Friday, July 27, 2007

Cloverfield Posters - Series of Four

JJ Abrams announced at Comic-Con that there is "a series of four posters" for Cloverfield. Each one has a different tag line - MONSTROUS, FURIOUS, TERRIFYING, and fourth with no title(?).

Collect all Four! Trade with Friends! I WANT!

I noticed there is a Bad Robot logo on the bottom left corner of the new posters!

* Thanks to High Voltage Media for the FURIOUS image!
* TERRIFYING poster available for sale on eBay


  1. awesome!
    i sure hope i can get them in germany. unfortunately we are always a little behind the buzz

  2. I did a whois on and it's registerd like I'm checking others right now.

  3. The other two aren't registerd to paramount. But on the others a name is Lester, Judson.

  4. There has been much discussion about the monster's general direction moving onto the island of Manhattan.. starting from the Statue of Liberty. I have not seen much discussion of the opposite, and I think there are a number of clues to lead us to believe the monster starts in Manhattan, and makes his way South.

    1) Giant Earthquake, which I think can be agreed upon is the monster surfacing from some subterranean abode.

    2) Massive explosion downtown, which could easily occur if an enormous monster riped through the myriad of utilities lying under Manhattan, just last week ONE steam pipe exploded and it blew a hole the width of a city street not to mention threw millions of tons of steam into the air.

    3) The SOL's head toss occurs AFTER the giant explosion, which even if not due to my explanation above would still imply the monster would be in proximity of the area of explosion in order to cause it. Therefore the monster had to make its way TO the SOL and not FROM the SOL.

    4) Shots were filmed at Coney Island which is almost due South from where the initial explosion occurs. Could they have been filming from the vantage point of Coney Island to look at Manhattan, of course. Although, I think I've laid down enough speculative evidence to show that the creature could in fact be moving off the island of Manhattan.

    People will argue, "well then why is everyone running, North, or uptown, wouldn't that imply the monster is making its way North as well?" It does imply that, but I think, in general, if there was a giant explosion downtown that would bode as formidable enough to get the hell away from. Also the quote is "I Saw it! It's Alive! It's Huge!" Does not state that "It's coming!" It could easily have been seen when it surfaced and people didn't feel like staying long round enough to ask it where it was going.

    Also, I do understand that it makes more sense for a monster to rampage the most densely populated Metropolitan area, but hey, who are we to say what are the discretions of a remorseless rampaging monster are. For all we know he was not amused by the SOL's smug gaze, and therefore set out to do something about it.

  5. The third is Poster is "Terrifying"

  6. Lester Judson (the owner of the new Paramount movie websites) seems like it could be an anagram to me.

  7. what is it has all links to pharmaceutical websites.

  8. There is also new hidden text at

    "knowing art by name is not as important as knowing art by site"

    Shushozoom! is what the kids say at, and it has it's own webpage. The pictures all correlate (albeit it loosely) to the movie to some degree. Sending the an E-mail gives an auto reply to the effect of using a bazooka. Oddly enough, one of the pics also links to the wikipedia page about bazookas...

  9. Being that we have found that the things about this movie are being found in the smallest of details, is everyone ABSOLUTELY SURE that all four posters are the exact same except for the word along the top?

  10. I'm not horribly up on all the Cloverfield Project lore, but are we certain that the slushozoom site is not just a fan site? The site's construction seems pretty elementary to me.

  11. Absolutely could be a fan site...

    It's been referenced in this blog however, so I just like to keep people updated.

  12. Alright, I guess that's that...

    F Slushozoom

  13. Very cool. These posters remind me of the poster campaign for the X-Files movie, which I loved (the posters, although I dug the movie too).

  14. To go along with Warrior (about the monster actually LEAVING the city), look at the debris falling from the statue of liberty in the poster. It's still falling and flaking off, meaning that the statue was decapitated sooner rather than later.

  15. Sill doesn't explain why the Statue is facing the city... The statue faces away from the city to welcome visitors to the harbor.

  16. i looked at the poster in depth and noticed something. one of the buildings has a very similar face to the one in the hair of the two women.
    here's a photoshop of the two photos side-by-side

    i know we've all agreed that the hair-face was just hair and lighting, but its a little creepy don't you think?

  17. dez, looks about right to me...
    heres a comparison photo

  18. the more i look at the posters, the more i realize that the sheer magnitude of this "monster" must be ginormous (what? its a real word now. it was just added to webster's dictionary)...
    upward slashing/striking motion on the statue of liberty, and large downward motions used on the buildings.. (yah i watch too much csi.)if the statue is about 46meters tall, that makes the monster pretty large itself.. also.. looking at the lower portions of the buildings, im guessing that this thing can either kick, has a big tail, or one really big booty that makes j-lo's look like it belongs to an olsen twin.

    and anyone else notice the wake in the water? seems like the sun has come up, and the wake hasnt settled in the water....

