Friday, January 11, 2008

Cloverfield TV Commercial #16 - Impossible

Fandango has an exclusive new 30-second TV commercial titled "Impossible".

Watch it on YouTube here:

* Thanks to Dave H. for emailing me this!


  1. "Take one more shot or we're gonna level manhatten..." That sounds ominous.

  2. dude lol beautiful. this should be titled extreme. i mean comon 2 shots of the monster in one spot? thats friggin extreme. first post.

  3. very awsome, best commercial yet.
    How many more r they gonna do!?

  4. Gettin really exciting now! Can't wait. Did I get the first post award? Rob seems really determined.

  5. OMG!!!..I Can't wait!!!

    Now i can buy the tickets by fandango!!!!!!

    Thank you for the advance!!!

  6. Leveling Manhattan, huh?

    This should be interesting. :)

  7. okay.. so i bought my midnight showing tickets for Thursday, November 17 on moviephone... But is this right... There's a midnight showing on Wednesday, January 16? someone please help me... lol

  8. Cloverfield premiering on Jan 17 here in Malaysia (GMT +8), I guess if I get the tickets (for the first/early show) Ill catch the mov 24hours ahead of America, depending on the premiering dates/time.

    So far no local Ads , I bet it will come next week, hopefully. (Or maybe I'm not watching enough telly.) Did not see any posters/ kits at the local cinema's either, ill update once I get to the bigger cineplexes.

    Good job on the spoiler free zone, been waiting 6 months for this.

  9. Leveling manhattan and i heard some say "how much time is left?" "you dont want to know." sounds like a timed bomb to me

  10. What if there's a bomb.... IN THE MONSTER!?!?!?!


  11. Im from England (Salisbury in the south) and my local movie theatre has the whole cardboard cloverfield cutout stand inside the foyer, but no actually ads on TV yet :S

    Any idea when those will be starting?

  12. Gee, I dunno.

    Do you think he saw it?

    Do you think it's alive?

    Do you think it's huge?

    I wish they would just come right out and clear that one up. It's still so ambiguous to me.

    ::scratches head::


  13. Oh wow, they plan on taking one shot at the monster, and if it works, they'll destory Manhatt? Shit. I never thought they'd include this little sub-plot, no wonder the characters are so determined to get Beth and get the hell out of the city. Love it.

    Anyway, I cannot WAIT for this!

  14. Gabriel, my thoughts exactly

    I think whats going to make this movie so great is that the fact that there are so mant plots. But the way there intertwined (sp?) is going to help this movie be fantastic.

  15. I saw a Slusho Contest commercial on I think CanMag... very strange.