Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Slusho Zoom!

Here is definite proof that the Slusho website and the Cloverfield trailer are connected.


  1. I am very perplexed by the potholder donkey and the swiss cheese fish on Slusho. Although currently I am at a loss as to what to do about making sense of them. And also for the record I can not believe I got sucked into this!

  2. Melissa_Lossa said... There is speculation that the trailer is not for a movie at all, but actually a new TV show. I find this a bit far fetched, but there you go.

    The trailer says "In Theaters 1-18-08"

    I just finished my screenshots, which will be up shortly.

  3. Dennis, I'm looking forward to hearing the podcast. Anything you can do to summarize what we think goes with the Bad Robot project and what goes with the video game will be welcome.

    If all that goes with that trailer so far is Slusho's half put together site, then the movie people should have hired the EthanHaas people instead of whoever they hired. After the memos on spiking beverages last summer, I'd beware drinking one Slusho, much less 6.

  4. Speaking of screen shots, i thought i could add some help here. (i hope this is not old info). i looked around and i didn't see anyone with this info. maybe this can help

    The address of the building next to where the clover field trailer takes place 401 Broadway

    Note: For a map from the Statue of Liberty to 401 is here,+ny&f=d&hl=en&sll=40.700422,-74.044762&sspn=0.122073,0.32135&layer=c&ie=UTF8&ll=40.704717,-74.017296&spn=0.061032,0.160675&t=k&z=13&om=1&cbll=40.718528,-74.002626

    Is that a url on the fridge?
    (btw i circled the URL i saw Has on the fridge but with the new info it might not matter)

    This plate on the care could the numbers help in any case?

  5. Potholder donkey and swiss cheese indeed! My nephs and I were cracking up over that Ange.

    Yes Memphish, tainted chocolate and softdrinks are number one items on our don't-trust list now!

    Thanks for the links Ricky.

  6. Im here to help. I hope someone can geta break into something new. im going to really active on this capcom so message me anytime.

  7. okay, dennis - I'm not going to hang out here if you're just going to dispute my posts with things like facts! ;)

  8. ah man! Thought I'd just check this arg out...darn if I'm not getting hooked!
    Did anyone discover anything from the or was it what you see is what you get?

  9. I stumbled on what I think the blue mitt means. Google blue mitt and you come across a silicon oven mitt made by a company called Orka. I referenced this based on Abrams email to AICN when the words ASS, THAT, and FOUND are all caps. The floating horse in the sea at is an "ass" or "mule". Still digging into the cheese. Hint: there was an old comic book villain called Orka that Thor and the Avengers used to battle.

  10. anybody find it strange that a article on arg's(altarnate reality games) just was released on game informer mag with a nother article on a new game called end of world my suggestion find the sixth letter of every word or every sixth word or every sixth letter of every sixth word on both articles i havent tried it yet but will try soon

    also on one of the thumbnails regarding the trailer stills you can see the number 401 and the name of a street but you cant tell name of the street i tried google maps to see if i could spot that building to spot the location but is very hard to tell. another one i found is that in a screen cap a girl wears a shirt saying switerland

  11. Yes, I noticed the Switzerland girl as well and think it means something because of the "swiss cheese" the fish is thinking of at I also notice a theme of three letter initials. AKM, ABZ, ACE, and now I noticed ACA on a shop awning on the left just before the head comes into sight. I also noticed what looks like "Dead" graffiti'd on the back of a street sign next to the head when it comes to a stop.

  12. hey guys i went to
    i saw the horse kept sayin slusho zoom
    so i typed in
    that took me to a weird site with a couple of picture links one of which leads back to
    i clicked and dragge the mouse down the page and sumthings that r in white are shown
    once says "the meek shall not inhereit the earth" and another says "all is not as it seems"

  13. When you look at the source code this is what it says in the header

    Slusho Zoom January 18 2008
    meta name="keywords"
    "Slusho Zoom January 18 2008"
    "description" content="Slusho Zoom January 18 2008"

    also the pages all link to things, and down at the bottom those periods link to a page about an Energy drink called "Cocaine" And about the Cholera vaccine...

  14. Have you guys logged into slushozoom and clicked on the pictures? There are a few references to the number 6. When you click on the bath fund, there is hidden text as well as a line that says, "Please wait 6 days for a response." Also, the reference on slusho about drinking 6 is also on there. The middle picture goes to the movie database and shows a frankenstein movie. Either someone created the website as a joke, or all of these are related and telling us clues of what is really going on..

  15. Ok this is something that caught my eye so I have to comment.

    At the bottom of the page there seems to be a few dots or characters that go to some vaccine factory in Sweeden. This is what caught my eye. I was reading the web page and notice the Operations Software called Wonderware. This is a legit software that I use every day. Then as I read on it says something about placing the vaccine into a "drink". Maybe Slusho?

