Monday, November 12, 2007

JamieAndTeddy Video #4 - The Striptease

Jamie is a little worried that she hasn't heard from Teddy in a few days, so she performs a striptease to music from his favorite band.

Here is the direct link:
I have uploaded it to YouTube here:

[kisses the camera]
I miss you and, I haven't heard from you in two days, and usually you're very good about calling me. So, I hope everything's OK.
But in the meantime I just wanted to show you what you were missing. And me and the girls took a strip class, and I'm gonna do a song by the "Glass Helmets" (?), which is your favorite band and here it goes...
[Jamie strips]
Anyway, punk's really hard to strip to, but you get it...
I miss you and will you call me. I really wanna know more about "the cause" and
We can talk about anything "the cause", when you call, all about "the cause".
I just - just call me OK - because, I love you.

* Thanks to Alex for emailing me about this!


  1. The Glass Helmets, eh? A search yields nothing in a google search or a MySpace music search, so I suspect that this will be a clue that the C/field team ought to develop on.

  2. the "Glass Helmets" sound kinda like the Final Fantasy music...

    could that be the movies theme song or on the soundtrack? cause there's no artist by that name showing up on google, could it be a nickname for them? or is it a local band?

    and the first thing i thought of when i read "Glass Helmets" is the aliens from The Simpons...

  3. add to that..

    i did some additional search on YouTube, only 2 real matches, but both the same, the glass helm in oblivion and a glass helm used by divers

  4. Glass helm by divers! That may fit, if you think about it. Deep sea excavations.

  5. thanh! Not a bad connection there, buddy.

    Someone in Unfiction commented on the 'stating the obvious' of Jamie explicitly stating "Your Favourite band, the Glass Helmets"... Perhaps Teddy is a member of this band?

  6. well the Glass Helm used in Diving is only meant to be used in a few feet of water and usually with a line from the helm up to a boat for the air and so you don't have to put on a bulky (rather tight) wet suit, so deep sea diving with a glass helm is not recommended

  7. the strip tease was a bit lame :P

  8. folks, I got something:

    sounds pretty much like the music in the video and the accounts has been created on the 11/12/2007.

  9. oh ya..
    the name of the picture on the myspace site was "the green force". found this:

    pretty obvious, I know.. but however it has to do with diving accessories and stuff.. could be something.

  10. On is says: "Their still unreleased LP "Hyperion and his Disciples" is an album in the truest sense, WITH AN OFTEN CRYPTIC, BUT FAIRLY CLEVER NARRATIVE ABOUT PHYSICISTS DOIND BATTLE WITH THE PANTHEON OF GREEK GODS IN A DYSTOPIAN FUTURE." Someone needs to pick apart this song! I have a feeling there is something hidden in the song lyrics. Dunno maybe I'm wrong but its worth a try :)

  11. hyperion and his disciples sends
    me to this site:

    something about Japanese royalty


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • Find out more about navigating Wikipedia and finding information •Jump to: navigation, search
    Ilium/Olympos is a science fiction duology by Dan Simmons. These events are set in motion by beings who have taken on the roles of the Greek gods. Like Simmons' earlier series, the Hyperion Cantos, it is a form of "literary science fiction" which relies heavily on intertextuality, in this case with Homer and Shakespeare, as well as periodic references to Marcel Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu (or In Search of Lost Time) and Vladimir Nabokov's novel Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle.

    As with most of his science fiction and in particular with one of his previous novels, the Hugo award-winning Hyperion, Ilium demonstrates that Simmons writes in the tradition of soft science fiction like Ray Bradbury and Ursula K. Le Guin. Ilium is based on a literary approach similar to most of Bradbury's work, but describes larger segments of society and broad historical events. As in Le Guin's Hainish series, Simmons places the action of Ilium in a vast and complex universe made of relatively plausible technological and scientific elements. Yet Ilium is different from any of the works of Bradbury and Le Guin in its exploration of the very far future of humanity, and in the extra human or post-humans themes associated with this. It is among several recent works that look specifically at the notion of a technological singularity where technological change starts to occur beyond the ability of humanity to presently predict or comprehend.

    This page also talks about old style humans and robotics. Hmmm.....

  13. The 1st friend on leads to which has Jamie as the #2 friend...

  14. also the 3rd picture in RedWalrus is of J.J. Abrams on the set of some production. See the note for the picture.

  15. I have seen that picture on one of the 1-18-08 news websites. It was to point out Abrams shirt when people thought that this movie was related to Voltron

  16. I'm prolly reaching here, but check out the pic on this profile from the glass helmets MS.

    Hard to tell what's a legit myspace page and what's connected to Cloverfield.

  17. Cheez-whiz, the Skank-o-Meter level is really creeping up for this movie's hype. :-p But had to laugh at the comment about her layers of clothing...maybe the class was on how to dance the "Dance of the 9 out of 10 Veils", heheh.

    Good work on the update Dennis, as usual. :-)

  18. The first post on the page is from someone named Jared who writes, "btw you don't have a bandmember called Teddy, do you?"

    Also, the band's blog post is signed by "The Bot". As in Bad Robot, perhaps? Coincedence?

