Saturday, July 28, 2007 - Major Updates

The Slusho website has undergone some MAJOR updates. All of the pages are now working, and each page has it's own music.

The new pages that are now working are:

• Store - where you can now buy T-shirts and hats
• Happy Talk - displays random Slusho! quotes
• Flavors - you can mix your own Slusho! flavors

I'll have a new post for each page as I dig a little deeper!

* Thanks to Robofish (the first to me know!)


  1. Look at the History page. The crab makes different faces when you click it. And the jelly fish is thinking of a hammer.

  2. maybe it wants smash the crab in the face with a hammer? :o the monster is a hammer weilding fish!!

  3. Maybe completely unrelated:

    In the mix your own flavor page there are two Asian fruits. The Nashi is an asian pear (also the name of a Russian violent youth movement). The Mikan is a, from wikipedia, "mutant" citrus fruit, like a mandarin orange. Incidentally, the Doctor in a 2005 Dr. Who episode (Tennant) saved the earth from alien invasion with a Mikan (also called a Satsuma from the Satsuma province).

    So... connections to mutants and aliens? Or red herring?


  4. I've also heard talk of the thought bubbles;

    The Donkey- Oven Mitt
    The Fish- Cheese
    The Jellyfish- Hammer

    ...M.C. Hammer? I highly doubt it, but that's just what I've heard.

  5. OK, so the clues for the download screen in the thought bubbles are

    As a kid, it was fun to hit coins with a hammer so I guess you could call a hammer a "quarter pounder."

    So, the three clues are

    a "Quarter Pounder" "mit" (with in German) "cheese!"

    The monster is Grimace!

  6. A rather bizarre idea I've had is that somehow Slusho (or the mysterious ingredient in Slusho) turns people into something else. This is an idea prevalent in Lovecraft (if indeed this movie has anything to do with Lovecraft), as is The Shadow Over Innsmouth where the townspeople are transforming into water creatures. I don't know, but the whole turning into a whale thing, and in Happy Talk the pig asks "Are you one of us?"

  7. Hey..If you go to the contest page and click view details, it takes you to a screen that has the monkey holding the cheese, the blue robot with the hammer, and the orange robot with the oven mitt.

  8. I could be way out there saying this... but I've been reasearching for a long time and I've come up with this:

    The Cheese: Not just any cheese mind you- Swiss Cheese. In common jargon, to have "Swiss Cheese" means to have an alibi with lots of whole in it. So just think about that for a moment.

    The Hammer: If i remember correctly (and I've seen this movie five times now) the Government goes on the Hammer-Down Protocol. Coincidence? Probably not- considering that NOTHING is coincidence with Abrams.

    The Oven-Mitt: I don't believe that it is actually an oven-mitt. I believe that it is the type of Glove Slusho uses to handle the liquid nitrogen used to keep the "Deep-Sea Nectar" cold.

    How are any of these related? I'm not sure, but we know they have meanings and we know they must be important.

  9. i caught the connection to the hammer-down protocol ... i'm just once again wondering if we are missing a deeper meaning.