Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alyse Is Missing Teddy Hanssen

A new comment by MissingTeddyHanssen was posted on the TidoWave website:
04/15/08 4:05 pm
That’s what I thought. You’re pathetic. And if you think I’m giving up on my brother you’re stupider than I gave you credit for. Anyone who’s tired of being lied to should come to my blog. We have to stick together. There are more people out there affected by this. I can’t be the only one.
If you head over to MissingTeddyHanssen.blogspot.com, you'll find the blog of Teddy's sister - Alyse Hanssen. If the dates on the site are to be believed, this has been around for a few weeks.

There are quite a few interesting posts documenting her search for Teddy. She has the 'Missing' photo from 1-18-08.com on her site, but it's a little bigger, and the file name is different - oudnaniehg.jpg. I checked for an obvious anagram, but didn't see anything. If you view Alyse's profile, there is an email address to contact her.

Well, what do you think?

* Thanks to Renato for pointing out the new comment!


  1. I sent her a sympathetic email about her loss. I told her to keep me updated if she hears any new info. I doubt i will actually get a response but it's worth a try.

  2. The comments are all in game.. right?
    She seems to have friends contact her through it as well..Meredith, maybe a connection?

  3. Hehe, the ARG is BACK ON!!

    Awesome. I missed most of the first one.

    But yeah. I think the best of this site will come with time.
    Gotta GIVE it time, first.

  4. Also:

    ...Might be in-character comments.

  5. Hah, fun. I emailed her pointing her to video5 on Jamie's site with Teddy's last message, and told her to try PMing her at her myspace. I'm so glad their continuing with the ARG!

  6. Yeah, I think that Meredith and Daniel HAVE to be in game... and what about the CIA agent that she mentions? John Garrettie? I'm not sure how any of this fits together, but it's still exciting ;)

  7. the photos letters make up this phone number 6836264344 anyone wanna try it?

  8. well number doesn't work just gives an error message but there is a strange noise in thge background of the message probably nothing

  9. also, kinda random, but have you noticed that when you look closely at Teddy's birthmark from far away it totally looks like a perfect star? Again, prob pointless, but it's still kinda weird. You can see it especially well when you look at the pic on Alyse's blog.

  10. exciting! the sequel is gonna be crazy!

  11. I'd assuemed this 'MissingTeddyHanssen' stuff was just a fan, but once Tido mentioned her, it seemed much real.

    Good to see the RPG back on.

  12. Anyone else notice that the website findteddyhanssen.com that used to be a mirror image of 1-18-08.com but with one picture of teddy's missing poster now takes you right to the blogspot account made by the sister?

  13. @Roger...

    ...Well, that's probably the thing, there.

    Its a Cloverfield ARG, maybe thats why the number is important!
    Who knows, maybe if someone can get a phone call recorder...


  14. This is real. Why you ask? Well remember the Chuai vids? THere were a couple of ppl who thought they were fake, until they saw a photo from the vids on 1-18-08.com...The same goes to this site here. The "Missing a Teddy Hanssen" poster on 1-18-08.com was there to say "Hey, idiots, this thing is real....start researching and hypothesizing!"

    The game is back and more mysterious than ever. We have swords invading all the sites (including CloverfieldClues >.>), a missing dude, and a desperate sister.

    P.S. I dunno if you noticed, but Alyse was wondering where Jamie was too. "She was supposed to be in New York," she posted.

  15. i looked at oudnaniehg.jpg and broke it down i managed to Get GANU out of it. i'm trying to finad anything that uses HEINDO in there. if any one can help. or am i of the plot

  16. To Chris,

    While I think this new blog site is legit, your argument has a hole in it. 1-18-08.com matched a screen shot from a video (the chuai station), while this new blog merely has the same picture as 1-18-08. It's not incredibly dificult to copy a picture and post it on another website. It is very dificult/impossible to make an entire video scene with a screen shot that already exists.

  17. I also think this site is legit (or I wouldn't have posted it here)... but I agree the argument has a hole in it, but for a different reason.

    1-18-08 was already established as in-game when it posted the screenshot of the Chuai video. The video was in question, not 1-18-08.

    IF we had found the MissingTeddyHanssen blog first, THEN they posted that photo on 1-18-08.com, then it would be absolute confirmation.

    In this case, the 'missing' poster was on 1-18-08.com FIRST. Anyone could have taken it from there and started a blog.

    The main reason I believe it is in game is that the TidoWave post specifically mentions MissingTeddyHanssen, who had left a comment in the previous post. Until then, that comment was questionable. The new comment by MissingTeddyHanssen pretty much confirms it, since it was the only comments approved. I also think the writing style matches what we have seen so far. However, it would be nice to see something a little more concrete.

  18. Have you tried anagraming the name John Garrettie she mentions? the first thing it comes up with is "regather joint"...

    perhaps tido is sending her a message?

  19. The image name 'oudnaniehg'can be broken into the anagram 'Ganu hid one'