Sunday, July 29, 2007

Slusho! Flavors

The Slusho! Flavors Page allows you to mix your own custom Slusho! drink.

Become like the masters, Noriko and Ganu - CREATE your own FLAVOR MIXTURES for a unique SLUSHO! experience!! The beginning of each SLUSHO! is the deep sea ingredient, and YOU CHOOSE what delicious combination to make! Add a little or a lot of each flavor below to make the best SLUSHO! of all time!!!

The available flavors are: Blueberry Zoom, Chocolate Rage, Mikan (Tangerine), Nashi (Pear), Banana Anime, and Strawberry Tasty.

After all the ingredients are combined, your custom mix is ready to drink!



  1. Ok, so this is a longtime reader, first time poster here, but I can not contain this thought any more, Maybe its just me but the final robot creation has a very Cthulhu feel to it. Look at this pic and see the similarities.

    This might be something, or it might be nothing, who knows at this point, all I can say is I really hope that this movie is worth all the work everyone has put into it the filmmakers and us included : ) Either way I am very excited!

  2. yeah, c'thulu is looking more likely. however.........never can tell.....

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  4. Ok I am refining my theory. Land sea and air could be right. A person from land ,smallest whale+ mutates with something/s from the sea(+ or -) alien intervention = Monster. It releases offspring, perhaps airborne viral parasitic spores or airborne baby parasitic monsters. Through blood or hermaphroditic or other variable.

    It looks like they take effect on the hands and face first. Then it looks like they consume you completly starting with the skin on your head and back muscles. Perhaps Slusho's secret ingredient has a catalytic effect too. Thanks to everyone for the blogs and DENNIS for the absolute BEST 1/18/08 forum on the internet.

  5. tru dat, dennis. seriously, all the other "blogs" or what have you are very ummm......"weak".

    keep up the good work, homey.


    (can't wait to get my shirt)!!

  6. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but, apart from the oven-mitt donkey and the cheese fish, there's a squid-like animal thinking about a hammer.

  7. Don't know if this is important but the duck on the downloads page parachutes on the other side now.

    Also, on the history page, the little squid-like fish has a hammer on scroll-over. If you haven't noticed, a fish has cheese and a donkey has mittens. But the hammer hasn't been there.

    Also, if you've heard of, i'm pretty sure it's a fake because it is registered by the same person who registered which i'm also sure is fake since it was confirmed to not be a parasite.

    Hm... i think that's all i have to say.

  8. "Squid like animal" lol!

    It's a Jelly Fish.

  9. you guys can all forget about cthulu, voltron, godzilla, the book of revalation, anything that we already know. it's not a re-make or based on any other work. if you look at any of the things abrams said at comic con this weekend (try for some quotes) he says that it's a new monster that they created that they hope americans will love the way the japanese love godzilla. this is something totally new and fun. why do you all want it to be something you're already familar with?

  10. ^by job i think he's got it!!!^

  11. I agree with Chase! J.J. thought up this monster from his own sick and twisted imagination, it's not something he's re-making or a monster that already exists! Geez!

  12. I think it will be something totally Japanese. J.J. Abrams already stated that he was influenced on his trip to japan. We could tackle this from a Japanese standpoint.

    Japanese myth perhaps.


  13. So I'm thinking if we combine the flavors in a certain way, based on some other clue, it will do something more than just create a multicolored robot and actually reveal information.

    Also the fact that it says Zoom all over the place makes me think that actually zooming in on a certain spot will reveal something

  14. I love the Cthulhu mythos, and would love to see a major Cthulhu movie, but I mean based on the trailer and everything so far, there's no way it could be Cthulhu without it being a really crappy version of it.

    And like chase said, it's a totally original film, with what should (hopefully) be a totally original monster.