    Now after looking at all the pictures and going to all the sites they all make sense on comming togeter.

    One site is about how to make Neufchatel cheese if you are a Kid. You also notice it says CIA kids.

    Another picture takes you to a Gene disorder site and how they happen.

    And then there is the Japanesse picture that takes you to a movie web site. The movie is about a Japanesse Frankenstine called Gargantua. I have seen this film a long time ago back in the late 70's. There are 2 versions one that is Japanesse and one that is not. Both of them have to do with an experement gone bad.

    All these things seem to make sense for the movie.

    Slusho has a fish thinking of cheese and a donkey thinking of cooking mits.
    Japanesse influance.
    Add it with a gene mutated animal.
    Top it off with a vaccine to cure or kill the beast.
    You get Cloverfield.

    Sorry have no idea on how to use spell check.


    PS anyone find Waldo yet in the pics?

  16. Whichever post i read first regarding the website "", i thank you greatly; however blatantly i was bombarded with the statement at "" i didn't think to reference it.

    This website truly peaked my curiosity, and brought up a few key points.

    while we are all aware of the pictures posted on the site and the hidden text, i will point out a few things that stood out the most for me.

    When studying each URL linked to the pictures and the actual URL name of the pictures themselves, some interesting information arises.

    (1)The first picture is named "birth" and links to a site about genetic / cell mitosis - replication - miosis - MUTATION - ABNORMALITIES - etc.. (possibly a clue about our monster's creation or "birth")

    (2)The 25 cent bath house donation is also peculiar, apart from the additional hidden text, "bath houses" are traditionally related to japan and japanese culture. (not to be an anime geek but if anyone can recall the Miyazaki film "Spirited Away" which is about a bath house plagued by a horrible ghost/monster. Also a japanese reference.)

    (3)The middle picture is what REALLY caught my eye and struck me as useful information. First off it is named "Seceret" (if you view the pictures properties) but when clicked on, you are taken to an IMDB page referencing a 1966 japanese monster film, with a plot summary referring to an (a.) gigantic sea monster that attacks a ship. (b.) brown and green frakenstein-like creatures that are 100 feet tall, and wage war on themselves and all of japan. (c.) the two creatures can spawn more monsters from themselves which futher their destruction of the earth. (d.) and finally, both the PICTURE ITSELF of a Geisha (japanese) and the japanese movie page at IMDB that perfectly ties together the theme of a MONSTER MOVIE and JAPAN, both of witch are riddled throughout the JJ Abrams teaser trailer.

    The rest of the site shows a picture of the statue of liberty (named Ladyinwaiting?) which links to a recipe for cheese, the only points of interests being a bunch of references to temperature (63 degres) and "undisturbed - do not disturb". And that it is a french cheese, which is also the origin of the statue of liberty herself (france).

    the other (2) pictures are of, one abstract painting which is named Cloverfield but no link as of july 17th, and the slusho logo with the saying "bet you cant drink just 6", which links you to the website.

    It's of no coincidence i'm sure that there are 6 pictures on the site, as that (6) also seems to be a key theme.

    possibly the two (.) and (..) links that both refer to phamaceuticals and drugs mean that foreign substances will play a vital roll in the creation and destruction of this new "monster".

    has anyone donated the 25 cents or e-mailed the contact link on the site? please keep us posted if any new information is gathered from this.

    hope some people found this useful, although i may be looking entirely too deep into this; isn't that exactly what we are being told we should do?

  17. Ok, so on the bath house page, the hidden text at the bottom states "things are not always as they seem."
    Now after seeing this, I decided to send the 25 cent donation, and after completing the transaction via paypal , it said "Your order is complete and will be shipped to [my address]. So I'm guessing by saying things are no always as they seem, it means that this is not a donation, but an order of some sort? Just a thought.

  18. I think we got taken for the 25 cents.

  19. Slushozoom updates...
    New picture linking to Wikipedia/bazooka.

    Bath Fund site now has IE label of Donation for newsletter Slusho news

    The dots at the bottom are becoming letters. Now it looks like T. I.. (you have to highlight this to see the letters)

    I paid the 25 cents also. We'll see what happens I guess

  20. I saw on another site a couple of pictures supposedly taken on the set of cloverfield. One was a picture of Bazookas. I tried finding the site again, with no luck of course. I'll keep digging.

  21. It does say to wait 6 days. Maybe on July 24th you guys will receive something or get an e-mail from someone.

  22. The Bath House is now closed.

    Also another picture is posted with a link to Warner Bros. Studios.


  23. The picture linking to Warner Brothers is called Demonsfly.jpg. It has the year (?) 1868 on the statue.

  24. spazzman890 pointed out that you need to keep the cheese at 63 degrees. That's what temperature at the time of the explosion in the movie trailer (according to the new station).

