Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That Liberty Shall Not Perish From The Earth

Almijisti over at Unfiction made an interesting find:

It seems likely that the inspiration for the "Monstrous" poster is this famous Liberty Bonds poster from WW1 which is described in Rutgers' Library Special Collections:

Joseph Pennell. Fourth Liberty Loan. 40 7/8" x 30"
[Depicted: New York City ablaze beyond a decapitated Statue of Liberty]


  1. Good catch over there! JJ hasn't spent all his penchant for the arcane on LOST--wonderful!

  2. Ditto, great historical find! I agree TBP!

  3. Thanks! There are several other posters and sci-fi book/mag covers with Lady Liberty busted-up, but this poster really matched up. This is the only "serious" poster too since it was used during the Great War.