  15. as if abrams is gunna use some1 elses idea. and he doesnt want a creature we will love look at his line about king kong. i think the whole japan thing was to get us to think of godzilla and monsters otherwise there would be a bazillion lost-linked theories. this monster will be something completely new and insane

  16. i was watching ATOS (Attack of the Show) on G4 the day before comic-con and they had this segment where a fake "doc brown" comes back with his theories on the future...
    he denounced all of the other theories except the Cthulhu theory.

    but then again, this is a fictional guy driving around in the mid 80s in a delorean

  17. Tiffany, I'm totally on the same page as you. However, I haven't found anything interesting upon zooming yet, and I'm pretty clueless as to what might be an effective flavor combination. That said, there's a lot of information in those myspace accounts. I wonder if one of them might have the key to an effective flavor combo?

  18. has anyone noticed theres a spot that says "new flavor added" and its pointing at one of the stars...if you click on the star the label goes away...

  19. hey john i noticed it too...
    i have been combing all over and i think i have the answer.......J.J. is screwing with my mind...i think the flavors are just there for more background info and to make us go crazy

  20. this is just a theory I've been playing with, but what if there is basically nothing to "find out". What if there are no hidden clues, or anything. What if it's all just an experiment to see how far people would go without knowing anything about what's happening.

    Like, they've set up a store for a fake company, and (presumably) people have bought them. I mean, sure it's for a movie, but a movie no body has seen.

    And people are spending lots of time on these sites just for any little bit of info.

    So, you've got people buying products for something that doesn't exist, and is so far only a small reference in a trailer, spending lots of time looking for what appears to be nothing (right now), all because of a trailer.

    The only thing that could make this better is if there was no movie at all :D I mean, we don't even have a title :D We have a trailer shot on a digital handycam, myspace pages, a website with photos, and a website for the fake company that made a few seconds of screen time on a t-shirt (who is selling those t-shirts to the people).

    I mean, as far as promotion goes, they haven't really spent a lot of money, would you say? And they're making some of that money back with the t-shirt sales BEFORE the movie has even come out.

    Sorry for that long spiel, but you have to admit, they've got a killer marketing/advertising team.

  21. The general consensus is that the Flavors page is some sort of game, a puzzle to solve. I agree. Something I find odd is the fact that at one or two spots on the screen, the mouse changes from the normal select icon to the link select icon.

    After creating a new flavor by mixing the available flavors, you can mouse around on the resulting robot. I’ve found that the cursor will change on the right side foot, just at the top of the instep. It’s a small area. When you click it and move the mouse, you get a sort clicking or rattling noise.

    Further, I’ve found it disappears, seemingly inconsistently, from that location. Sometimes it’s available on both feet, sometimes only on one. Something's up.

    I haven’t played with it long enough to find a pattern. Seeing the code behind this page might be very illuminating.

  22. I found what you were talking about. And It's the flavor thing that you lower and raise. I think it may be a glitch.

  23. darn...robofish beat me to it...he's right

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  25. but it is another example of how we might slight be creating connections where they don't exist , and finding clues where there are none to be found...i still say that we won't find out more until we get another trailer...they didn't expect us to find slusho so fast and we will have to wait a WHILE till we get another trailer...i think the trail could go cold for a while, like a month...but hey i could be wrong

  26. dave,

    your comment about the clicking sound under the feet was really interesting to me so i did some checking.
    the clicking that you're getting from the dragging of the mouse is actually the same sound u get when you add a flavor.
    if you were to make the new flavor, and mouse over to where the ingredient sliders were and click and drag, you get the sound even though the picture isnt there. its a layering problem w/ the java

  27.'s the thing chase. not EVERYONE was at comic-con!!

    so, we were "theorizing" (kinda what people do to figure stuff out when they don't know what the real answer is).

    but aside from that, i agree. I thought it might be something original also. however, until told otherwise, we were simply keeping all avenues open.

    but thanks for the info. i just heard the same from a friend that was there.

    "american godzilla".......hmmm. then technically, wouldn't that be a kinda' "copy" of the idea from japan??

    so's not very original. let's see.....we have a giant sea-oriented creature that comes up to a vast metropolis and destroys it and (possibly) breathes fire of sorts.

    ummm.......why does this sound familiar???

