Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WhenCloverfieldHit.com - Vote Now

The voting has opened on the WhenCloverfieldHit.com video contest. Head on over and vote for your favorite videos. You have until May 13th to vote, and you cast one (1) vote per day per email address. Now get out there and "Rock The Vote!"


noone said...

hey! vote for me!!!!!


thanks if ya do!
i worked my ass off!

NateNYC said...

Check out my video entry - it's in the top 3 right now! http://www.whencloverfieldhit.com/video/view/277

Although it's not very original, I gave myself the challenge of making it just like the movie.

Enjoy (and VOTE!) ha.

Chris said...

I really need ppl to vote for my vid which took literally 24 hours because it is good yet i saw stupid ones that got more votes than mine and none of my friends would vote for me.


eloOMGmoto said...

today is the day when Rob and Beth made their video to Coney Island. Coincedence that they release it the same day?

*JuSt KaThRyN* said...

Please vote for me? It'd be pretty freakin' rad... :)



Pinkudo said...

There is a new post on the MTH blog
and a comment say:

"You'll notice one of the files is missing. That's where your prayers will be answered. Now please stop."

one of the files in missing in cloverfieldfiles.com i think.

Eric Striffler said...

Hey everyone, check out my entry!
I worked hard on it with my friends and it doesn't have any effects or anything but I think it came out pretty good and I'm proud of it!


It's currenty #1 because I've got LOTS of people that want to see me win which is always good. x]

Drew Seachrist said...

Hey people:

Even if you don't vote for it, check out my video. You'll laugh probably. It's at 19 right now so if you do decide to vote, it would be greatly appreciated. This is some grassroots stuff. You guys like that Obama fella? Well this is just like that.


Thanks in advance. YES WE CAN!

Chris said...

I know i already posted this but my vid must be seen. Although the effects aren't much, i gotta do some cry acting (In other words...you get to see me embarass myself :D) and i dedicated it to my lost girlfriend.

Mine is one of the very few ones that has a lil love in it <3!

Will said...

eloOMGmoto said:

"today is the day when Rob and Beth made their video to Coney Island. Coincedence that they release it the same day?"

Rob and Beth made their video to Coney Island April 27th. The Monster attacked on May 22nd. Perhaps we'll get something juicy on one or both of those dates. Maybe not...

Paul M said...

The MAIN attach happened at night. Correct.
But what time was the attach on Liberty Island??? You assume it was at night. Or was it? Was there a cover up in progress? Hmmm?
Think about this: in the film, we see Liberty's head roll down the street, THEN 5 seconds (or 1min in film terms) later you see the the monster a block away! Sorry the monster can't move that fast. Unless you believe this: the monster attacked Liberty Island, throw the Statue of Liberty head, then jump in the water, swim 1.5 miles, come back on land, run across lower Manhattan to North of Little Italy (whast this 3miles?), the catch up to the Liberty Head that, taht same monster just threw!... do you know how far that is? Superman might have trouble making that move let alone a 300+ ft Monster.

So maybe he still had Liberty's Head in his claws, or in his hide before he threw it?
Which was my angle of the film: Monster Attacks Liberty island, then takes a nap... until he gets bumped by an oil rig...
...or, OR there are TWO monsters :) So think about that.
Incident at Liberty Island

Jon Phillips said...

Well, as long as we're all plugging our videos...


I'd like to think of it as the plucky underdog, but really it's a video, and therefore it is nothing like a dog, which is alive and licks people. Plucky, maybe. It's certainly high up on the first page.

Eric Striffler said...

I love how everyone is plugging their videos here, yet complains to me for promoting mine.
Ahhhhh now I start ignoring those people because I KNEW everyone else was doing it ;D

Lawsae said...


Please check out mine, It has a actual script and decent acting.

Nick said...

Check out my video as well.