  19. This picture is almost the same angle as the poster:

  20. I still think its Cthulhu. JJ Abrams wants an American monster, well, Howard Philips Lovecraft gave him one.

    I'm gonna look up the theoretical/literary location of R'Lyeh. I thought it was in the south pacific, but I'll double check.

  21. it look like there is a rippling in the water like something big is under it swimming and it seem that its coming from the statue of liberty but there is still devbrie falling from the statue so for the monter to claw off the statues head throw it and then submerg and then swim/walk to the city from the statue and doing all this brfore the debrie fell from the statue is unlikely unless its a giant with superpowers lol well it looks like i shot a hole in my own theroie

  22. i would say that the monster threw the head of SOL thus causeing the hole type thing in the city on the right but u can see claw marks on some of the buildings and by the way if no1 has said this yet there is a theroie thats theres 3 monster which would explain how all this stuff is going on but i think theres just 1

  23. Hey Guys, has someone followed the lead of the slashz graffitti on the wall in the trailer?

    I tryed to enter, then went to, and when trying to know who registered it, an ad of appeared.

    don't know if this thing is just crap or if it has something to do with the movie.


  24. nobody here is thinking about THE END OF THE EARTH. The revelation?!?!?!

    Everybody is talking about a monster.
    J.J. didn´t say there is a monster. Montrous don´t means that there is a monster.

    All that i have seen until now in all websites is driving my thoughts to the "end of the world".

    J.J. is so smart to work in another stupid monster movie.

    ps: sorry, my english is bad. I´m from Brazil.

  25. Daniela,

    Actually he DID say that he is making a monster movie. Check out the transcript from JJ Abrams speech.

  26. the monster maybe looks like a demon or a ghost... not a huge creature or animal, like a giant lion.

    i think J.J. is preparing something different.

  27. oh, Dennis, tks for the information.

  28. okay for ppl who think has anything to do with the whole 1-18-08, it doesn't.

  29. could it e that maybe the monstor DID go to the SOL first .. maybe the debris is just falling off over time .. that's just my input

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  31. I'm kind of leaning toward the Revelations of the "beasts" of revelations was Leviathan..a huge sea thingy < yes, that's my official term>..and in the Slusho.JP site, they speak of a whale drinking slusho. Perhaps, it's a genetically altered whale, fulfilling the prophecy? Then again, I'm basically just rambling :)

    and also..theres a new pic on of an asian man with something on a tray. the back is written in < chinese, japanese, korean?> < forgive me but I'm not sure>
    can anyone translate?

  32. wow... slushozoom was discredited at comicon.. JJ said only the and 1-18-08 were the only two sites found.. SO that debunks the parasite and slushozoom and ethan haas. SECONDLY if you have done any research you would know that the name was supposed to be monstrous but! after the leaked poster hit the web, JJ set out to rename the movie because he did not want the title released yet... there is no set of posters.. there is too much false information floating around in the web right now. the started this viral waaay too early and now aren't providing enough info. the hype is dieing down and i think this movie is going to flop. it went from my list of i cant wait, to the who cares, when is the dark knight coming out??

  33. one thing that nobody is noticing are the military helicopters in the posters. Since they are they, some time must have passed and allowed them to get there. So all this debris falling and swimming talk in useless. If the choppers were news ones then it would explain them being there so early. But i think that since they are military the monster is already in the city and the ripples are from it leaving the city. How would the ripples still be there if it happend a long time ago. And if the monster was in the city, wouldnt the choppers be facing the city and not the water?

  34. guys, i am surprised no one actually seen that the monster himself is hidden in the poster. u can clearly see it at top right of the image.

    check this vid for more infos :

    i made the vid, and i was the first to see the screener in nyc without efx.

  35. also, the monster himself is called ''tagruanu'' from the movie.

    and to give u a lil info along with the link on slusho, the monster tagruanu was in fact the son of ''mother'' (nature obviously). and man along with his machine to dig in the abyssal sea to find petroleum, awaken tagruanu. but what they didnt know, is that petroleum was mixed with tagruanu's fluid that they call the seabed nectar. this fluid could heal every known disease and make a human being as fresh as the grass.

    but problem is tagruanu's blood is in slusho and its called so no danger. but as soon as the slusho drink comes into fusion next to a hot source, it can be harmful because its a virus.

    and then, people who drank slusho and exposed to high temperature can explode.

    we learn in the movie that the seabed nectar is tagruanu's sperm.

    so for the man = explosion
    for the female = they give birth to small tagruanu.

    the rest i dont tell.

    but the story goes far, its just not a monster movie. there is a surprising end that will reveal why
    the lady was held and why the military guys were shooting in the streets of NY.

    all i can tell u is that the small tagruanu looks like the hydras from starcraft, without arms. they just slide in mass, and that explain the
    2 rail thingy on the movie poster. tagruanu is at top right.