  28. oh and why do we have to disregard stuff like "leviathan"??

    the book of revelations isn't a "work". it foretells of the imminent future.

    it's not a novel. so, as far as "originality", i think THAT'S still a possibility. how many movies have been about the end of the world and involved "leviathan".

  29. Okay my thinking is that the flavors are nothing, not just because we havent found anything yet but just simply the way they work the sliders are have gradiented values. The value they equal when we slide it is a) unknown we just notice it getting bigger or smaller and b)there are about a hundred different values between no flavour and full flavour for each one... so for them to give us a code with the answer would take forever to get right once we'd solved the code.. unless they update it so they are 4 or 5 values along the line.. forget about the flavours..

  30. yeah, i thought MAYBE that if you simply make SIX flavors in a row, that it might do something. regardless of the "levels". ya know? "you can't drink just six" meaning that if you get to six or maybe seven, something might happen.

    however, it didn't.

    and again, the "happy talk".....still kinda' creepy....."slusho! is people". zoinks!!

  31. Picsel's big fat reason why the monster isnt Cthulu. coming Fall 2007

    and I doubt two movies based on the same monsterwould come out within 6 months of one another

  32. idk if any1 noticed this before....but i was lookin @ the poster....n it seems dat the markings on SOL are goin upwards...jus think wud "sumtin" be able to rip the head downwards...den leave those 3 clean marks...

  33. also....if u rotate da pic seems as tho theres a 4th finger/claw...kinda resembles a left hand

  34. Chucklez, you can find quotes from abrams all over the internet claiming he'll never use the bible in his stuff. also, i wasn't at comic con and don't expect everyone to have been, but i would think that everyone who's really into this would be reading anything they could that abrams would have to say about the project. he also didn't say anything about an americanized godzilla. he said he wants americans to have a monster they can embrace the same way the japanese love godzilla. also, would you not call a non-fiction book a work? Or a documentary? i would call a book of the bible where someone writes down a dream they had a work. just sayin. i'm sorry to nitpick but you kinda lashed out there.

  35. My peoples,

    Didn't JJ say "insane, and intense."?
    I don't think this monster breathes fire. I think the fire we saw was an oil tanker on its way to Jersey City or a munitions barge the monster threw there. It could have been put in the trailer to put us off. Has anyone mentioned the higher tones before the SOL head hits 401 Bway? It could be from the velocity and spinning. Kinda sounds the "Bloop" at higher pitch. The character that says "Slusho is people!!!" looks like a purple clam/scallop. Is it inferring people are just as tasty as Slusho?
    Nice range of genetic pool at the Slusho site, male and female human,monkey,pig,bear,donkey,geese,duck,frog,crab,fish,
    squid, and clam.

  36. Abrams doesn't say "original" when talking at ComicCon, he says "American" monster. That's a whole different story then. He then goes on to clarify that he's not talking about Kong.

  37. Ok, so instead of arguing about what we think it is, let's see what we know:

    JJ says it is totally original, and if we believe him we must conclude it ISN'T

    anything we can name
    anything that has been "done" before
    This leaves out long lost dinosaurs, terrestrial creatures mutated by pollution or radiation, alien life forms crashed on Earth, alien life forms planted on Earth, scientific experiments gone haywire, religion based monsters or demigods, interdimensional beings unleashed on Earth, and the Teletubbies gone wild.

    Did I miss anything?
    What do we have left?

    Just trying to be helpful...

  38. ok Faust, you have a point, but I still think that JJ's comment narrows the field down considerably.

    He's not remaking someone else's monster movie, right?

    He's not using a Comic book based character, he'd need rights to it and stuff.

    It can't be Gigantor. He's not alive.

    Not an American folk legend. We don't have any that are terrifying and intense like that.

    What would make this monster American?

  39. I don't think I've seen anyone comment on this before, but if you scroll over the buttons on slusho's main page, you get a pattern: moving left to right you get the donkey, then the whale, the frog, the duck, the donkey on the 5th button and the whale on the 6th.