  25. did you all see that link memphis posted in the "monstrous" movie poster thread...


    talks about Ziz a flying monster/demon....demonsfly.jpg??

  26. As said by Spazzman 890 on the 17th, there is a connection between the IMDB entry: Furankenshutain no kaij├╗: Sanda tai Gaira (which is linked by the Geisha picture on and the History posted on the Slusho website. Both stories speak about a vessel and its demise at sea. The creator of Slusho Noriko Yoshida travels out to sea to find the tastiest ingredient and is never heard from again. Furankenshutain no kaij├╗: Sanda tai Gaira begins with an attack on a freight vessel.

    Also if you Google just the name "Satoshi" from the E-mail, it brings up a wikipedia article on Satoshi Tajiri who developed Pokemon (or poket monsters). The lead character Ash Catchum was also named after Satoshi, could this be related to Rob's role against the monster?

  27. slushozoom on AIM responded to me...its just a person...holding out for a tshirt he said...or she...dunno...

    hehe...oh well...

  28. I sent an E-mail to and got this in response

    Subject: I can hear it from hear..

    Bring out the Bazzoookaa's - You only get one shot!

    Please don't stand there..

    Can someone else write them an E-mail and see if the response is similar

  29. I emailed them, and got the same response!

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  31. I saw somewhere a gut posted a clip from a movie"Phantom From 10000 Leagues" there is a part where a guy hands a scientist guy a gun with a radioactive bullet? He tells him " Dont miss you only have one shot"

  32. Im sure you all know that Clover Field is what the Santa Monica Airport used to be called, but I found an interesting link between Clover Field and Warner Bros. "Things are not always as they appear" I found a site where some guys found the slusho website registration information. Some of the numbers correspond to SM airfield.

    "Together with Warner Bros. studio set designers, they made the plant and airstrip disappear--at least from the air."

  33. Hello, folks. Just FYI I just emailed and got the same response, except with the addition of "Colossus" at the end:

    "Bring out the Bazzoookaa's - You only get one shot!

    Please don't stand there..


    Which is of course the name of the Goya painting at the top middle of the page. And what Harry Knowles thinks is the title of the movie.

    The movie referred to by jake is The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, which is the ORIGINAL revived-monster-on-the-loose movie which in turn inspired Toho's Godzilla, er, Gojira... funny, when I got that message, I was racking my brain for where I'd heard something like that before... it was that YouTube clip, the trailer for the Beast movie (which by the way is still prety creepy and effective, with all the foreboding voiceovers at the beginning, as well as the Beast itself.) ALSO: as seen in the end of the clip, the Beast dies at Coney Island (the rollercoaster can be sen in flames in the background) and there was a report of the Cloverfield crew shooting scenes at Coney Island! Coincidence?

    By the way: "Gojira" was supposedly a combination of "whale" and "gorilla."

    "Extinct does not mean dead."
    Are we talking genetic traces of past evolutionary forms dormant in the human genome? Mollusk-fish-reptile-bird-mammal-human? Is the whale important because it is the one case of an evolutionary reversal (mammal returning to the sea)?

  34. BTW sorry for the typos. I blame my thick clumsy sausage fingers.

  35. The YouTube "Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" clip.
    "Just remember one thing: this the only radioactive isotope of its kind this side of Oak Ridge... so you can't miss."

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  37. jgilbert2

    "I also notice a theme of three letter initials. AKM, ABZ, ACE, and now I noticed ACA on a shop awning on the left just before the head comes into sight."

    ACE is also found on the sign on the building where they are standing on the roof. When a fire ball flys down and they run for the door the ball illuminates the sign and it says 2004 ACE.
    Hope it helped.

  38. Has anyone noticed the cups at the bottom of the Slusho site? If you make the full cups stand for units-of-ten, and the empty cups units-of-one you come up with a interesting number.
    Left side =18, Right side = 35
    The year 1835! When New York had a major fire destroy large parts of the city. Look it up.

  39. About

    when you read the website carefully, you notice that the little animals tell you what kind of taste they like. and on you have the chance to mix 6 tastes to your very own slusho-mix-dink. well, when i am right you have to understand all the informations and mix a drink with the right combination of the 6 tastes. when you did this, the robot, wich gets created should be all over painted(no white places on it anymore) and new informations will be released on
    just an idea, what do you think?

    and please let me draw your attention to
    you can see there some photos. when you click wih your mouse on a photo which is on the top( no corners of other photos may be on it), hold the button of your mouse and move your mouse very fast. the pictures turn around and on some photos, something is written on the back.

    an one more thing: stay on this page for some minutes. you can hear the scream of the monster...

    does anyone know, what this could mean?

  40. So I emailed as well and there is another addition at the end. "Thats going to leave a mark.."