Thursday, April 3, 2008 Sword Update - t543w received a sword update today. Click the teddy bear photo, and login to see it (password: jllovesth). Teddy, is that you leaving these?

BTW, The file name of the sword image is t543w.jpg, which is likely to have some future significance.

Superfuzzzz points out that the sword logo may be TidoWave's - with the sword representing the T(ido) and the swirly thing the Wave. Sure, why not.

UPDATE: Another sword has appeared on the front page of the as well.

* Thanks to sarara at unFiction for finding this update!


  1. First! I hope..

    Anyway, now that it's on non-Tagruato related sites this is getting interesting. Personally, I'm thinking the T and W are for TidoWave. Just a hunch.

  2. tidowave update ...

    "Where are these “fearless, brave warriors” I heard about? No one answers my calls. No one answers their doors. My brother is still out there somewhere and you guys couldn’t care less about him. Some friends you are. If it wasn’t for your freakish, cult mind-games he’d still be here with me. This is all your fault!!! You cowards! I hope you’re all rotting away somewhere!"

  3. 543W looks like whatever it is that's written on the back of that new photo on the 1-18-08 site.

    Still don't quite know what it means, though.

  4. Honestly -ras, i think that post is made by a fan, we should't pay too much attention too it.

    Definitely the sword symbol is tido wave's work, so they hacked on tagruato an slusho web sites to put it...and the idea the represents tido it's pretty god or a "T" for teddy maybe?

  5. I am guessing that is a random person. As anyone can comment on the blog

  6. here is another idea, because the sword image has the number 543 in it, maybe the randy guy mentioned by teddy in his tape put all of these or this one on there and the 410 on the back of the teddy picture is his number. just a guess.

  7. Maybe it's whatever that secret society from the manga's symbol.

  8. I think that the symble means deep sea drilling. but it could be anything

  9. I just googled t543w and it looks like it's a Panasonic Family Size Microwave oven.

    We'll probably find out what they're using the microwave for later. Maybe they use it to make a nice Slusho soup, or make steaks out of the little critters that fell off of Clovie.

  10. Randomly, but this may be important.

    Type the t543w. Notice something strange? No? Type it again, one at a time with just one finger. t543w. On a standard keyboard you go up and around the letters E and R before returning to W.

    E and R? What would be their importance in the game, I wonder.


    E.... I got nothing.

    R is the first letter of the mysterious, and ever more important, Randy.

    And I wouldn't dismiss the comments on the TIDOwave site, either. They COULD be planted. There are two of interest. The one already quoted, and the one two above that one, from a poster named 'Lily', which says. 'I was here. I care. Im sorry.'

    Considering only LILY survives the movie, there may be a connection, considering how messed the timeline is anyway. Well, Jamie may have survived, but there is no way of knowing that one for sure.

    Can't wait for the next update!

  11. Also, just to add now that I was just thinking about it.

    Using 1=a, 2=b etc....

    Replace 5 and 4 and 3 with letters corresponding in the alphabet and you get... tedcw.

    Add 5+4+3= then get tlw.
    Unless you take the 1 and 2 of 12 separately, then you get.... tabw.

    Multiplication seems a bit silly... but hear this one out. 5x4x3=60. 6=f... 0= nothing, so maybe a space? tf w.

    And.... I got nothing else. For now.

  12. Wasn't there a Microwave Oven in the chef pic on

  13. oh my GOD!!! don't do the whole adding, subtracting, multiplying numbers thing. that seriously makes me people laugh at us... I say just wait for a little more clues, I'm sure they will come soon.

    But one more conjecture...

    What if the symbols mean that these pages are being taken down soon?

  14. one more thing... anyone think about how the arg all of a sudden started up again before the release of the dvd??? or even the release of the movie in japan this week??? maybe this could be something that ties into the online comics or even tie into the easter eggs on the dvd???


  15. 1. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...could just be a thing to get the internet buzzing again in hopes of selling DVDs and it won't go anywhere--y'know a lot like it all didn't go anywhere the first go-around...

    2. If, however, this is early buzz for a sequel...I don't know if I'm interested, frankly. Jamie is the most irritating, unsymapthetic character I've seen in a long, long time and I will NOT be able to deal with a full movie with her as a major character, which it looks like this may be headed toward.

    3. Anyone check the MySpace pages? I don't even remember what they were now, but some of you may be interested in seeing if there's anything new at Jamie's. I'm kind of interested myself, but like I said...I don't recall the addresses.

    4. Again...I expect this will all go nowhere and won't even be mentioned on the's just marketing to get our attention and remind us that there's a DVD release soon...I'm like 99% sure it's not going anywhere interesting. JJ and the lot have a tendency to do things with their ARGs that don't matter on the shows/in the how the two LOST ARGs don't matter when watching the show (and yes, people will tell you they do, but they don't). Or how the two LOST ARGs aren't related to one another in any way. Whatever this is...I'm just saying don't expect a major payoff...we sure didn't get much last time.

  16. I just remembered that the Japanese word for sword is "tsurugi".

    Which begins with a "T" when translated to English.

