Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tagruato Voicemail - Memorial Service

The Tagruato voicemail message had been updated again:

Thank you for calling Tagruato. All of our lines are currently busy.

If you are calling regarding the Kazui Ichigawa memorial service, all seats have been filled, and registration is now closed.

For all other concerns, please leave a message, and one of our representatives will find you as soon as possible.

It sounds like there is going to be a funeral, but what is with the registration? Was this someone working on the Chuai Station? Does this have anything to do with "the incident" mentioned in the Tagrauto memo?

You can listen to the audio here:

English Only
Full Call With Japanese & English

UPDATE: The funeral is explained in the following article from


Tagruato suffered a large loss yesterday when Kazui Ichigawa, 63, and his family were found dead early in the morning.

His body, along with the bodies of his wife, Rie Ichigawa, 55, daughter Norika, 36, and granddaughter Kyoko,10, was discovered in the Daisetsu-San National Park at a popular RV camping area. Early word from the police is that it was a gas explosion in their trailer.

In a statement released to the press, press consultant Aki Ito said, “We are shocked and saddened at the sudden passing of perhaps our finest Marine Biologist. Ichigawa was not only an employee, but also a friend. He died with honor.”

His tragic death comes mere days after he abruptly retired from YMR. When informed of that, Ito replied, “It is a shame and a tragedy- this is a man who always put his family first.”

A close friend and co-worker (who asked to remain anonymous) believes that Ichigawa uncovered a magnificent discovery before he retired. “Unfortunately, his computer and files, even ones he kept in his home safe, are nowhere to be found. Tagruato is currently conducting a search for them.”

Ichigawa is survived by his son-in-law, Toshiro, 39, who was away on business at the time of the accident.

A memorial service will be held at Tagruato Headquarters. For details, contact a Tagruato representative at +81-3-5403-6318.

* Thanks to Teddybear for noticing the message had changed. Teddybear... Teddy Hanssen, is that you? ;)


  1. a bunch of the updates have mentioned how Tagruato will "find you". has anybody "been found" or contacted with anything other than generic emails and stuff?

  2. John - Not that I have read anywhere. You get the autoresponse email from Slusho!, and besides the memo being leaked in Slusho! shipments, thats it that I can find.

    I want to know the connection between Slusho! and the Chuai Station. I mean I know Slusho! is owned by Tagruato, but why would a memo for deep sea drilling be in soft drink clothing? Is that the ONLY way The Whistle Blower could get word out? Are the shirts made on Chuai Station?

    Bah! I want more clues!

  3. its a turtle. a giant mutatated turtle.

  4. Yeah i found that earlier im glad i can contribute :D

  5. if its a turtle jj lied about the creature. he said it was an original creation. a turtle is not original. look up Gamera.

  6. Hero's in a half shell, Slusho! power!



  7. the memorial service is probably linked to the "incident"

    that's my guess

  8. I think its Katsume Ichigawa or Ichikawa. Just what it sounds like to me.

  9. of course it's chaui...but what happened should be the debate

  10. i know i always double post...i resolve to think more b4 i post... but would anyone be interested in making a podcast about this thing.
    possibly dennis could be a part of it if he has time???

  11. And i I think Kitsune...
    as in Fox or Trickster.

    Ichikawa being a city and a last name of some imdb personalities


    Ishikawa being a type of management style diagram

  12. I pretty much agree with you there Danny. I believe that this memorial is 100% connected to the 'incindent' at the chuai station. However (as much as I believe it to be IG), the mysterious Tagruato letter that came with the Slusho shipments have not been officially confirmed yet. So I understand why people would still be skeptical about the updated voicemail's connection with chuai. So far I know of two people at the unfiction forums who claim to have received the packages that came with the letter.

    On another note, does anyone know what the Japanese lettering in the 'WE ARE COMING WE WILL FIND YOU SOON!' link in the Slusho. jp site means? Just curious, cuz I just now randomly thought about that.

  13. whats is with this ??
    In a move surely to shake up the world of physics, Bold Futura has recruited one hundred of the top physics majors graduating from universities around the world. Most highly sought after was Johan Hedberg from Sweden. His internationally-acclaimed thesis on the intricate ecosystems of deep sea crevices landed him immediate tenure at his university but he turned it down for the opportunity to work for Bold Futura. “They offered me free reign to do whatever I want as long as the board approves and oversees it, “said Hedberg at Futura’s November press conference, “Plus I’ll have comfort and security for a long, long time.”

    It is unclear what Futura’s expectations are for these young minds. The company is cheerfully vague regarding their intentions for the new all-star quantum squad.

    “With those young, fresh minds working together, anything is possible. I’ve watched these new graduates - they have ideas on everything from creating new energy sources to starting us down the road to teleportation,” said Tokyo-based Professor Akira Okinawa. “As a citizen to Japan and the human race, I cannot think of a better place for their ideas to flourish. Bold Futura is cutting edge and innovative. It has a plan for us all.”

    Ganu Yoshida is the CEO of Bold Futura’s parent company, Tagruato. When asked about this “quantum coup”, he answered, “Now that we have all the best minds, we won’t need to worry about competition. This is what the industry needs right now: a company focused not on what its competitors are doing, but instead what it can do to make the world a better place.”

