Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Cloverfield Trailer for Beowulf? has started a rumor that the new Cloverfield Trailer will be shown before Beowulf on November 16th. is now reporting that they have seen the trailer. however, their account of the trailer matches what was reported TWO months ago at Either this confirms the earlier story, or this new story is bogus too. I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks.

* Thanks to Brandon and Joshua for emailing me about this first!


  1. yea, I just noticed this on the other blog I keep track of...

    "If thats real… then


    Cloverfield IS the title!?

    A huge monster, and a squad of little monsters!?

    7 years ago?


    what happened to real-time events?

    who can confirm he saw it?"

  2. BTW, The story reports "7 hours", not "7 years".

  3. "We see the big monster briefly passing between two buildings. I couldn't make it out at all, but it appeared to be HUGE."

    Well, what could you not make out, was it scaly, was it smooth, what color did you see pass by, was it so dark you couldn't see, i need more than "i couldn't make it out."


    NYMag is taking the bait
    is throwing out there. Ugh.

  5. Cameraman: Yeah. People are going to want to know... how it all went down.

    I wonder what this means. It sounds like he is anticipating his own death and assumes a survivor will pick up the camera and watch it.

  6. oops....

    well, 7 hours would put then near or after sun-up.... so the poster could be showing dawn on the 18th (the sun IS in the right posistion for sun-rise... i think )

    and if rescuers or others found the tape to play, then what happened to Rob? how long after 1-18 did they find it?

    Wheres HUD? Does HUD get attacked, and Rob takes over? (if rob is holding the camera and talking into it, that would make sense, otherwise HUD is probably holding it as Rob does a confessional type piece.)

    And the idea of incident site U.S. 447 suggests multiple attacks in the US AND the world... Maybe Japan?

    The idea of some sort of invasion sort of makes sense (not implying alien, but maybe a bunch of Slusho infected mutated sea creatures?)

    and the "She's Dying" thing goes with the "She's been Bitten" mentioned on AICN... maybe they're trying find someone else that was lost in the shuffle?

    Is the Tunnel really the Subways mentioned before (I think from a possible interpretation of something said in the first trailer?)

    The only thing... the arugment between the girl and the army guy doesnt match what was said on AICN, where it was in the dark tunnels...

    I could see the first part of the movie (or majority) being executive people (like military leaders, or goverment people) watching the footage of HUD's camera... then deciding what to do, then it becomes the typical blockbuster cinematography

    any thoughts?

  7. Well,

    I hope it will not be a big tease with the monster like Wilson on Home Improvement where you could never quite
    see his face. But I have a feeling this movie may go the route of alluding to the monster and focus more on the emotional response of the characters, like Stephen Kings, It. But I hope not, I just want to sit in the theatre and see something that will make me sit in the fetal position in my chair.

  8. ^^^agreed^^^

    because I think its proven, people tend not to care about other people... we want to see destruction on a massive scale, and we love to look death straight in the eye... so not letting us see the monster, and focusing on people that we are supposed to care about (but ultimately dont) is probably a bad idea...

  9. and im sorry... but my video camera's battery never lasted 7 hours of constant use...

  10. i just thought of the scene in
    Jurassic Park where they guy was picked up by T-Rex out of the port-a-potty and
    eaten. It was startling the first time you saw it and was also funny.

    Well, I hope Dennis can get us more confirmation on the trailer rumor before the 16th.

  11. I agree, Dennis, get to work pal. :D



  12. Maybe he's planning to do the monster-movie equivalent of what the first Blair Witch project did with horror.

    You know, they never do show the antagonist... and it's all hand-camera stuff.

    Although, a monster-movie without the monster... Doesn't seem quite as marketable.

  13. a monster movie without the monster is just a movie. If they don't show the monster then they will have the mother of all backlashes to deal with. I think if they want to do a new monster movie that can be America#s own Godzilla (like JJ said) then it would just be weird if they didn't even have one to show. It is pretty amazing (or worrying, depending how you look at it) how no design work has leaked though...?

