Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cloverfield Clues Podcast #1

David A. Dein, host of The Lost Community Podcast, and I discuss the first week of Cloverfield - what it is, what it means, what is real, and what is not.

Plus we discuss bad hair, scary chicks, grafitti, how to find movie sets in LA.

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  1. Ok this took a few hours of snooping around, but I have reasons to believe (though this would not work well with slusho unless he did that for all his Bad Robot advertising) that this may be a Revelations type movie as well, and here's why:

    I searched and searched thru the Mystery Street thing but to no avail. Then someone here posted something about revelations 18:8 so I went for a read. I found this there:

    'And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city!'


    Which led me to 1:18
    'I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.'

    While browsing I found this one too:
    And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY (as in Mystery St???), BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

    (Now if you have read Revelations you know that Babylon is 'the great city that falls' which is supposed to be the world's business/sin hub...not NYC u say? lol)

    NOW - I went back and searched ABZ 3293, tried everything. I tried history of the date 3/2/1993 and even 3/2/1893, and even 3293 BC and found this:

    Scroll down to ABZ it is an abbreviation that has to to with a man named Rykle Borger who coincidentally wrote a book and was a leading researcher in guess what? BABYLONIAN LINGUAL DECIPHERING!!!(Assyriologist)


    His book was called 'Assyrisch-babylonische Zeichenliste' (ABZ) Guess when it was friggin last published? '63... Anyone notice that it was 63 degrees in the news flash in the trailer? 63 degrees in NYC in Jan at midnight??? I think not.

    At this point, I nearly shat myself, and began hunting deep into the world of translation of babylon scripts. I found out that AKM can also be Aleph-Kaph-Mem, lost link. Aleph-kaph-mem when googled led me to the definition 'Angel'...

    Upon more searching for the 3293 part I found this:
    Estimated Death Year of Adam (from Genesis and of Adam and Eve fame) to be 3293 BC...



    Now, throw in the fact that we have been bombarded with the number 6 (mark of the beast)...

    Extra Facts:

    -The Beast is synonomous with the Abyss (ABZ = Abyss also? prolly not but hey Ive been up a few extra hours now so sorry)

    -People claim that someone could have drawn in the 'devilish' looking silhouette in the girls' hair, very true - but the hair thing is overdone so moving on...

    -I have to sleep. I'm sure theres more links I forgot to add but this is long enough as it is.

    Good Luck

  2. I liked the podcast, but it killed me everytime you guys mispronounced Cthulhu. Every time I hear someone mention Cthulhu they just kind of blow him off. There is a lot to support that theory and I don't think enough people are looking into it.

  3. From Wikipedia: Lovecraft transcribed the pronunciation of Cthulhu as "Kathooloo" ... however, this is merely the closest that the human vocal apparatus can come to reproducing the syllables of an alien language.[5]

    My bad. I took Alien in high-school, but that was a long time ago ;)

  4. Dennis,

    You need to remove all the Ethan Haas links from the front page. You are still keeping people, who I know, from sticking to what is important.

    The Cloverfield Project.

    Will listen to your podcast later, no speakers at work.


  5. So let it be written, So let it be done!

  6. The graffiti on the wall on the roof looks like it says "CRAZE" -- actually I thought it said CRIME or CRINE, but then I saw on some other site someone figured out that was just recently registered to the same person/group/whatever that set up requires a username and password right now. I tried "satoshi" "slusho" "rob" "cloverfield" and "dead/dead" (as user + password) in various combinations, but I didn't dig much deeper than that. If it is a "game" site, there are plenty of clues already given that can be used to get in...

  7. Wow, great sleuthing Dennis and Co.! Impressive connections that you've made Dennis.

    They are also really taking the Slusho site apart over on the Unfiction forum, it makes for interesting reading as well.

  8. I definitely thing that this is a clue. We need to figure out that name and pw

  9. Oops, I meant Dpeezer, on the Revelations connections, sorry. :-)