  19. Look at pics. it has a slusho folder with all the posters and a couple of extra pics

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  21. If you're going to look at the word 'Hyperion,' ditch the (excellent) sci fi and go to the source -

    Hyperion is one of the Greek Titans, often named as a Sun lord, or the 'God of Observation.' He's mostly neglected in Greek mythos, but it was John Keats's unfinished poem, 'Hyperion,' that gave him the most fame - and the inspiration for the sci fi tale.

    'Hyperion,' the poem, is about old gods being overcome by the new - the Titans swept away by the new Gods much famed by mythology. It is Apollo who, after speaking with Memnosyne, is to be Hyperion's downfall. Though it is there that the poem ends mid-line.

    From the album synopsis on Myspace and the poem's plot, I would, since my thing is all the weirdo mythology stuff, speculate that we're being told that at least one theme of the movie is that famed Japanese chestnut: Nature being broken and tamed by Science, but not without a good few strikes back.

  22. A total lurker... But I did a myspace search and found this:

    Can't listen to the song right now St. John Scott might be worthy of looking into.

  23. glass helmets=underwater welding?

  24. Ahhh....

    3 more days...the anticipation..

    Will clues come before Beowulf?
    Anyone going to see Beowulf just
    for the trailer?

  25. I am... I was only half interested in the movie... but the rumors have got me wanting to go jsut to "know"

  26. Space is the Place was directed by John Coney and produced by Jim Newman in 1974. You can get a video version on Rhapsody Films 9025. It has its best footage is at the beginning, pre-credits: a pink sky over a matte painting of an alien forest (very like a Gage Taylor painting). Sun Ra is exploring the new world in full Egyptian regalia. There’s a plant with a glass full of black liquid. A Mickey-Mouse yellow glove plant. Soap bubbles. The cheap, Pop-Art special effects add to the disorientation no end; the floating aliens with glass helmets...


  27. whats with all this myspace page talk... its an almost obvious fake, say 50-50, as when we first heard of the Glass Helmets, there was nothing on myspace or google or youtube other then the diving helmet, now you see a myspace page and flock to it like cannibals, check there blog there and see when they actually signed'll see it was right after the video was released...

    before when something in one of the videos was found it was also found out in a whois that it was created days or weeks before the video came out, so how can you say for sure this is legit, i see non of you saying it could be fake cause theres suddenly one up right after the video...

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  29. No way is it a fake. You could never extract a clear, unblemished song from start to end by simply sampling Jamie's video. No hack is that good.

  30. Maybe it´s a real band and no one heard ever of it but some myspace-people.

    First Chance: Beowulf, 16th November
    Second Chance: The Gift, 9th December
    Final Chance: The Movie, 18th January

    To use the "Glass Helmet"-Clue as a prove for "diving and science" is ... poor.

  31. I couldn't tell you if it's fake or not... but I do know when I do any searches for "The Glass helmet" on myspace it doesn't show up even after I know there is a site there... I typed in the link directly and was sent to the site...

  32. when i checked the friend list a while ago none of the characters were in the list so if it is apart of everything at leat one of them should b in the friend list, just a thought, may have changed since i last went to the groups myspace page

  33. Micah said...

    No way is it a fake. You could never extract a clear, unblemished song from start to end by simply sampling Jamie's video. No hack is that good.

    not true, if the guy who done this has good hearing, they could easily match up the sound, since we don't know any of the words to the song he coulda redone it by ear and just mumbled the whole time, plus since only part of the song was played it gives a lot of leeway to finish the song on his own and therefore we wouldn't know if its a fake or not cause its a finished copy...

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  35. I'm pretty sure there's no deeper meaning here really, or even in the lyrics for that matter. It's a freaking viral campaign people! It's supposed to make the release of the film far more realistic. It's goal is to create as much of the world of the film around us a possible. Just take it as an extension o the "Cloverfield" world.

  36. Jared said... folks, I got something:

    This page is FAKE / OOG / Gamejack / etc....

    It didn't exist when the video was found. As a rule, in-game sites are created BEFORE there is a "link" to them. For example, was created 4 DAYS BEFORE Teddy was mentioned on Jamie's myspace.

    • The claim they are a "metal" band, but Jamie says it is "punk" music (which is why it is hard to dance to)

  37. And, now this?
    Paramount ships J.J. Abrams Film Trailer with Beowulf? #1

    Paramount Ships J.J. Abrams Film Trailer with Beowulf #2

    I don't buy into this, but thought I would post it for you anyway.

    (This comes from IMDb member bouellet82381 )

  38. Glass Helmets?
    I thought Jamie said Teddy's favorite band was The Glass Hell Nuts.
    At least, her lips look like she is saying "Nuts" and not Mutts or Mitts.
    And, all this BS about when a new trailer is coming, and misleads on any information, is getting me a little down.

    i read the clues and
    ponder, whether this is all
    a waste of my time

  39. She doesn't say "punk's really hard to strip to", she says "The song's really hard to strip to."

  40. What about this CAUSE she mentions. And why hasn't Teddy called for a few days???

  41. For those who have been following the myspace pages:
    The glasshelmets myspace ->
    Grumpypantz© (the one with the cat thats a cthulu pic) click pics ->
    Click the "Him Who is Doc" folder (next to the "1-18-08" folder -> look at the caption for the cat/cthulu pic. It's "I saw it - it's a lion...."