  14. Unfortunately Polar Bear I think you're on to something. It's not beyond J.J. to have a vicious rampaging monster be unseen (think Lost). It would make sense that if this is a movie of the first-person perspective that there are not many clear shots of the monster. You would be getting the hell away from anything that was tearing up NY and not get perfect angle shots. The only exception would be news copters, or satellite images that could be shown in Army "safe houses". I figure that we'll see its general size / shape from a long distance, and flashes of it as it destroys something, or a rocket hits it... something of that nature.

    Although it is a cop-out I think if J.J. doesn't give an over exposure of the creature no one's interpretation of it can be let down. He wanted a "Godzilla" for America, not showing the creature up close would allow everyone to fill in the blank. I do not hope this is the case, but I have a feeling it will be.

    As far as cinematography, I do not think the whole thing will be shot from the hand held. It may all be from cameras on the scene, news, military, HUD's... which will give it a very visceral and personal feel, but I think we will be shown footage from other "angles". Otherwise pop a Dramamine to combat the impending motion sickness.

  15. JJ's comment at comic-con saying that he wanted to bring a Godzilla-level American monster flick leads me to believe that we'll get a good look at this thing.

  16. We have to see the monster, or there can't be Cloverfield action figures, Cloverfield Happy Meals, etc!

  17. I went back in time (figuratively, not like Journeyman) to look for old references to a second trailer on Unfiction, and Bee Movie was mentioned back in July. I only mention this because:

    A) it is a Paramount movie
    B) it opens tomorrow

    However, I don't think the Bee Movie demographic (families, young children) would exactly be the target audience for Cloverfield

  18. I tend to agree with the thought that the monster will be shown, due to what J.J. said about it -- we need to see America's Next Top Monster!

    And right Dennis, we need toys too. :-) Of course, I would happily buy a plastic pylar of smoke from Lost, if there was one.

  19. wouldnt it be great if Slusho opens its contest by putting up a "commercial" (like Coke does) in front of Beowulf or BEE MOVIE... like:
    "Go to for your chance to win!" (they could use, too)

    and completely avoid an actual trailer for the movie...

    Maybe the contest gives you a way to see the new trailer...

    omg.. that would be so funny...

  20. There could be lots of explanations for this... it is quite possible that the people we will see in the movie arnt the only ones filming whats happening. The whole 'after effects' and 'news story' idea could simply be just for the trailer and wont be seen that way in the movie. The reporters have just got a hold of a different camera footage, although you would expect to see scenes from the actual film in a trailer.

    Can wait and see what comes of it and when people start to break it down and analyse the trailer like madness on a stick.

  21. capcom said... And right Dennis, we need toys too. :-) Of course, I would happily buy a plastic pylar of smoke from Lost, if there was one.

    Did you know they sell black Play-doh now? That's kind of like the smoke monster ;)

  22. awww... smaller monsters??? I wwas really hoping for one single insatiable juggernaut of death....

  23. awww... smaller monsters??? I wwas really hoping for one single insatiable juggernaut of death....

  24. I CALLED IT...
    cause im JJ....lmao

  25. I don't believe any of these rumors any longer.

    I'm not sure what's going on.

    But (don't tear me up on this) I also don't think Slusho! or Tagruato have anything at all to do with the actual film.

    Whatever happened to the 12/09/07 gift for Jamie? Why not wait for Christmas day?

    I think the cast doesn't even know what the film's really about.

  26. Dennis, I sent you an email with something you may want to publish. Thanks in advance.

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  28. i would love a Slusho monster toy!! anyways i hope they show the monster or their gonna have alot pissed people. and polar bear your commercial idea would be a neat way to see the trailer. wonder how they are gonna use the perspectives im thinking with the cameras and all probably real shots like movie wise(maybe) still cant wait to see the trailer!! come out soon!!