    Now, if you move your cursor on, then off of the same button, without touching another button, a different animal shows up: once again moving left to right you get the whale, the frog, the duck, the donkey on the fourth button and the whale on the fifth but no new animal on the sixth button. The sixth button goes whale, then nothing.

    Given that there's six buttons, and six robots in the slusho mixer, it seems like there maybe some values attached to the main page buttons and the variable bars for each robot.

    Additionally, I may need someone to sign my commitment papers . . .

  40. I dunno about the movie, but I'm pretty sure that a chocolate flavored Slusho/Slurpee/Icee/Slush Puppy would taste pretty heinous. Those guys usually stick to fruit and soda flavors, for a reason. Artificial chocolate syrup mixed with smashed ice is not usually a recipe for yum.

  41. If you zoom in on the flavor adjustment bars as you make changes, you will notice that the bar will jump to a specific spot when you release the bar.

    I started at one and counted how many "places" I was able to incrementally increase the flavor level. I was able to count to 10. I guess this means that there are a finite (but large) number of combinations possible.

    I also noticed that there is an order to how the figure is "colored" when you mix the flavors you picked together. Whichever is the rightmost flavor, Strawberry being the farthest, that flavor will color the feet, forearms, the "cup" body, and the sides where the tube-things come out.

    Then the next flavor colors the top of the feet, the upper arms, "thighs", and the "chestplate".

    Then the next flavor colors the small things on the feet/knees, the wings-type things on its front, the plate that has the S, and the plates over its "armpits" or whatever. The rest you can figure out.

    If there is some sort of combination that we will nede to decode in the future, this info might come in handy. By all means try to examine those bars/combos yourselves so I don't think I'm going nuts over this.

  42. I found that there are exceptions to the way the figure is colored. I havent spent a lot of time testing it, but I believe that the flavor with the highest "level" also tends to be the first color in the order. Followed in sequence by the next highest level flavor and so on.

  43. Here's a prediction...

    Somewhere else (like on the MySpace pages) there will be a picture of one of these robots in the background or on a t-shirt, and if you can mix the flavors to match the color pattern shown in the picture, then you will open a clue on the flavor mixing page.

    At least that's the main way I could see this working.

  44. @joe: I think "Slusho is people!" is just a joke on "Soylent Green is people!"

    The things that the happy mouth says seem to be things that people have submitted through emails to Slusho (through Customer Feedback). I could be completely wrong about that, of course, but I'm basing this on the fact that the customer feedback says to tell Slusho that you're happy, and then there's a section called Happy Talk.

    I know that when I emailed Slusho I said something like "Slusho make me happy!" so I'm betting other people said similar things, and that's what is coming out of the mouth. Am I wrong about this?

  45. I think you are right. I think they pulled some of the emails to use as comments for Happy Talk. Notice it says "YOUR Happy talk" when you go to the page.

    All of the phrases are pulled from an XML file.

    Obviously, they can't have it directly connected to the email because people would say all kinds of obscene things.

  46. @Dennis: I think that makes the most sense. It might be worthwhile to write down what is being said and see if it ever changes-- if they ever add slogans, or if that's all we're going to see. Regardless, I do think it's (selectively) "consumer" generated-- but maybe 90% of them are from emails, with the occasional clue thrown in.

  47. Will- You're right about the 10 gradients, that's interesting. That means that a 6-digit combination could be a key. I tried 011808. (Duh.) I'll keep my eyes open for other possibilities....

  48. Deletia- Hmmm, never even thought of trying 011808. I tried all 6's and that did nothing either. It makes sense to think of each starting position as "0" and 100% of the bar filled as "9".

    Ive just been trying to figure out the behavior of the mixing based on which flavors are selected as opposed to others. I noticed that the chocolate rage flavor seems to go first when you have certain combinations. It could be the programming. Could be sheer nonsense. At this point I avoid thinking everything is important unless I start to see coincidences where I don't have to dig too deep to validate them.

    Pinkhamster- I have tried a "slushy" with chocolate flavoring before that I made out of sheer curiosity once.

    It was fantastic.

