Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fresh for you!!

Here are the latest news stories about Cloverfield / 1-18-08:


  1. great articles... i've read three of them before already, haha.

    for those of you on greatestjournal, here's a community for you guys:

  2. The irony of that AICN story is that Moriarity whinges about being victimized by news outlets that don't properly cite AICN as being the source of certain stories.

    It's ironic because Moriarity himself then proceeds in the very same post to not give credit to the people who have been establishing the link between EHWR and Mind Storm Labs -- work that AICN has done absolutely NONE of. Rather, I and a number of other people (many on Unfiction forums, some not) have done almost all of the work on the evidence for that connection.

    But now that AICN mentions it in passing, news outlets across the web are crediting AICN with that discovery.

    AICN is a joke living in a glass house.

  3. I don't know why everyone hates AICN. Sure, it's sleazy-tabloid style "reporting," but let's face about three months a pic of the 1-18-08 monster is going to be online...and my money's on AICN.

    I think the guys that run it are greasy creeps--but they get the job done.

  4. You misread the AICN article. They make no claim of Abrams stealing anything from them. Their claim is that an entertainment writer put out a story consisting entirely of info that had already been put out by AICN. AICN appears to be quite dedicated JJ fans.

  5. and like most other TABLOIDS, it's filled with half-truths. it's not that people who know what they're about HATE THEM. no. it's that they aren't very trustworthy. that's all.

  6. Ken said... You misread the AICN article.

    I was just poking a little fun at AICN for be whiners.

  7. I agree Dennis and TheOne. I have never bothered to read AICN until now, and "Moriarty" does sound pretty cheeky and egotistic, and there was no need to call the 9News guy an asshole. It makes Moriarty sound like the kind of self-righteous nerdy punk who has to boost his ego by saying, "Nyah-nyah I said it first, I'm the king!" And he certainly doesn't have to tell us LOST, Bad Robot, or Abrams fans how to go along for the ride of a new Abrams project. Sheesh.

    It's also getting annoying the way so many articles about it now are saying that the trailer is filmed "Blair Witch style". No one in the trailer is looking into the camera and letting their snot and tears drip onto the lens (not yet, anyway). It's just a handheld camera shoot for cryminee sakes.

  8. Your blurb for the AICN story is completely incorrect.