Saturday, July 28, 2007

Now Slusho! Store Make You Look Cool!!!

The Slusho! store is now open for business.

Joop and his friends are having a fashion show to introduce the new Slusho! clothes. The Donkey, Fish, and Duck comment on the exciting couture:

Donkey: These clothes are FRESH - for you!!!
Fish: I wish I could wear the shirt, too!

The show's slogan -"Slusho! make you feel freezing. Now Slusho! make you look cool!!!"

Clicking on the link take you to a real online store where you can purchase t-shirts and hats.

Be careful with the t-shirt sizes - Shirts run extra tight for nice fit!


  1. on one of those supposed myspace profiles has a blog that mentions a Velociraptor....but I highly doubt that that is the big huge monster JJ would have wanted....

    But they are "in-game" and made by TPTB because in a blog on June 2nd he says "chugged a Slusho" and the Cloverfield trailer didnt come out until after that so they must be real i guess

  2. JOOP?!?!?!?!

    i've been probably the BIGGEST advocate for him!! hahaha

  3. okay.........2 things......

    1. "SLUSHO! IS PEOPLE!" ?????

    2. I'm SOOOOO ordering a shirt tonight!!!!!!

  4. by the way......slusho! has a myspace, too. is it real? dunno. appears to be legit. i'm thinking it's gonna' be the "mandrake wig" myspace for THIS "experience".

  5. dunno if anyone's "into" Batman, but here's the latest on the "ARG" going on with "the dark knight".

  6. i know this isnt relevant to the current post... but i just wanted to share

    i live in southern ca, and live about 15-20 minutes from where they've filmed some scenes for "slusho" (spring street and 6th street).
    i heard from friends today who went to work in downtown that there are notices all through downtown saying that there will be filming done today and tonight around 6TH St & Figueroa St. They said the notices quoted "military equipment", "weapons", and "explosions".
    i'm going to see if i can make it down there and "stumble on something". if anyone else can go, please do.
    so remember, around 6th street and Figueroa in downtown LA. For those of you who are familiar with the area, its within a block of the standard hotel (550 s flower st, l.a.,ca)

    If anyone from the area has already seen the notice, please share what you've seen. at this point im not clear that its a slusho filming, but the description of the new notice sounds very similar to the previous one (

  7. Mike, I hope you bring a camera. Heheh.

  8. sorry guys, i had no luck. i was prepped and ready to go but i had a sick girlfriend and two lame a__ friends bail on me last second... no one has the dedication i swear.
    im going to try and go tomorrow if i can. maybe i can at least shoot some pix of the filml.a. notice.

    and yes zelda gamer,
    i was packed down with cameras. 2mp on my cell phone, 5 on my compact nikon, and my digital slr...

  9. in case anyone cares, if you got to the slusho myspace you will see a comment written in japanese.

    i took it to a free translator website and came up with this really poor translation. it's obviously not word for word, but you can still make some sense out of it.

    "Beginning, it requested approved The occurrence everyday like the cloud continues, but at least in heart, we would like to keep continuing the kind of activity which can feel the blue sky. And, next year you aim toward the martial arts mansion! It is to have heard in everyone, but is your blue sky what?"

    wonder if it means anything?


  10. alsooo i forgot to add:

    at the end of that comment, under the image, i translated it and it says "edge bamboo rope"

    and i just translated the persons myspace name and it says "The edge bamboo rope (it is to obtain height)"

    that's odd...especially if it's relevant.


  11. nevermind i think.

    i looked into that person's page and apparently they are some sort of popular singer. i guess it's not connected, just a coincidence.

    wow. cloverfielding at 2am can really trick you! ha.

    i'm getting off of here. have a good night everyone.


  12. Heh, I know how it is, Katie. It's 2:45 right now. My friend has taken four semesters of Japanese and is going to Japan next year for a year of school - maybe I could ask him to try and translate?

    Hey Mike, good luck with the pics, yeah?

  13. The batman "game" is finished now though isnt it? The Joker said we'll "See him in December" so i guess thats when the big game starts... what ive read about TDK so far sems good though, especially with that phone number in the sky and one of the players getting to pose as the real joker

  14. i called the number. fun.

    and i don't think it's "over". it will probably do more as time goes on.

    besides, the "see you in december" came out BEFORE a lot of the other "links", etc. did.

    so, i think it's "on-going".

  15. sorry guys, i made the trip to downtown la to find the postings and i wasnt able to come across any... i'll go again next weekend and see if i can find new ones

  16. I've looked around and noone seems to be receiving or being charged for their shirts. So I don't think you can actually buy things from the store at all.
    So much for that theory about them just seeing how much money they can jack off you without even a film release.