Monday, July 9, 2007

1-18-08 Trailer now in HD

The trailer for 1-18-08 is now available to download at and on iTunes.

It is available in HD formats as well, up to 1080p!

Thanks to Robert @ Nonsense for the heads up!

Prepare for the frame-by-frame analysis!


  1. Thanks Dennis! I wonder if later in the year there will be more previews with different views of the "attack"? Either in theaters or on the Internet. I hope so, this is fun. Kind of takes the sting away from no TLE2. Sort of. :-)

  2. Glad to see this up. The bad youtubes were just not enough...

  3. Repeat,

    Ethan Haas was a total fake:

  4. jake.....go away.

    enjoy SLUSHO!!! hee hee....

  5. Sorry if I was being offensive in any way. I was just trying to help.

  6. Thanks Dennis that was so much better than some of the one's I've seen. I can actually tell what I'm looking at.