Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Searching for Cloverfield News

Cloverfield popped into the "Top 10" searches on Yahoo over the holiday weekend. Now Yahoo has an article about the huge increase in Cloverfield searches.

Interestingly, one of the searches mentioned in the article is "Cloverfield Clues", which has jumped 112% this week.

I receive about 40% of my traffic from search engines, although only 4% of my visitors come from Yahoo! (35% from Google)

Cloverfield Monster Revealed?
Mysterious New Cloverfield Trailer Sparks Searches
By Erik Gunther
Tue, November 27, 2007, 3:23 pm PST

We're counting the days as January 18 draws closer. What's special about that ho-hum Friday in the middle of January? Well, that's the date the shrouded-in-secrecy "Cloverfield" is scheduled to land in theaters.

The trailer for the mysterious monster movie made its debut back in July and sparked huge buzz. Since then, the buzz has quieted a bit, but an ardent group of movie buffs are still scouring the Web for the scoop on the flick.

This week we witnessed a 371% increase in searches on "cloverfield monster revealed" after a new trailer offered a glimpse of the horror to come. Related queries on "cloverfield monster" and "cloverfield trailer" have also smashed through the Search box. Diabolical director J.J. Abrams, the mastermind of all this hype, has jumped 116% in searches over the past week.

The Web-based viral marketing component has been key in keeping the movie's buzz alive. Searches on "cloverfield clues" jumped 112% as sneaky sleuths attempted to unravel a few of the film's mysteries. One question as of late—does the movie's classified colossus have anything to do with the legendary Cthulhu? Searches on the horrific creation of author H.P. Lovecraft

We can't tell if Cthulhu is involved in the Cloverfield saga, but the latest cinematic clue to make a splash in Search is "slusho." Stir that latest tidbit with past buzzworthy bits such as "cloverfield myspace," "ethan haas," and "1-18-08" and you'll find yourself knee deep in the film's mysterious mythology.
* Thanks to Cameron at one-eighteen-oh-eight for the article


  1. sounds like the people who are searching for info need to stop here first. still looking up ethan haas.

  2. i know i thought ethan haas was old news...what a shame i thought in was viral but it was just some mmorpg or something...

  3. dude..i was a sucker for that ethan haas site.. "ooo the password is divinus"...pff.. i agree with zurcher.. people need to stop by here for the best info reguarding all things cloverfield.. you the man dennis!

  4. Why is there still debris flying from the Statue of Liberty in the official poster? Hasn't "whatever" already entered the city?

  5. the debris looks cool. plus its just a poster. it doesnt have to be a scene from the movie.

  6. it just looks cool...its meant to attract new cloverfield sleuths not serve as a historically accurate event

  7. I dunno about the poster...there always seems to be that occasional guy out there that wigs out when he thinks sees something in the clouds, ha.
    It's really exciting to see Cloverfield pop up in Yahoo's Top 10. This might be a good sign for how the movie will do at the box office. For all of the work everyone's put into the viral marketing program, I sure hope so--it would suck to see a good movie get poor response. Then again, it'll suck even more if the movie is terrible. Months of waiting for nothing.

  8. i just hope this isn't another Snakes on a Plane (as far as hype to disappointment ratio)

  9. Don't get me wrong, I'm not just trying to "wig out at the sign of clouds"--- merely trying to see if there's anything that could mean something.

  10. I say we hunt down and punish Van Mantra for ruining the minds of the innocent with his crazy talk about the world ending (It turned out to be a game).