  49. I wouldn't waste any time right now trying to figure out combinations. There's nothing in the source files left to be revealed, yet... It does sound reasonable that this might be something to do in the future. A lot of times in an ARG, they will get thier ideas from the players.

    Pinkhamster said... I dunno about the movie, but I'm pretty sure that a chocolate flavored Slusho/Slurpee/Icee/Slush Puppy would taste pretty heinous. Those guys usually stick to fruit and soda flavors, for a reason. Artificial chocolate syrup mixed with smashed ice is not usually a recipe for yum.

    I think a Banana Anime and Chocolate Rage Slusho! sounds pretty good... like a chocolate covered banana!

    Eebs said... @Dennis: I think that makes the most sense. It might be worthwhile to write down what is being said and see if it ever changes-- if they ever add slogans, or if that's all we're going to see. Regardless, I do think it's (selectively) "consumer" generated-- but maybe 90% of them are from emails, with the occasional clue thrown in.

    LOL. If your read my Slusho! Flavors post, I do have them all written down :)

  50. @Dennis... hahaha, I know, I made that realization right after I posted and hoped no one would notice. *blush*

    I think it's a good bit of foresight. ;)

  51. wow... the more i look at these flavor-bots, the more im thinking they look like mega-man enemies. lol. maybe thats it. maybe its not a monster... maybe its dr wily flying around in his evil floating bathtub...

    yah. all the information in my brain about this has just jumbled up and somehow managed to eat itself. yay

  52. (as you can prob tell... my last post is a result of trying many many different flavor combos w/out any real difference)

  53. chase: ever watched "LOST"??? it's loaded with religious overtones!! "never" he says. pfftt!!! haahahahahaha

  54. and no. i didn't lash out. i'm being sarcastic about the quotes. not you.

    read it again.

  55. oh and imagine a "frozen" chocolate milkshake. that's pretty much what i imagine a chocolate one would taste like.

    bedsides, they've had even vault and coke slushies before!! yuck. (imo)

  56. I noticed that the amount of flavor you add is proportional to the order you mix the flavors. E.G. if you add 100% chocolate and 70% strawberry, Chocolate will be added first and Strawberry later. Being that said, it should be a matter of selecting the right order of all six flavors. Bad thing is: Is a total of 720 permutations. Someone has enough time?

  57. What's that glowing flower thing that hovers over the cup, and is always the first piece added? Secret ingredient? It seems to have a face.

  58. oh, one more thing... check out this pic on rob's myspace.
    maybe try emulating the pinata colours?

  59. even better: beth's page
    beth drinking almost full blue, almost full orange, and about half-full white-ish drinks, all together. at least the blue looks like something slusho might be.
    according to rob's comment, she was drunk that night. ever occur to y'all that maybe slusho's alcoholic, regardless of the child-oriented site? could explain alot.

  60. i don't know if anyone has done it yet, but i decompiled all the .swf files from the Slusho website and looked at the origianl Flash .fla files. i looked at all the ActionScript code, the scenes, graphics symbols, etc. in hopes to find clues but didn't find anything. i thought maybe there would be something that would show how to unlock anything from the Flavors page (or anything else), but didn't find anything. if anyone's interested in looking at them, i've made them all .txt files. there's a TON of code, most of which i don't understand.

  61. Okay, so, flavors. Before I found this site, I was looking at the robots and noticed that they each had a certain number of blinking lights. I had also noticed that the sliders snapped to particular points no matter where you slid them. I put them together when I read the above comments about mixing.

    So, I tried 2-3-1-0-2-4, the number of round flashing lights each has. Then I added the moving lines, so 2-5-1-1(or 2)-2-5. Some pretty neat color combos, but no explosions or black smoke monsters yet.

    I'm convinced that, if there is something to the flavor mixing, it's a numbers thing. If the numbers are on that page, something to do with the design of the robots is my guess (though we see how successful my guesses are thus far). If anybody else sees a pattern, try it out and see if we get anything! Just be sure to give me partial credit when you win the Internets. :P

    It's just tough to tell what's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek Japanese culture mimicking and what's a clue.

