Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Slusho! and Heroes

Greg Beeman, Director/Producer of the NBC television show "Heroes", has some AWESOME photos (and comments) of the Heroes cast drinking Slusho!

Greg Grunberg who plays Matt Parkman on Heroes, is good friends with JJ Abrams and has been in many of his projects, including Felicity, Lost, and will play a minor role in Cloverfield.

UPDATE: It looks like Slusho! actually made an appearance in last nights show!!

Watch the scene here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4gkyKkARZs

UPDATE 2: Maybe a Hero will appear in Cloverfield to fight the Monster ;)

* Thanks to CameronJR9 at one-eighteen-oh-eight.blogspot.com for finding Beeman's blog, and to adriansd1986 at Unfiction!


  1. oh well guess i didnt see it first :(

  2. Wow! Slusho! Where can I get some? Will it make me zoom?


  3. Hiro, don't drink that! Trouble!

    Heroes was sooo good last year. This year, not so much.

  4. Dennis,
    We need to make a pact. If you find these cups, let me know pronto! I'll do the same for you. I needs it!

  5. GREAT...thx for the link... im a huge fan of heroes and i'm rly exited about these pics... btw... your blog is great ;)

  6. oh man if they could mix Cloverfield and heroes. that would be awesome
    alas, its only a dream...for now

  7. i think this means that wee will be getting slusho in 7-11???
    sorry about all the posts but this new development has got me more excited than any other

  8. The slusho thing is key in this movie.

    It seems that clover ingredient "implants" some kind of egg, while it make you feel good.

    And this "monster" maybe its somekind of awakened monster to destroy U.S. and also to awaken little monsters from inside of the citizens.

    :D Nevermind

  9. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1060277/board/thread/90376117

    Just bought a Slusho!

  10. Is Slusho real?
    will we be able to buy it sometime after the movie?

  11. Correct me if im wrong but the heroes cast does know that slusho is about a movie.
    i searched for slusho drinks and i cant find them anywhere only takes me to cloverfield stuff.

  12. Ummmmm ok iv recently been reading bout how JJ went on E! and said that his monster is H.P. Lovecraft like....any truth to these rumors?

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  14. For those who follow heroes .. remember the 9th wonder comics .. there was this large monster on the front off one off those comics.

    Dont think its related but still funny.
    Here are the info and pics

  15. Cooool neew pics of heroes

    lol slusho can turn on you?

  16. Dennis, thanks SO much for linking to this Heroes blog! I love it. :-)

  17. ^^^^ look up....dan bought a slusho...i am on the lookout now to buy my own

  18. hey i'll bet that dairy store did it through the slusho distribution opportunities section...that must be for real

  19. Guys i made a post telling you what nectar was and how it could play a role in the movie. But for some reason i still do not know of... it was deleted

    google nectar and read about it and think about what kind of underwater creatures could feed on it and benifit from it.

  20. Ok, so, i was just watching the trailer again on apple (btw, it was featured before the mist, which is a movie no one should see, if uve seen it, im sorry)
    anyway, i noticed somethings about the glimpse of the monster.
    Ive been having an extremly hard time deciphering what was monster and what was building when looking at the stills. Ive figured it out now. If u watch all the frames, starting from the VERY beginning of the glimpse, all the way to the LAST frame (quicktime helps with this), in the last two frames, ull see his kneecap jutting out directly towards the camera, and as it does so it knocks through a building, u also see his tail move about.
    Seeing it like this makes it so much easier to make out, and apparently the monster has very strange legs.
    Other than that, ive noticed two other things. When the camera shows rob and whoever looking at the monster, the numbers: 343 1600 show up beside them, maybe this ties in the with the "The text" message? Im gonna try the letters that go with those numbers on a phone maybe, and see what i come up with.
    Also, after the monster is shown, Rob and two girls (and hud) escape down what i finally figured out to be a subway entrance. It seems like this is in the same area where the army is having it out with the monster. That explosion after we see them running happens at the top and past the subway entrance, its possible that the monster blows up a tank. and after that we see hud on the ground, in a scene that matches the blackbook pic of the short hair chik and rob, which is in a subway, so something from the explosion above knocks him down.
    Ive never heard these things mentioned before, just thought id point it out.

  21. By following 'Jeffrey' clues ('bout Heroes Uluru Micah) I found this


    Don't we have here a turtle-woman specimen ? (female beings contaminated after their "exploding" ?)

    TAGRUATO = A TORTUGA (a turtle)


  22. I dont know what im looking at here

  23. Has anyome thought that slusho might have very little or nothing at all to do with cloverfield and actually it was used to explain something on "Heroes"....idk just food for thought.

  24. Tagruato.jp has just updated!

    Tagruato is aware that many of you are shocked and angered over the recent article by the Ravaille Research Center. The Slusho! Board of Directors would like to assure you that the article's claims are completely false and that there is no Seabed's Nectar available outside their contained factories. The author of the article, Dr. Abe, is known for his suspicious research methods. In 1994 he was brought before his university's academic board in regards to his genetic manipulation of Australian Aphynos. We have dealt with similar predators before. The article has been stripped from all subsequent issues and our legal department is currently looking into further retaliation methods. Please contact a Tagruato representative for more information on this matter.

  25. where is that on the site? which tab cuz i couldnt find it

  26. Dan said... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1060277/board/thread/90376117 Just bought a Slusho!

    This is fake.

  27. Seeing a slusho in heroes (saw the episode last night) makes me believe its plays in the same universe. The way matt parkman plays a role is also reason to think about this maybe the face of the soldier is blurred to make you think is parkman but maybe he is not. ok its early in the morning here in the netherlands and i am just rambling now.

  28. lol, Dennis that pic with the dinosaur holding the slusho cup scared me.

    But im thinking that since its all gonna be Gunas fault in the movie. Hes gonna be the one to tell the army how to kill the monster/make him go back to the sea.

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