Thursday, November 29, 2007

Slusho! Store Adds Hoodie

You need more warming!!

Just in time for winter, the official Slusho! Store has added a hooded sweatshirt to the lineup for $28. Hats and T-shirts are also available!

They are still running a sale; if you buy a hat you get $10 off any other item.


  1. first post! yay! has anybody actually bought anything off the slusho site?

  2. I haven't. I'm waiting for Slusho! bodybags.

  3. God damn it sure is getting busy around here, haha. What is it now, Month and a half? Im excited for the day Dennis has to call off work just to keep up with all the crazy updates he needs to make to the blag.

    "Yeah, boss... Im ummm, *Cough* not feeling well today... *Cough* I have the Field Flu. *Cough* Yeah im taking Red Clover extract... its helping... *Cough*... Oh gotta run, I have to go update my Blo.... Bloo.. Blood count... Red blood count. *Cough*"

  4. damn.... i need just one size larger! (polar bears are much bigger than the average human)

    Dennis, if you get one, let me know if it runs big, or small... XL will work if its a little big...

  5. It looks like all that's left of the sweatshirts is small. I tried to get XL and they defaulted to small. I haven't tried the other sizes though.
    Unfortunate, I really wanted it.