Monday, April 14, 2008

Contest Leaderboard

The Clue Hunt for Photo #1 is over. The correct answer was TRANSFORMERS - which Odette Yustman had a minor role in, and was also the launchpad for the first Cloverfield trailer.

The secret word was hidden in the top right corner, in a shade just slightly darker than the wall color. It would have helped to save the file and fiddle with the contrast in Photoshop, Picasa, etc.

There are way too many people with the correct answer to mention, but here are the top 5:

#1 - Jeremy Pinkham - 2:34 (1/1)
#2 - Francisco J. Marquez - 2:39 (1/1)
#3 - Tragik The Kid - 2:41 (1/1)
#4 - Ralph Lincoln - 2:43 (1/1)
#5 - Zak Semerad - 2:54 (1/1)

Whaahh!?!? You didn't know it was timed, did you? :) Well, it's not really, that's just for fun and bragging rights.

The next photo, #2, is already up, and won't be so easy... or will it? BTW, I'll try to post the new photos at different times of the day, so everyone has a fair chance.

The Kishin Caption contest is also going great. There are already over 20 entries! Check them all out here, and leave a positive comment on the ones you like as an informal vote. (Please don't leave any negative comments. Thanks!)

Please note: I have already flipped the blank manga pages so they read left to right. If you need your story to read the "wrong way", please flip the photo back!

BTW, the correct response to the giveaway bonus question "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" is "I need, I need, I need!"


  1. I know I found the word, but I can only make out two letters. So frustrating haha. I will not give up.

  2. Dennis, does the subject line have to be Clue Hunt? Like an idiot, instead of clicking the e-mail I just composed my own so I didn't use that subject.

  3. Argh...this one is tough. No contrast or color changes or increase sizing is helping. Meh, I'm most likely gonna buy the movie the day it comes out, but it would be sweet to win one. But this challenge is addicting...I WILL SOLVE IT! *returning to sleuthing*

  4. The one with Jamie is reeeally hard. I'm almost thinking of just guessing a word that has something do to with her and the ARG.

  5. ahh much harder, cant find it ^^

  6. i think i found two letters too...however i have no idea what the word could be

  7. Ty said... Dennis, does the subject line have to be Clue Hunt? Like an idiot, instead of clicking the e-mail I just composed my own so I didn't use that subject.

    No soup for you! :)

    I've been moving the email into the correct folder. Please try use the appropriate email address so it gets sorted properly. Thanks!

  8. i think i know how u did it, but i can't read it.. ^^
    i think i found one letter, but not sure.. this'll take some more time, mhh..

  9. I can't take it anymore. I think I know which specific Photoshop technique was used but I can't read the damn thing after rotating it every which way and staring for way too long. I almost see one word but it has nothing to do with Cloverfield so I am going to cry now.

  10. Dennis wants to make all of us go crazy... GRRRRRRR... I just want to know if Im doing It right. Does there have to be an "actual word" hidden somewhere? or I just have to figure out a word out of the context of the picture?

  11. i am submitting my entries into the caption contest in individual emails. so far, i've submitted one about "the lulz" (which looking back, wasn't that funny", and a star wars spoof.

    also, will each page we add a caption too be another entry?

  12. hmm... I wonder if I'm the only one that found it " outside the box"

  13. I overlaid Photo #2 and #2a in Photoshop and switched back and forth between them over and over again at various zoom levels and see basically no difference. I'm starting to think you need to have a better monitor than I do to get this one.

  14. To quote Bear Grylls "I think you're going to need a better plan"

  15. Charlie said... also, will each page we add a caption too be another entry?

    No. You don't get additional "entries" for each time you enter the Caption contest. Only the best will win, IMO. It's a competition, not a random drawing.

    Furthermore, in the Clue Hunt, you only get one entry for each correct answer.

  16. Sorry...I accidenally rejected some comments...

    Bubba8193 said... can you explain what the bonus giveaway question was?

    Nothing, it's a joke.

    Jared said... so if I found the first word we're in and don't need to find any further words?

    Well yes, but you'll only have one entry. If you find two clues you'll have two entries, etc...

  17. I see it...but I can't read it! :( haha.

  18. how do i enter? i think i have the answer.....

  19. Dennis, you mentioned some "other cool stuff" also up for grabs, what are they?