    But if you play the background sound backwards, it says "Locke is dead."

  62. My theory on flavor mixing was sequential order. Still just speculation, but the order in which all six flavors go into the drink would be the code. That way the increment would not matter as much as long as it was proportionally greater or less than the next flavor to be added before or after it, respectively.

    Under this theory, there would be 6x5x4x3x2x1 or 720 combinations. I tried just a few out (1-4-2-5-3-6 and 6-3-5-3-4-1), but didn't have enough awake brain cells to stick with it.

  63. trying to figure out a combo will not work right now (assuming there will even be something to "unlock" eventually). i looked at ALL the code within all the original flash movies and there's nothing to unlock. no extra scenes, pages, graphics, or information of any kind. you shouldn't really be wasting your time trying to figure something out because as of now, the people maintaining/writing the Slusho website have not written code for viewers to unlock something. there is nothing more than what we have already seen...

  64. This is driving me insane!!!!!! I have spent the past 6 or so hours trying everything that I could think of on this slusho and 01-18-08 and I cannot find anything. I think that all of this might just be messing with us at least till we get more information.

    All that I have to say is that this movie better be amazing!!!!!!

  65. the white flower could be a White Rose. check out the history of White Rose...six members.

  66. Slusho doesn't necessarily have to be bad. Maybe it'll be the thing to save us from the monster. ^_^

  67. check out also there was an interesting read about how the character might be related to Dragamon from (pokemon) on the following website...

    my personal feelings are it has something to do with a family recipe gone bad. There is a link on (hidden down at the bottom) that takes you to a real swedish research firm doing work on vaccines. at the bottom of the page there is a talk about a vaccine drink to help with cholera.

    I think this is a movie that creates a monster from type of experiment gone bad.

  68. texasag99 said... check out

    Slushozoom is a gamejack.

    Check out Unfiction's List Of FAKE Cloverfield Sites

  69. Hey I don't know if anybody noticed, but a friend of mine thought the creature could have been in the ocean, hence the oil tanker spill. If you look in the scene where Beth and Rob are in the ferris wheel, the shot is first looking out onto the ocean. I you look at the far right there is a cruise liner in the distance, and a couple frames later, you will see a small spec falling from the sky and hitting the ocean witha a splash...

    Could it have been a falling satellite that hit the monster and awakened it? On on history, it mentions a "deep sea ingredient" that Ganu finds in the bottom of the ocean...

    It also mentions that "SLUSHO! came to life!!!!!!!" The original name for cloverfeild was SLUSHO... the company that rob was going to work for. The History page also states that "Everyone who drinks a SLUSHO (possibly reffering to being infected with the monsters spores) tastes Noriko's Dream, and becomes a small whale like noriko- (possibly referring to becoming a host to the monsters spawn.)
    Think about this, and tell me what u guys think...

  70. ok i dont know if im the only one that sees this, but if you go to the history page there are a fish, horse and a jelly fish, now each if you move your mouse over it show a wedge of cheese, a hammer and a oven mitt.

    How if you go to the contact us page the Blueberry and the mikan have the oven mit and the hammer(hammer is in the belly of the blueberry one) now im stuck looking for the cheese. I think these are the clues to opening up the hidden whatever, on this page.

    Now i got some ideas about the cheese, if you look at the end of the "official" commercial you will see a monkey at the end with a flag and the cheese on the flag. So if you go to the contacts page, you will notice that the little monkey as something in his hands. I don't see any reaction to it yet.

    I tried mixing the banana flavor (monkey has the cheese, figure try banana) but that doesn't seem to work. So im trying to see if there is changes depending on the measurements. anyways if someone sees something i don't let me know, this is driving me insane.

  71. Update to my previous comments.

    The hammer and the oven mitt are found in the actual "offical" commercial.

    If you look near the end there is some female trying to hang a picture under the moose's head.

    If you look, she has a oven mitt on the hand she is holding the hammer to hang the picture. No idea what that has to do with anything, but its interesting.

    I hope someoen is looking at this post i think there might be something hidden on this page.