Friday, July 27, 2007

JJ Abrams' Cloverfield speech at Comic-Con - VIDEO

UPDATED: Here is better video of the JJ Abrams speech at Comic-Con from
* The original video posted here was taken by the great and powerful TotenGraber!! Over 2100 views in 2 days!!!

You can see that JJ Abrams is wearing an INFOCOM t-shirt. You would think he would be wearing a Slusho t-shirt, but he's too cool for that :)

FYI, INFOCOM was the company that created the ZORK games in the early '80s. Maybe this is a CLUE! Will we see a Cloverfield text-adventure game?

Here is a transcript of the speech that I made:

This is going to be really, really quick,

I just want to say, I want a monster movie.
I want a great monster movie. I wanted a monster movie for so long.

and, I was in Japan over a year ago with my son, who's eight.
and all he wanted to do was go to toy stores, so I know he's my son.

and we went to all these stores and there were still all these Gozillas everywhere
and whats better than Godzilla?

And I thought, we need out own monster, like we need a monster movie

And I thought not like King Kong. I love King Kong. King Kong is adorable.
And Godzilla is a charming monster. We love Godzilla

But I wanted something that was just insane, and intense.

And so we started making this movie,
and we're making it for you right now
, and it's almost done shooting.
And I watch dailies, and I'm more excited about the movie itself than the trailer,
which has gotten an amazing response.
I can't thank you enough for that

I would say that we have six months before this movie comes out, it's a long time
And so, in the coming months, you're going to get a whole bunch of things:
  • You're going to get the real trailer
  • You're going to get the real poster
  • You're going to get to see the footage from the movie
  • And You'll get the real title
I don't give that today. But, I will give you today...

[Croud aaaawwwwwwwws!]

Oh COME ON! Please! You think we'd call it "Monsterous"? No.

We have something for you, which is that we have these posters that are made that are really cool. A series of four posters that everyones is going to get, and I hope you like those too.

I can not wait for January. You guys are the greatest. Thank you so much.


  1. He spilled a lot of beans on this one. It's about a an american monster movie. We only need to see now is how they handle the material.

  2. OMG. I grew up on Zork and the like. I would be so stupidly happy if Infocom turned out to be a clue. Maybe the monster is The Lurking Horror itself (a monster inspired by the Cthulhu mythos, if I recall).

    Although even if the Infocom t-shirt is not a clue, still, how cool is that? J.J. touting text-adventures! Hello, sailor! Long live Xyzzy!

  3. I totally see where he's coming from. We've been completely denied a true American monster movie for far too long. King Kong was a love story -- Kong wasn't attacking NYC, but running away from it.

    The Godawful Godzilla remake was nothing but a transplanted Japanese monster (much like Kong, he didn't seem to be really into destroying New York) created by the French.

    We have yet to see an American monster that plays to American fears. The closest, perhaps, would be a Romero-style zombie flick.

  4. A brief Internet search confirms my suspicions: Infocom's Lurking Horror (a title reminiscent of the Dunwich Horror?) was an homage to Lovecraft & the Cthulhu mythos. So-- if the Infocom t-shirt is indeed a clue, I'd say it's pointing us towards a very old, watery monster.

  5. I think we can only consider that this Lurking Horror has been an inspiration source for JJ's when creating the Cloverfield monster.

    No more conclusions can we make

    Infocom put a draw of one of the game's monsters in the box

    Here it is :

    Hum, quite sexy beast what ya think ?