Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best Buy's Exclusive Cloverfield Bonus Preview

Best buy has a special page for their Cloverfield exclusive bonus DVD featuring TJ Miller. They have a very funny preview clip of TJ Miller trying to sell Beth's apartment.

* Thanks to Rico for finding this!


  1. "Over there, a beautiful view of central park, and over on that side... well that's just more carnage"


  2. If he was serious about fixing that lock then I’m definitely interested!

  3. Sorry...I accidenally rejected some comments...

    John said... I don't care about price, so which one should I get?

    Well, you should get them all in that case ;)

    Terry Webdesign said... Am I the only one who thinks that the guys from the couple looks a lot like Teddy?

    Maybe it's the guy from the bridge ;)

    Actually, he looks too ethnic to be Teddy...

  4. I live in Michigan...and he's right, there really aren't many attacks. =(