foot Slusho!!

  32. hey, nice pics

    I Thought it was a shell too.. but after I watched this video: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=39476

    Realized that it could be a SHELL, but make more sense just being its BODY.

    I´ve made this image to show you:


    *You can see its pubis bone
    *It´s legs are moving, first the left, and then the right.

  33. hey tom i dont think its gamera

    i looked at the part where they show him and i see a whole new being i see a shell but its wierd and also you can see his tail if you take your time and look really hard.

  34. gabriel your last post showing the pictures of the monster was really great but you can also see his tail i dont think anyone else noticed this.

    really cool pics though.

  35. Danjuro, the Triffids are plants from Russia, not monsters from the sea :) Killer book though.

  36. Glad to know I'm not the only person who saw the still of the girl behind the white sheet and thought she was about to explode. Any chance she was impregnated by the monster??

  37. did anyone notice in the photo glimpse of the monster, if you look on the building in the bottom right hand the wording "THE TEXT" is clearly visible?

    Not sure what it means but I think it stands out far too much in the picture of the monster to be meaningless. What better still to try and sneak a clue under everyones nose?

  38. The next person who mentions that the monster is Gamera will be banned for stupidity.

  39. http://buriedtreasuresjpeg1.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/Gamera3.jpg

  40. ok because of gabriels pictures i dont think that he has a shell anymore.

  41. Yeah! I absolutely can see the legs in there, thanks to Gabriel's photos and the slo-motion clip of the "monster". Awesome job! What the hell can it be?

    I still wonder if it's Slusho that's making people sick/infected/pregnant, and not the "monster".

    It's interesting to me how Slusho and the giant "monster" are connected. That's really going to be the beauty for this whole film. Finding out how it all adds up.

    I really wonder if all the planted web sites will be connected and even mentioned in the movie?

    Any thoughts?

    Kevin II

  42. Thanks guys!

    I think the monster has a tail too.

    Generally, the dinosaurs that had a long PUBIS like that, had a long tail to give them balance while they were running.

    Talking about aesthetics, its going to look scarier if it has a tail. But this is very relative

    And KEVIN, great thoghts. It makes me remember of that story on the slusho Website, about the creation of the drink.

  43. Im sorry guys i looked at the trailor and pictures again and i think that what i thougth was his tial was just a helocopter with smoke trailing behind it.

  44. If you look at the websites created for slusho and The Tagruato Drilling Company you can see that there is a parallel to the Godzilla Story. Godzilla was created by the our nuclear tests in the Pacific and then he rampaged through Tokyo. In this movie it seems the Japanese have created this monster and it is destroying New York City.

  45. Dennis i tried to send you a email with a drawing of the monster that i did. But i dont know if it worked, please tell me if you got it, its really coool.

  46. BTW, has anyone figured out why there's the huge explosion at the beginning of the trailer and the fire balls and such? Like, is that all really coming from the monster? If that giant explosion and fireballs all came from monster, don't you think the monster would wipe the city out in no time. With that much damage and fire power, the cloverfield movie could be over in pretty much a half an hour.

  47. Karie: I was thinking the same thing about the explosions, but it might also come from the jets dropping bombs as seen in the new trailer.

  48. FYI, The "Dennis" that posted above is not me. You can tell the difference by our avatar, or lack thereof...

    C LOVER F IELD (a new age),
    I haven't received any email from you...?

  49. Gabriel said... Dennis!!! How did you do all the polaroids from the trailer screenshots??? They look awesome.

    I used the "collage" function in Google's Picasa: http://picasa.google.com/

  50. What ever happened to the whale theory

    if you look at my monsters skin texture and that of a certian whale they are some what similar

    and large whales eat smaller organisms then the smaller whales eat

    could this large creatures food source be some underwater insect that feeds on the seabed nectar?

    could the monster actually be looking for the insects that left the seabed to get the slusho on the surface or could the monster want the slusho?
    i think hes after the insects.

  51. Oh god...there's enough ideas to make a dozen monster movies. :D

    is mr david rosas a translator who caught hold of the script/audio/transcripts while working for a future dvd/website/movie release into Spanish? this happens all the time in the translation world.

  52. somebody mentioned the time discrepancies between the photos as 1-18-08.com and the neon 9:56 in the trailer. I don't have any ideas, but during the trailer at 56 seconds when Rob is saying "Beth, where are you?" the outside of his phone seems to have a clock on it. The display seems to have hands at the 9 and 12 positions, but whether it is 9 o'clock or 12 o'clock I don't know.

    My guess would be around 9 o'clock: it's closer to, and before, the Neon clock which allows for the whole going into the middle of the city deal before being evacuated via helicopter, and 7 hours before 9 is 2AM which is somewhere between 1 and 1.5 hours from when the attack occurred (gleaned from 1-18-08.com photos).

  53. I don't think "Cloverfield" is going to be the real title. Take a look at the end of the new trailer where "Cloverfield" Appears (00:02:01) {about 2 frames from the end of helicopter scene).

    If you use the arrow key frame by frame feature, you can see that the title shifts to CLeVERFIELD!!! I thought that was suspicious. The "O" clearly is an "E". I highly doubt this is by accident! Then when you look at the credits page at the end, Cloverfield is in "Quotes", which leads me to think that Coverfield is a working title for the time being, and will change later. Plus we don't know the NAME of the monster, and if this is going to be an epic monster movie, the movie title is usually the name of the monster right? JJ is trying to throw us a curveball.

    Also, the fireball scene (00:00:47) with the jet, where people say they can see the form of the monster are probably seeing things. If you slow down the video, you can see the jet pulls up, fires missiles to the upper-left, and not toward the fireball below. This leads me to think that either there are flying monsters(unlikely), or the explosion is due to the monster spitting or projecting something, and is standing at the left of the shot.

  54. i keep coming back to this picture:


    that form is so different than anything like gamera or cthulhu. i swear to you guys:

    it's a freaking flavor of slusho. there are different monsters at each drilling site. end. of. story. why would JJ bother creating little dudes like that in the first place?!?!

    i swear, if we don't get a good shot of this thing once the movie comes out, i'm going to go insane.

  55. okay. it might be cthulhu.



  56. I think it's Marlena who's about to 'splode, since it looks as though she's the one attacked by Blue Suit Guysin a previous post's promo photo.

  57. cloverfield is about a monster that need humans to survive. The monster is an ancient creature that has come out of hibernation to create more creatures. Every human that is infected with the slush like liquid is transformed. The fire is not from the monster, but from the government trying to stop it from reaching the city. The government realized the creature had awoken and was traveling in the water toward the city. The earthquake was bombs targeted into the water to stop the creature.

  58. This'll be the evolutionary ancestor to the monster:


    It's a Giant Isopod, and Isodpods are the most numerous species off the ocast of Kujkuri (or Kujukuri) island


    Them, and shrimp (mysids).

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  60. Wilven, your link to whozoo doesn't seem to work, or at least anymore. Here's a link to a wikipedia article (I know, it's not the most reliable source, but it's better than nothing.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_isopod