Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monstrous Poster - High Res

(Click the photos to see full-size)

Kristen FTW!

It looks like the first photo came from Kristen at Nice work!

What is this thing?? Notice the:

• Huge gash marks where the head was torn off, and on the buildings
• Huge round hole through the city
• Trail marks in the water
• Helicopters flying over the city


  1. cool pic, FYI the tagline for the main page says "Cloverfiled Clues", while the web address is "cloverfield clues", another JJ Abrams conspiracy?

  2. I have NO idea what you are talking about :)

    Thanks for the spell check!

  3. Looks like there is also some claw marks from something with 3 "fingers" in the side of the building.

  4. Sorry for the double post, but I also noticed, if you look in the bottom pic:

    I could be seeing things because I am trying to hard, but it looks to me as if that spooky mystic smoke stuff takes the shame of a skull (kinda like the Punisher's skull, not that I think they are related). Also the smoke in that part of the picture looks more "ectoplsm-esque" than the rest of the smoke in the pic. IMO, this could mean that perhaps this monster is really some satanic ghostly thingy.

    Just another thought.

  5. Notice the poster has like some scan lines on Its surface. They seem to form a head at the top of the poster. Can anybody look into this? The gloss on the picture doesnt help.

  6. lol, why do people keep taking picuters of this thing. And now apparently someone went home, brought out their expensive fancy hi-res digital camera and snapped a picture of it for greater detail.

    And yet we're all so broke we can't possibly buy it for $15 and pull it out of its cover. :P

    but seriously, are they refusing to sell it yet or why has every picture I've seen of this been in the store?

  7. The "scanlines" are a reflection of shelfs across from the poster.

  8. Britian said... lol, why do people keep taking picuters of this thing. And now apparently someone went home, brought out their expensive fancy hi-res digital camera and snapped a picture of it for greater detail. And yet we're all so broke we can't possibly buy it for $15 and pull it out of its cover. :P but seriously, are they refusing to sell it yet or why has every picture I've seen of this been in the store?

    The lady that took those pictures had this to say:

    A few people on the IMDB wondered why I didn't BUY a poster or talk to the vendor. The answer is: No, I'm not a cheapskate or an idiot. The booth was closed as the vendor is on his/her way to Comic-Con. I took the above photos through a locked gate/grid. It's the best I could do. Luckily, Comic-Con starts tomorrow and I'm sure we'll soon have EVEN BETTER images to ogle.

  9. has anyone pointed out the face/s in this monstrous poster? I see one in the condensed weird matrix lines/clouds at top left. Also in the negative image there is a larger one. This one looks like an X-ray of a skull. With the right eye Where the M in monster is. It looks complete with nose and teeth. I also see something symmetrical in the wake above the 1-18-08 that doesn't mirror the air above it. The crescent of the wake looks like a saucer with an alien head cut below the eyes if you turn it 180 degrees.

  10. I saw the skull in the top left as well, but I figured it was probably a reflection of a product in the store.

    It seemed to realistic to be part of the artwork on this poster.

  11. I also see a gray figure with a raised fist in between the space of buildings on the right of the damage.

  12. I think the monster hit the head to where the kids with the camera were. Many people have been syaing that it seems impossible for the head to travel that distance. But why would he scoop it up (as you can see in the picture the claw marks come up to it as if scooping it up).You can also hit it that way like slapping it. That waht i tihnk happend.

  13. It passes the Statue of Liberty first so if it had slapped the head it would have landed before the loud roar and explosian that they witness while on the roof.

  14. That's a lot of smoke for damage caused by only a big clawed creature. Fire-breathing involved perhaps? (Or just bad gas from eating the statue of liberty?)

  15. Who says there's only one monster?

    I'd agree that the monster would have to have some sort of fire-breathing or explosion causing abilities. I mean, is there anything in that area that would cause such an explosion if destroyed?

    Perhaps the explosion was caused by the army or something. When they ran downstairs, weren't there soldiers? Or was that just in the photos? But anyway, if the explosion was caused by the army, they could have been trying to drive it out of the city, and so that could be why the head of the statue of libery came after the explosion, as it was leaving.

    Or perhaps the monster is able to fly, and so it ripped the head off, carried it for a while and used it as a projectile.

  16. My guess is that the smoke came from that big fat explosion we saw in the trailer.... that would make sense...whether the monster or the army made that is debatable but my guess is that it is the monster

  17. ok so does anyone agree with "fat lazy guy"?
    because the most viable theory i've come across is at

    he states that it's not just one monster but 3, coming straight out of the old testament in the bible. one from land(Behemoth), one from the sea(Leviathan- which also breaths fire), and one from the sky(Ziz,most likely how just the head could be removed from the statue of liberty). he also ties in the slusho webpage. if you visit the site,, you will notice the only working links are the opening page(land),& two others which feature the kids floating with ballons in the sky & then under water.

    it really makes alot of sense seeing the amount of damage & claw marks & fire that these 3 monsters could be involved. and it also ties in the demonic & skull sitings in the pics on 1-18-10 & now this new poster because these monsters are part of an armagedon.

  18. I took a look at the link you posted sarah. Alot of it would make sense to the trailer, but im not convinced...
    1. The guy who posted it was not JJ Abrams, it was some guy from a game forum site.
    2. If it was more than one monster...why would the title be called monstrous? And also if it's bible related wouldn't the title fit more of a Revelations ordeal?
    3. JJ Abrams has said himself that the monster is original, no remake of anything...the monster is completely new and something we've never seen before.