  29. See, here's a problem. Someone mentioned this before, too

    that article on CHUD is probably total crap. I mean, Devin could say anything he wants to say about what he "saw", and cover his a$$ by implying that "some or all of this may or may not be used for the new trailer"

    because, if the newest trailer is nothing like what Devin supposedly saw, then JJ must have "decided not to use" what he was shown. Which is fine... They do that sometimes.

    BUT, we wont know if anything he said WAS true until the movie actually comes out, which by then everyone will have forgotten about Devin's pre-mature posting...

    in addition:
    Devin never seemed to enthusiastic about the movie, and his description makes me hope its not like what he saw...
    He may simply be twisting what he read on AICN and attempting to sabotage our interest in the movie by putting out "spoilers" that make it sound crappy.

    but, we will never know until the movie comes out...

  30. the forum at the unfiction site Dennis mentioned above also says something about a statue coming to life and shows a picture of a foot. That would be too
    "Jason and the Argonaunts" from like 1970s. Please, awakened statues only works in The Mummy.

  31. Dennis,

    are you suggesting we all go out tonight and see BeeMovie?

  32. Black Play-Doh? I'm so gettinitt!! :o)

  33. They had a halloween set down here for sale... I wanted it so bad.

    had tons of black play-doh...

    It might be on sale still...

    Thats it. I'm gonna find it!

  34. There is a Slusho Myspace page.


    63 years old

    Last Login: 10/30/2007
    SLUSHO!'s Details
    Status: Single
    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    SLUSHO!'s Companies
    Tagruato Corp.
    , JP

    Cj,who is linked to the characters on myspace, made a comment and says, " Oct 30 2007 7:48 PM

    Slusho! makes me happy! Can't wait for the commercial, so maybe my friends can turn into a whale also! Slusho! ZOOM! a Slusho commercial soon"

  35. Theres no way thats a legit profile...

    Someone decided to make a Slusho account, and CJ is 99yrs old and private?
    None of the real Cloverfield/1-18-08 characters/affiliates are private anymore...

    Someone obviously has been listening to what I (and other unfiction posters) have been saying about a possible Slusho Commercial...

    Game Hack
    Just like

    None are real, as far as we know

  36. Hey Dennis,

    What are you going to do with this website when the movie comes out?

  37. you never know, they may want to do a "Cloverfield Experience" between movies (if they do a sequel)


    The site may still be usable...

  38. i know this is a little old and we might have ruled it out but i remember reading on ign and they said a possible name is "Wreck"..sounds stupid but has anyone heard anything new on that?

  39. Of all the rumors to listen to, why is everyone so hot and heavy to accept
    the beowulf rumor as truth?

    I would like to see Beowulf anyway,
    but I don't want to be disappointed if Cloverfield is not one of the trailers.

  40., Film School Rejects, Empire Online, UK,, Canada

    All these sites assume without confirmation that Cloverfield
    trailer is attached to Beowulf.
    What gives?

  41. People assume that it was simply one of the many "working" titles...

    Someone on IMDB suggests that Monsterous, Parasite, and Wreck were all titles that were seriously considered by JJ, but because of leaks, he decided to change it... (he also said that the idea of not having a title was merely a fluke of not coming up with one by the time Transformers came out)

  42. because it is one of the few rumors that is totally plausible in so many ways... and since "trusted" sources are claiming that it will appear before Beowulf, why not go with it?

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  44. sorry guys... I'm posting like a fiend... I'll probably just chilax till this weekend

    Gonna go look for Slusho at BEE MOVIE! lol


  45. I'll be checking in to see
    if anyone saw the trailer at
    the BeeMovie. Please let us know.

  46. if I type in
    it takes me to

    The wreck movie is a movie that is
    actually about a couple that has a wreck.

  47. If anyone is interested, I'm starting to make Myspace content for Slusho, like COntact tables, Backgrounds, etc. They're all be high quality and very authentic (including Japanese text!)