    American Mike Siegel graduated last May in a cap and gown. Now he’ll be on the other side of the world in a labcoat. He won’t miss home though. “They offered me a chance to make history and to work with the best in my field. How could I turn that down?”

  14. where did we hear about an "incident" again?
    im getting lost.

    and it is not a turtle.

  15. O, and does anyone know what episode of 30 rock is mentioned below?
    im going to find it online.

  16. Thorsten: we know about that already its a few posts down
    John: i know estiban already said it was a contest, but what kind of contest??? slusho drinking contest???

    OHHHH MANNNNN i just realized what slusho is....ITS HONEYYYYY

    Honeybees do not hibernate but stays active and clusters together to stay warm. This requires a lot of food stored from the summer before.Although a hive only needs 20-30 lb of honey to survive an average winter, the bees are capable, if given the space of collecting much more.

    so we took all the monsters honey for the winter...(this would mean there are several monsters, like one for each area of the ocean)...i just thought of what seabed nectar could also mean and i thought of honey and WHAMO i thought of bees and winter...and its winter...i wonder if the beest has a regular solar winter or a just a LOOONG period of hibernation in which it quietly feeds on seabed nectar...
    so thats my theory of the day

  17. thanks man.
    turns out my tv links site is gone for some reason, maybe i can find it somewhere else.


    What about that?

  19. I Doubt that he's seen the movie considering the secrecy behind this movie so far,but shouldnt we be seeing a few trailors on TV?

  20. tv links has been down for a couple months now. it was forced closed.

  21. by the way Johan Hedberg is a hockey player... also from sweden. if u google it.

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  23. Okay, I got blasted by Dennis by saying jj wasn't on the up and up because so much is pointing to a turtle and Gamera. Dennis, please note the post by Zurcher, let's be fair. Blast me, blast everybody.

  24. I think by "registration", it meant "RSVP". In proper Japanese manner, especially in business, there is almost no way not to make any prior arrangement or appointment if you want to visit or see anyone, or to attend meeting and gathering.


    ~7 weeks left, and a flurry of updates! I'm happy. I've been laying low during the slow season and coming back I am happy for all the new stuff.

    Actually, I called the Tagruato number yesterday to let my fiance hear the message, and noticed the new message (I have the old one saved. Thanks Dennis)

    I'm getting more excited now... YAY


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  27. A table is set up at the entrance of the deceased persons home or funeral hall and 2 or 3 people greet the people who arrive to pay their respects. Each person signs his name in a REGISTRY book and presents condolence money ( koden ), which is contained in a special envelope that has a thin black and white ribbon wrapped around it. The amount given depends on the relation of the visitor to the deceased and/or the deceased's family. The amount within the envelope is written on its outside. The receptionist notes down the amount of condolence money next to the giver's name in the REGISTRY book and presents it to the family together with the money after the funeral. The people who are listed in the registry book are the ones who are invited to the funeral.

  28. Sorry I forgot to explain what I am talking about... Japanese Funeral Customs.

  29. this guy dies, and rob gets his job, replacement hence why he goes to japan

  30. but robs like... our main man, what will we do with out him!

  31. HEY!!!

    T 1 tanner crab
    I 2 Ichi jellyfish
    D 3 Dumbo Octopus
    O 4 Ogre fish

    Only thing left a WAVE!!! Tidal wave TIDO WAVE!

  32. Visitors to will probably be shocked and amazed at the change that’s come over the evil website – it’s now showing its true colors!!! Tagruato’s plethora of investor-targeted lies has been replaced with a lovely image of Ganu Yoshida in his natural state. Believe us, those horns are there all the time.

    We thank the good “internet samaritans” for shutting down access, for however short a time it ends up staying. Those precious hours will be free of consumers getting sucked into Tagruato’s web. Maybe Devil Yoshida will even start to acknowledge the public resistance against his methods. We’re here, and Tagruato will now learn our voices are only growing stronger.

    Of course, we have no idea who did the hacking but, whoever it was, they are ingenius, a great supporter of our cause, and undoubtedly ruggedly handsome

    Hmmm Our cause? Handsome Hanssen? hmmmm?

  33. Hey, Joe!

    Thx for posting it first - I was thinking they must be the ones who did the hacking?

  34. Nice!

    Woah! That's really awesome...I think this one maybe 100% legit and part of the game.

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  36. Registered through:, Inc. (
    Domain Name: TIDOWAVE.COM
    Created on: 13-Nov-07
    Expires on: 13-Nov-09
    Last Updated on: 13-Nov-07

    something tells me its not part of the game :(, well not officially, and the set up of the site is too unprofessional compared to the other tagruato site

  37. erich-

    i did the exact same search and came to the same conclusion. however, (which redirects to was also registered via GoDaddy, so I don't really know what to think.

  38. yes but the date 0ct 1 seems far too late

  39. Isn't Le Bandit Vert The Green Bandit??

  40. Garay One said...
    Isn't Le Bandit Vert The Green Bandit??

    Yes, Le Bandit Vert is French for "The Green Bandit". learnlovegrow needs to brush up on his langauge skills :P

  41. Yes but Battle Driven is an anagram of Le Bandit Vert.

    I think the site is legit btw.

  42. What is this site for?

  43. I saw it last night and I assure you, it's not a mutated giant turtle. It is quite a monstrous sight, though.