    Now I'm not saying I'm right, I could be entirely wrong...whatever the case is, I just wish they would hurry up and show us the damn thing!

  19. agreed! try here for more info on the afore mentioned monsters.

    it's just the most logical theory i've heard thus far.

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  21. To be completely honest, the first time I ever saw the "unnamed" trailer before the Transformers, I thought it was another Godzilla. C'mon? The fire , the explosions, the vocals? Even the trail in the water from that poster reminded me of Godzilla. I know it probably isn't Godzilla though :) Hey, I love Godzilla! Anyways, I can't wait to hear any more details in the upcoming weeks.

  22. judging by the debris still falling from where the statues head used to gonna say that thing is pretty darn fast to have swam up to the city and rip threw buildings after hit the the statue lol

  23. "judging by the debris still falling from where the statues head used to gonna say that thing is pretty darn fast to have swam up to the city and rip threw buildings after hit the the statue lol"

    I thought that too, but it appears to be day, and "the explosion" was around midnight.

  24. Land sea and air could be right. A person from land,smallest whale, mutates with stuff from the sea and secret ingredients = Monster. It becomes hermaphroditic and releases offspring,perhaps airborne viral parasitic spores or airborne baby parasitic monsters. It looks like they take effect on the hands and face first. Then it looks like they consume you completly starting with your head and back muscles. Perhaps Slusho has an effect too. I used this poster, the old testament, the soldier and smoke photos to support this. Thanks to everyone for these blogs and forum.

  25. if you guys look carefully at the poster you'll see just behind the buildings what appears to be the head or some part of the creature!! it's not in the smoke or anything like that.
    follow the trail the monster left and look just to the left of the lowest chopper and you'll see what i'm talking about. i may be wrong but it can't be smoke because it doesn't have the same smole shape as the other plumes of smoke?

    if you guys go to the movies you should see a poster in the lobies and you'll better see what i'm talking about.

  26. If I had to guess from all of the Cloverfield clues...

    Cloverfield is either the Sargasso Sea or the Bermuda Triangle or the place where all of Manhattan's garbage gets dumped at sea... or ALL of these locations around the world. And giant squids have mutated within (and because of) these toxic floating garbage dumps over the past 50 years. Perhaps because of the action of environmentalists, the "flow of garbage" has been reduced and/or stopped, and now they're really hungry?

    FYI - The giant squid, or Architeuthis dux (ar-keh-TOOTH-us duks), owes its nickname to its jumbo size--females can measure 18 meters (60 feet). The colossal creature has long been considered one of the great unsolved mysteries of science. That's because no one really knows where or how this elusive animal lives... with eyes as biug as soccer balls... ...muscular tentacles, which are lined with circular suckers, to capture food. Scientists also know that cephalopods are the most sophisticated of the invertebrates (animals without a backbone); they are very intelligent.

    So these now extremely oversized and hungry critters have developed a taste for humans. Maybe the melting ice caps and/or ocean current changes have cooled the ocean's surface water enough to allow the deep water giant squids to "visit" the shallow areas around the world?

    The male octopus uses a specialized arm called a hectocotylus to transfer sperm to the mantle cavity of a receptive... perhaps the monster(s) in Cloverfield "bite" humans and inject their mutated sperm into humans who then explode with baby monster squids soon thereafter?

    Both squids and octopuses have blue blood! Their blood is this colour because they use an oxygen-carrying molecule in their blood that contains copper... isn't the Statue of Liberty made of copper? ...squids move by "jet propulsion", a pretty fast way to get around the planet if you are a superhuge giant mutated squid(s)... ...they have beaks for tearing apart food...

    Squids have eight arms lined with suckers and two specialized tentacles that they use to reach out and capture prey... in the New York Subway? If the monster uses the Manhattan Road Tunnels or sewers to access the subways?

    And they pierce their prey, injecting poison that causes paralysis. They then release salivary enzymes, loosening the meat... aka Humans?

    Some squids live in large schools, others are solitary. Some squids school when young and become solitary later in life. Maybe a school of garbage-mutated young (but still huge) squids attack New York?

    The female squid may build a wall of rocks to seal off the den and will remain in the den until just before she dies, after the eggs have hatched... maybe Mom helps attack New York?

    Most poisons produced by octopuses and squids are too weak to harm humans... but mutated poisons might?

    They can change colour and create countless intricate patterns on their bodies to blend with their surroundings... maybe that's what the "ghosted" images are in the trailers and posters? And...Bioluminescence: Some squids produce light. In dark waters, this diverts attention by disguising their contours...

    Squids can expel a dark cloud of ink... maybe what is seen around the Statue of Liberty just before "heads roll"?

    Some squids seek protection in numbers, making it difficult for a predator ( or prey, like the Army) to focus the attack (or defence).

    Extremely sensitive to touch... to hunt in the Subway tunnels? AND taste receptors all over their bodies and are as much as 10 to 1000 times more sensitive to taste than humans... mmmm TASTY humans. AND squids have excellent vision, but may be colour-blind. Some have a 360 degree range of vision with eyes that are very similar in structure to human eyes. AND Squids register smell in small pits located beneath the eyes.

    In traditional narratives, a creature called a Kraken seized large boats and sank them... Like in this movie?