Saturday, April 19, 2008

Clue Hunt Photo #6

The Clue Hunt for Photo #5 is over. The correct answer was SPLAT - the letter S plus Hud's last name Platt!

Just kidding :) The real correct answer is Japan, which is where Rob was headed, and the home of Tagruato, Slusho, Godzilla, and Ninja Warrior. I will also accept Jaran, even though that is not a real word.

The correct answer could be found by zooming in on the photo, finding the series of numbers, and connecting the dots.

Today's Top 5:

#1 - Michel
#2 - Caitlin Sadler
#3 - James Mehaffey
#4 - Jason Chandler
#5 - Dan Perry

Photo #6 is now up. Good luck!

Don't forget the Kishin Caption contest and the DVD giveaway!

* Special thanks to Jon Y for the splat answer!


  1. jeez im not too good at these lol, but good work Dennis. ill keep trying. oh and i found the translations for Kishin part 3. pretty sweet!!!

  2. Haha DAMN didn't see that one coming.
    Guess words can also be visual huh? :P
    Already found Photo 6's hidden word, was the easiest of all of them...strangely enough...maybe I found the wrong one...hmmm...

  3. ...I am ashamed to say that the newest one is the only one I've got right.

  4. ok, either #6 is extremely easy or i found the wrong word...