Monday, July 16, 2007

Hidden Faces

Do you see the faces? Have you seen any other hidden faces?


  1. I see the first and last but can't really make out the second one.

  2. It looks like a skull, looking towards the left. Sort of like this.

  3. eh.....kinda'.

    but the third i think is really "reachin".

  4. OK can you find Waldo? LOL

    1. I can see a face of some kind of demon. I belive that we are ment to see the demon in this photo. Look at the pupil on the left actress. It does show a gray tint in it.

    2. I do see a smoke skull. Bt I think this may be just an illusion. I say this because look at the eye on the left side it overlaps the building. So maybe.

    3. I have to agree I do not see much there. I think our minds are so warpped that we are seeing things.

    I still say Waldo is in there somewhere.


  5. I think it's our eyes wanting to find an image. It's the same thing with staring at clouds and seeing things, or seeing demons in the 9/11 footage.

  6. 1st image resembles an ultrasound pic of a being with a freak head...almost looks like the heads from the movie Antz like this one

  7. I see the faces, but I don't think it meens anything. They're just coincidences.

  8. Hidden faces? How about hidden numbers?

    I'm surprised that nobody has brought this forth yet, what with so many people scouring the tailer. Re-watch the very end of the trailer, when the guy who said "You owe me eleven dollars" shows up to state "This'll be the best night of your life" (or something to that effect). Do your best to hit pause just before the screen turns black, and, in the upper-right of the screen, there's a black "8."

    Similarly, the creepy guy in the corner of the party photo on has a "9" tagged onto him, and as the party-goers rush out to the streets to see the SOL head come rolling down, on the back of someone's shirt is a "0."

    All of these numbers are solitary, and perhaps, if more were found, they could be pieced together to form a phone number or something.

    Silly, I know, but it holds more water than Hair+Light=Face.

  9. Not so crazy, Wu-tangc, in light of every other path we've been down with LOST, TLE, etc.

  10. i dont know wat u guys r talking about in the 3rd picture it looks like a lion or something with fangs and a small nose or something and in the 1st i think that might just be there hair i dunno

  11. OK, i know I'm a little behind on all these comments but everyone is speculating that it could be all these monsters. And everyone is searching everywhere for these monsters. But I know for a fact that I see a smoke monster. I mean I know I see black smoke for certain. Monstrous black smoke. Once I saw the bad robot logo I knew instantaneously that it had something to do with the hit ABC show. Clues everywhere point to it and there are several similarities. You really didn't see the full smokie until season 2 of the show. And let's be honest, that's the reason why everyone was watching the show... to figure out what the hell that thing was. Now season 3 has come to a close and we realized that they've all escaped, the monster is still a security system. It could leave the island.... or get confused and mistake Manhattan for its new island or thing to protect. A primitive monster. Maybe it was trying to make the statue of liberty into the four-toed statue. C'mon, I'm using what I have here.
    And oh 1-18-08. January 08.... 108....