Monday, April 7, 2008

More Cloverfield DVD Exclusives

There are FOUR more Cloverfield DVD exclusives that have announced, which in addition to the Standard, HMV/FYE/Suncoast SteelBook, and editions, bring the current total to seven (you can't buy just six?).

ShockTillYouDrop is reporting that Best Buy will be offering a bonus disc entitled "TJ Miller's Video Diary". It will include nearly 30-minutes of behind-the-scenes footage with T.J. Miller - the talkative, and resilient, camera operator of the film. Best Buy FTW.

Austrailia's EzyDVD will have an Limited-Edition Collector's Tin, which will be available Thursday, 22 May 2008. They are also listing a 2-disc collector's set which will also be available the same date. It's interesting that Cloverfield premiered in Australia one day before the US, but they will get their DVD a month later.

MovieWeb is reporting that Target will be offering an exclusive Rob's Goin' to Japan Party Mix CD with their Cloverfield DVDs, which is a stripped down version of the CD given out at Rob's Going Away Party. It will include the following tracks:

1. OK GO * Here It Goes Again
2. Goldfrapp * Ooh La La
3. Coconut Records * West Coast
4. Scissors for Lefty * Got Your Moments
5. The Vapors * Turning Japanese
6. Parliament * Give Up The Funk
7. Of Montreal * Wraith Pinned To The Mist
8. The Blood Arm * Do I Have Your Attention?
9. Bright Eyes * Four Winds
FYI, you can buy the full version of Rob's Party mix on iTunes.

Lastly, Sears/Kmart will be offering a free Cloverfield ring tone. Yawn.

* Thanks to Anthony, and Tagruato Blogspot for the info!


  1. Nice to know about these different versions.. Already have the Steel Case version preordered/paid off with FYE, I'll probrobly also pick up the one from Target as well (my brother in law didn't order his copy yet, He can keep the movie, the CD is mine)

  2. That Australian tin with the poster image is pretty cool....still not liking the Escape From NY back cover, though it looks better with no text and pictures on it and The Rob's Party Mix is an interesting extra, but my main point of interest is.... What's going on with these 2-disc editions? Will the 2-disc version be released in the States?

    I've the Steelbook on pre-order but haven't been able to find out if it's a single or double disc version.And FYE is no help...they couldn't even tell me how much the final cost would be!

  3. can't buy just six;...

    That basically made my day.

  4. According to HMV, the Steelbook special edition is 2 disc, including the 50 minute Case Designate Cloverfield extra.

    I was wondering the same thing as mose, so hopefully this is the answer and it applies to all steelbook editions (FYE, Suncoast, Ebay).

  5. Ok so Im gonna blame Dennis and everyone else (including myself) because we jinxed it. We kept saying that we hope this is not like Transformers and its becoming worst.

    So which one is everyone getting? Im gonna eliminate the collectors tin because I dont feel like ordering from Australia. Im stuck between Best Buy, Target, and Fye. I really like the steelbook packaging (sidenote, can someone give me a link to that because I cant find it) but is a cover worth more then a cd or exclusive footage. Oh Im hating exclusives.

  6. Hey do you know anything about it coming out on blu-ray because I really want to get this on HD!

  7. In a screwed up situation like this you should download the version you find on the web, like i did :)

    I saw it in the cinema, and i want a DVD of it, but i wouldn't let any company to make me a broke-ass by some cheap marketing method ...

    So i've downloaded the DVDR replica and it got some sweet extras in it (not all of them ,but you still got the essential stuff ... if you'll see the "Rake 'Em and Pack 'Em" bonus i promise you will explode in laughter, its so funny ...)

    In Short - dont let the system earn over your backs like that .

  8. Ah I hate that.. Why can't there be ONE dvd collection with alle the specials? why does it always have to be a thousand super exclusive whatever boxes.. stuff.

    damnit, i'll probably just buy the one with the most special feautures.. but i love the steelbook.


  9. But isn't the steelbook version the one with all the features? I'm confused. What are all the different version, aka, what DVD comes in what packaging with what features?

  10. ALL DVD Versions:

    1. Standard - regular features, Movie poster on cover. Might not include "Case Designate: Cloverfield (50 min)"

    2. Steelbook Covered - FYE, Suncoast, HMV exclusive. Possibly 2 discs, includes same extras, maybe one more, the "Case Designate: Cloverfield (50 min)" extra

    3. Edition - 2 disc set, with same extra features. Might include "Case Designate: Cloverfield (50 min)". Special Packaging.

    4. Best Buy Edition - Standard DVD, with TJ Miller behind the scenes footage.

    5. Austrailia EzyDVD Editions - 2 disc set version and a Collector's Tin Box Version (different from Steelbook)

    6. Target Edition - Includes stripped down version of Rob's Party Mix music along with Standard DVD.

    7. Sears/KMart Edition - Standard but with a special exclusive Ringtone. HELL YEAH!

    The "Case Designate: Cloverfield" extra, might just be the supplemental files that are hidden in the scene selection that depict the Chuai vids, Jamie vids, and slusho information. If that's the case, all the dvd's will have it.

    Also, the 2 disc sets might just be the features and movie split into two discs. No one's really sure. There might not be a set with extra features, just different packaging.

  11. Thanks Tony, the recap helped. Out of all them the Steelbook covered one seems to be the one I will buy. But this is one movie where I might wait a day or two and see what exactly each one has.

    Hey Dennis, any chance you will do a recap of the dvds when they officially come out.

  12. Thank you so much tony, now I know the different ones. As for my thoughts:

    1. I'm not too interested in just the plain old DVD, especially if it might not come with Case Designated: Cloverfield. I'll wait till someone buys it and tells us what's on it.

    2. I prefer the steelbook look, and the fact that it could have the Case Designated: Cloverfield.

    3. This is probably my favourite cover, and the fact it might have CD:C.

    4. I'm not generally interested in behind the scenes so much because we're usually just shown people getting into wardrobe and makeup and setting up shots, depends what we got to see. I'll make a decision once this one comes out and we know for sure what we see behind the scenes.

    5. Might be nice to have the tin, but lacking the CD:C.

    6. I can alway get those songs off Limewire if I really want to, which i don't.

    7. No comment.

    I'll probably go with the version or the steelbook. They seem the most unique.

  13. Lol, I can't believe you guys even consider the Aussie tin to be worth noting. Ezydvd release "exclusive tins" for everything, and they're just a load of trite. Seriously.

    I wish we were getting the steelbook over here. Guess I'd be better off buying it from America, as usual.

  14. Futureshop in Canada has a Steel Case box version but it only comes with 1 DVD.