Sunday, July 29, 2007

Slusho Happy Talk

The Happy Talk page features a large mouth that opens up, and one of the various Slusho! characters is inside. All of the characters, and some new ones, appear saying various strange Slusho! quotes, then get swallowed up by the giant mouth. The title of the page is "Your Slusho! Quotes", so these may have some from the emails sent to Satoshi.

Here are all of the current quotes:
  • I'm HAPPY, RIGHT NOW...Thanks to you!!!
  • I am so happy, but I wish I had some Slusho! Then I would be even more happy.
  • Are you one of us?
  • Happy, am I happy? Of course I am. I love Slusho. I enjoy your product, and I feel Ganu's dream when I drink it. Thanks for turning me into a whale... keep up the good work.
    Slusho is people!!!
  • I have had six slusho. Can I have a Slusho T-Shirt, size xxxl? Much thank you!
  • I have to complement you on your beverage, which I sampled on a recent trip to Hokkaido! Very delicious! Please bring it to America soon!
  • I love Slusho!, it's the greatest thing I've ever tasted!!!
  • I've never had a drink better than Slusho! It's so yummy!!!!
  • Am I a whale????
  • Help! I had 7 ... is that bad?
  • Slusho, I am very happy! I really can't drink just six!!!!!! I want to thank you! Also I thank Noriko, because she created the best thing ever! I'm happy!
  • Slusho is the best drink ever! It makes my tastebuds ring! Keep up the good work!!!


  1. What about the Flavor section?
    Appears they are mechas... as in Robotech or Power Rangers??????

  2. I just read the entire Slusho history. Holy shit. Tell me that doesn't sound like the sinister premise for a Lovecraftian level mad science movie.

    The creator goes to sea and disappears? The son goes to the lab to cook something up and has a dream that tells him to take the potion and he turns into a whale?

    C'mon, even if its not Cthulhu proper, my money is still on a Lovecraftian-esque film.

    I think this slusho site is sinister.

  3. A giant whale? Although I don't know how threatening that could be if it can't even leave the water. A giant amphibian? And in the trailer, it kinda sounds like "It's a LION, it's huge!" instead of "ALIVE". Uggh I don't know. J.J. is making me crazy; it's worse than the Lost Experience.

  4. not to mention, it left "claw marks" on buildings and threw lady liberty's head several miles. AND........a large, fiery explosion.....ummmmm my money's on "not a whale".

  5. :S!! How can you read that description of a Whale like creature who breathes fire and has 3 claws and not realise what it is?! Have you never seen this??? Thats OBVIOUSLY the real monster!!!!

  6. AAAHHHHHHHH!!! Shamoo-zillla!!!!!

  7. haha. yeah, that explains it. hahaha.

    what if it's............"TELE-TUBBIES VS. BARNEY"?????

  8. You guys are reading too much into this Slusho drink. I assure you it's not essential to the storyline.

  9. i disagree...i think it is a bit
    but still entirely original
    and i think that slusho is the industry that is wreaking all the havoc and that the history section is important...but we have found all the clues there were to find for now
    we won't make new discoveries until a new trailer is released

  10. Yeah, I think that if it's not Cthulhu himself, it'll be a Lovecraft inspired back story.

    I'd also not take the whale translation too seriously. I'd read that as code for 'giant monster man' .

  11. speaking of sinister, how creepy is it that you can see the characters between the big mouth's teeth before the mouth opens up? yeeg.

  12. I'm really starting to think these are just emails sent to Satoshi (Slusho webmaster) since people found out about the site 'til now, maybe mixed in with a few fake ones. E.g.: Are you one of us? (reference to Ethan Haas Was Right, back when that was a possibility)
    Slusho is people!!! (parody of Soylent Green)

  13. Haven't seen anyone find this, but it's from a document on Japan's Nuclear Power industry..

    Figure 1 shows the initial and modified site location of the nuclear project and the structure of property right ownership. The project is situated in west Hokkaido in the Ganu region, which consists of Kyowa, Iwanai and Kamoenai towns and Tomari village. Three important locational characteristics of the initial site were important in the context of community negotiations. First, although the containment vessel was to be be located in Kyowa town, the inlet and outlet cooling water pipes were to be located underground through Tomari village.

    Bold emphasis mine.

  14. @Rob: I had a go at investigating Hokkaido and you clearly did a lot better than me as I found nada!
    "Ganu region" - hello there, Mr Clue!
    Also: "cooling water pipes" - we already know that Slusho is a cold drink that should be kept cold. Interesting...

    I've been toying with a theory that the different animals on the site are different flavours and the secret special flavour is a seventh and the mystery creature!
    Might explain why the monster is so annoyed...
    Just a theory and not one I've put much thought into.

  15. This is a line from the slusho website source code:

    meta name="keywords" content="Slusho, water, zoom, happy, power, fish, donkey, frog"

    any ideas why those 8 things are keywords?

  16. Just a thought but one of the critters said that Slusho is People. a possible reference to Soylent Green

  17. Here are some of the more random quotes from the page.

    "How do I know there was a toothbrush for the door?"

    "Donkey, monkey, Slusho!? Yes, I am contented."

    I'm pretty sure they mean something. I tried them through an anagram solver but came up with nothing. Any ideas?