    Contact me if interested.

  48. OK i just read the description and i noticed a couple things.
    1. he said he saw jets in the DAYLIGHT. didnt this hole thing start at midnight? you really need to say (formerly known as central park)
    3.JJ never said anything bout multiple monsters. the only thing we heard from him was an insane monster.

  49. thats true but teh fact that he said that could have been part of the marketing by misleading everyone just to be suprised in the end all i knwo is that i'm not sure how they were able to pull off all the this speculated CGI with such a low budget although it was probably more money than ill ever see in my lifetime its still not enough to accomplish all that has been said ya know?

  50. LOL
    Check out my Myspace....
    I had fun doing this... It looks better than the fake one!

  51. So,
    The Slusho Myspace (that I think we all assumed to be a game hack)
    They posted a bulletin (which to non-myspace users is a general message to all of your friends on myspace)

    Here is what it said:

    Slusho! Commercial in Nov./Dec. !!
    (and the picture below)

    I'm not having second thoughts about if its real, but I am wondering where the came up with that...


  52. My thoughts that if real clues don't start coming in more and faster this week, then I am going to stop looking at this site and posting alltogether. We all have been patient long enough and there are too many dodo heads making up fake pages, fake everything, I can't keep up with which one is which. No one has the balls to confirm/deny the Beowulf rumor. So what gives folks???????

  53. I´m convinced, there is still a clue, we don´t see. Remember the way, Tagruato was found. It´s not obvious and maybe very hard to find. If they solve the puzzle when the movie releases, some people will go crazy about the clues, that are already given at 5th November. Maybe, the second trailer is on a website, we still don´t know.

    Too many mabeys ... Beowulf releases at 15th November in Germany. Could it be possible that there is the second trailer?

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  55. @Tom

    I completely agree...

    but maybe we are missing something...

    The "Jamie" Videos and Slusho MUST be pointing to something we're not getting...
    But I'm sure we're all exhausted of ideas...
    The Slusho 7 accounts havent been updated in nearly a month...
    No sign of anything new...
    what the hell is he thinking?

    DAMN YOU JJ!!!
    ::shakes fist::

  56. Hey! this is my first time posting, been coming to this blog for a long time.
    Does anyone know if this:
    is fake or not. Its the website of a doctor mentioned on Tagruato's page about that medical company. it seems cheesy and maybe fake, but then again, its someones personal website, so its not gonna look highclass like the other sites. there are some things that make me thing its legit, but i suck at this, so somebody have a look at it please, unless its already been ruled fake.

  57. actually, it doesnt mention yoshimida once, so yeah, nevermind probably.
    sry :)

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  59. I was going to say, I saw the screening of Beowulf last thursday, and it was just that Journey to the center of the earth deal. No Cloverfield trailer.

    But this long without any kind of updates make me think this is definitely the calm before the storm. Just because it wasn't on screenings or sneak peeks doesn't mean it won't be on the actual release.

    If I remember correctly, when transformers came out, it wasn't already physically attatched, just another one in the cans, so if it does come with beowulf, they could easily just wait till the official release to attatch it.

  60. I know the BoldFutura site is supposedly fake, but it is still
    scary when it talks about
    the world being transformed,
    and the world as we know it
    will never be the same, fake,
    but creepy all the same.

  61. oh, yeah
    Have the youtube videos just stopped until Dec. 9th, too long to wait,
    interest in movie...slowly...leaving...
    my brain......must resist....urge...
    to forget about this movie.....

  62. Hey guys, this is CONFIRMED! I just saw it... My friend at the theater showed me it, so I can confirm it is in front of Beowulf. I run and am writing about it now. I can confirmed it is titled Cloverfield and it kicks ASS, lots of it!! Enjoy - and check out the article on here very soon...

  63. I saw Beowulf at the Rave theater in Hurst TX... We got the old trailer...