    This has got to be from TIDOWave.

  17. Does anyone remember the dates shown in Cloverield? The date at Coney Island and the date the monster attacked. Could this be significant? Perhaps to the release of the DVD or the movie in Japan?

    The numbers for the sword image appear to be useless right now, but hold onto them, there maybe use for them later.

  18. hmm if the numbers are part of a code, then it blows one of my earlier theories out of the water..

    Oddly I can't shake the feeling the symbols are from Teddy himself seeking assistance. Showing where he has been. Or how to find him... a trail of breadcrumbs in ways

    hopefully the next set of clues will put things in a better focus

  19. Perhaps the symbols are a means of confirming which sites were ligit, and which were pretenders

  20. what about 1337?

    t543w = tsaew
    w345t = weast
    anagram = waste ^^

  21. There's definately a 43 on the back of Teddy's missing poster, and the symbol that recently appeared on is the 5th one to appear. 543?

    Yes, It's overly paranoid but oh well!

  22. I really doubt that it's a leet-speak anagram for waste, or else the t would be a 7. This is TIDOWave.

  23. I know I've seen the sword symbol before ... I just can't seem to find it.

    This might sound a bit odd, but I think it's from one of The Legend of Zelda games. In the game (for those who don't know), our hero LINK must fight his way through MONSTERS to save the Princess Zelda -- much like Rob fighting his way past Clovie (and pals) to get to Beth. The image was located on one of the menu options.

    I'm thinking this may be marketing for the Cloverfield video game?

  24. the sword logo is a tagruato logo, its in both the tagruato website and the slusho website, why it is on Teddy's picture is a mistery.
    t w obviously stands for tido wave and 543 is the number of the picture or maybe Teddy is the 543rd person to have dissapeared.
    has anyone paid attention to the slusho commercial? the only weird thing I see, (ok the whole thing is weird) but the only clue that I saw was in the begining when the guy is alone in that room there is a framed picture hanging on the wall, later on when he is underwater there is a scuba diver hammering the same picture onto a "wall". what is the picture of? can anyone make this out?

  25. WHOA! Deniss you already have iy on your web, hehe!

    now serously, shall we expect the symbol to appear to on Tido Wave website, maybe when it does an explanation of what it means will come.

  26. -ras, about the MissingTeddyHansen post. It was made AFTER the notion of Teddy being missing - the poster. It is very likely someone is just trying to throw people off. Same thing with the Lily comment.

    will - The dates of the Film are both in 2009 - I think the 21st May for the attack and about a month before for the Coney Islan bit.

    noah ark said 'considering how messed the timeline is anyway.' I don't think it is - 1/18/08 = 21/5/09 and every date goes backwards/forwards from that.

  27. I just realized something that I haven't seen pointed out yet. The middle of the three Japanese characters for Tagruato kind of looks like the swirly thing on the sword. It could just be coincidence...but it also might not be. You can look at what it looks like on TidoWave's website, if you click on some of the cruel-etin board posts on their page.

  28. the tidowave page also has that same sword icon on the upper right part of the main header pic

  29. master fetty... nobody knows for sure that the story takes place in 2009. That is totally up to interpretation. Rob never states a year when he gives the dates in May. Fans are making that conclusion on their own without any real proof it's in 2009. This is simply an alternate reality that coincides to our January and December dates... I thought alot of you were alot smarter than that.

  30. I'm not sure if this is any help at all but i got an idea since the sword icon on the Missing Hanssen pic was mirrored.
    i tried mirroring t543w
    and i got wEP2t

    i google it and the first thing that came up was a PDF file about studying aesthetics, from the University of Tokyo.
    i didn't look at everything cos i got tired.
    but when i checked it the next day, it was secured and couldn't access it....
    ...i'm not sure if its related or not.
    -cos aesthetics if i'm correct is the sensory part of your brain that helps in judgment on what makes something beautiful, tasty, entertaining.....

  31. ok me again,
    i just wanted to continue what i was saying cos i ran out of space lol

    well yeah the aesthetics part intrigue me cos maybe thats where they got the idea for slusho, which when you drink it, it hypers up all your senses....(doesn't it??)
    making you feel very alive,
    very much kinda like what happened to Jamie in

    that's just my theory

  32. Was messing around with the t543w for a bit, and found something interesting.. I doubt is has anything in game..

    if you flip t543w... we get the w345t, so I converted the numbers to letters and gotten weast.. did a google search and found this definition on the Urban Dictionary.

    Weast as in "wild beast". Used to describe someone or something which is amazingly awesome. Can also be used to replace a word whenever you feel like it. Originally created by The Brode in the B.B. Bunker.

    Like I mentioned above, I doubt this is an IG reference.. but thought the "wild beast" was interesting enough to share.

  33. I've missed much recently.

    Either way, It doesn't look like just a swirl to me, it looks like an embryo.

    Look closely at the one here on CloverfieldClues or right-click and zoom in on the one at

  34. I know the number 6 is everywhere in this viral marketing. Could the wave like symbol in the sword image be a number 6? It sure looks like it to me...